Destiny Beta Will Be Open to All Japanese PlayStation Plus Members; No Pre-Order Required

Remember the rather awkward mishap in communication that brought Sony Computer Entertainment to announce that Destiny’s beta would be available to all PlayStation Plus members, then retracted blaming “incorrect wording?”

Looks like the offer is still valid…. at least in Japan.

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Vitalogy1593d ago

Wasn't ALL PS+ subscribers supposed to get in all the betas? o.O

WeAreLegion1594d ago

It's $5 to reserve a game at GameStop. You can reserve the game and get your money back...even without leaving the store. Just keep your receipt. It will have the beta code on it.


You can reserve it on Amazon. Amazon will e-mail you a code. Then, you can cancel the order. They won't charge you until it ships.

johndoe112111594d ago

This is actually a smart move on sony's behalf. The ps4 has really slowed down in sales right now in japan. This will get a lot of people to play the game and try it out and if it proves popular then they could see a good boost in sales with that destiny bundle. They needed to do this in japan more than anywhere else.

Ozmoses1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Destiny is a PlayStation exclusive in Japan... so this makes perfect sense

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Bonkerz1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I have never seen a company put so much marbles into a game that is also available on the competitors console. I mean i know they dont really have much coming out this year in the exclusive department but damn.

I dont doubt that Destiny is going to be a great game, but most anticipated idk. Sunset Overdrive is stealing alot of attention even at E3 every single review after playing it has been nothing but the most amazing things. The alpha for Destiny was good but it did tend to get a bit boring after a couple hours of play. O and what i meant by the first thing was that Sony is hyping this game up to levels that exclusives normally reach, just kind of weird when it will be available on the competitions console.

WeAreLegion1594d ago

Both Sony and Microsoft are a little short on releases this fall, compared to previous years. However, I think Sony picked the right game to back. This is easily the most anticipated title of the year.

lemoncake1594d ago

There isn't a huge difference in destiny exclusive content though between the ps4 and x1, it's not like Sony coughed up the money for anything truly meaningful like timed exclusivity on the game.

NextLevel1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

The Big Titles

Xbox One

Halo MCC (Remake/Remaster)
Forza Horizon 2 (Cross gen)
Sunset Overdrive (Exclusive)


The Last Of Us (Remake/Remaster)
LBP3 (Cross gen)
Driveclub (Exclusive)

That missing a titles and indies on both, but those are the big one and they're pretty even. IMO.


"Destiny is going to be a great game, but most anticipated idk. Sunset Overdrive is stealing alot of attention even at E3"


Novistador1594d ago

Out of biting curiosity, how hyped is driveclub at this point? I kept seeing it but ever since they hit a snag with the devs and it got delayed (first time around) it kinda fell off the face of the earth.

johndoe112111594d ago

"I have never seen a company put so much marbles into a game that is also available on the competitors console."

Really?? Is it hypocrisy that is making you forget about microsoft and cod or is it just plain old fanboyism?

JBSleek1594d ago

I don't think getting map packs a month later isn't equivalent to what PS4 and Destiny are doing.

So I think the statement stands in which you don't see a company put this much into a third party game. Not saying other content has never been exclusive to other systems just I can't recall such a connection.

But it's good because Sony fans need to see how awesome of a developer Bungie is.

johndoe112111594d ago


Map packs? You think all microsoft does with the cod series is buy early map packs?? So let's just conveniently forget about all the money they throw behind MLG and every other competitive gaming organization when it comes to cod.

MrSwankSinatra1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

destiny is exclusive only to playstation in japan so i guess the competitor's console really doesn't matter in this particular instance. In any case i don't know what you're complaining about because microsoft used to do the exact same thing last generation.

fenome1594d ago

You beat me to it. Sony is publishing Destiny in Japan, so it is a Playstation exclusive in that region.

wsoutlaw871594d ago

Early access to a beta seems more attached to a game than cod to the xbox to you?

JetsFool35001594d ago

Same thing M$ does with cod its not a bad thing its just weird to see sony do it with so many 1st party games

1594d ago
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WeAreLegion1594d ago

That's fantastic. Have fun with it, Japan!

1594d ago
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