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GameStop Now accepting PS3 MGS4 80GB Bundles with MGS Headset

Introducing the PLAYSTATION®3 Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundle. This limited edition bundle includes the highly-anticipated Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots game, new DUALSHOCK®3 wireless controller, voucher for free downloadable Pain game, free PLAYSTATION®Network membership, internet ready Wi-Fi, and 80GB of hard disk storage for all your games, music, videos, and photos. Also there is the included Official MGS4 Headset. (Culture, Industry, PS3)

AlterEgo  +   2544d ago
Wow, they should have at least given SOME kind of price break.

What's the difference in buying this and buying the bundle/headset separately?
Nevers  +   2544d ago
Wow... holder there pokey...
When I went thru the process they still were adding $57 for tax and about $17 for the lowest shipping on top of the $559.98 for the bundle.

>so Gamestop raised the price by $60 it looks like to me, so that headset doesn't sound very free anymore.
Tomdc  +   2544d ago
its obviously just a way to make you buy more... the rules of suply and demand state that they have complete controll =)
XBOX 360  +   2544d ago
This is how gamestop always operates when there's limited supply.

Especially with the Wii.
znu  +   2544d ago
headsets should have already been with ps3 at launch, now there's no one online with them

MGS4, the ps3's biggest game is going to ship with it, is that a bad thing? well kinda cause its expensive for a person but for people who already have it its better since we have more communicative MGO.

Does this headset have a quick mute like the 360s, the jabra from warhawk has a button but that takes two or three seconds to register the mute. would be cool if it did.
season007  +   2544d ago
Just get it from amazon when its up again
waaaaay cheaper
eagle21  +   2544d ago
You can't beat free shipping from amazon...
That's where I bought my PS3. Saved $40 dollars in taxes and $20 in shipping.... :)
Mr PS3  +   2544d ago
Expect your site
To Get Nuked too
Just like Amazon
Max Power  +   2544d ago
i guess it would be...
tempting if the reviews for the headset were less than favorable, but i guess for some who don't know much about these things might think that is a good deal.
themyk  +   2543d ago
socom headset ftw
keony  +   2544d ago
wait for the impact....
I hope they have done some preparation!
ikral  +   2544d ago
Does anyone knows
If there is a way to order this bundle in Europe, Croatia. I mean do they have PAL version of the 80gb console?
Marceles  +   2544d ago
I guess they think it'll be in short supply if they didnt bundle the bundle with something lol...they should put the bundle on the front page too

Off-topic: #1 on Amazon already

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jcgamer  +   2544d ago
Right on bro...someone's selling it for $899.99...wow...lol
Marceles  +   2544d ago
Yeah, and some people are giving it a bad rating because they think Amazon is selling it for 900 bucks and don't understand that the pricing is from a third party store lol...he is getting yelled at too. Fanboys are funny...especially the second link


jcgamer  +   2544d ago
This bundle is just so awesome...
It's like Christmas in the summer...lol

eddierivera  +   2544d ago
I have to admit.
The headset looks really cool. The whole thing is a rip off though.
Aclay  +   2544d ago
I don't know why the heck Gamestop is selling the 80GB PS3 with the MGS4 headset because it jacks up the price even more. It's been up on Gamestop's website since last night because that's when I first checked, but Gamestop is just trying to make more money off of this 80GB PS3 because they know that it will be in high demand.

People should just go to Wal-mart, Target, or somewhere else where the 80GB PS3 is selling for $499. The 80GB PS3 with tax is around $530-$540 depending on where you live, so they aren't including the tax in this price.... it's typical Gamestop for you. People trade in games to Gamestop for a few bucks and they go back and sell the games at double or triple the price you traded them for.

Oh yea, any of you Metal Gear Solid fans getting MGS4, you should really get the Limited Edition Strategy guide... let's just say there's something VERY rare ( only 43,000 made) in their that was made in limited numbers. I have it and it's definantly worth buying.
Marceles  +   2544d ago
Yeah I agree...I guess they're testing the waters to see how much money they can make before they get rid of including the headset.
Nevers  +   2544d ago
Exactly... That's what
I plan to do. Get my huntin' boots on and try and find one out in the jungle.
PSWe60  +   2544d ago
damn, now that's a slick headset
LarVanian  +   2544d ago
swirvin  +   2544d ago
wasnt there.......
talk of it being gun-metal grey and having snake's picture on it? i havent kept up with this mgs talk but i could have swore i heard that.
crck  +   2543d ago
There is a limited Gunmetal grey PS3 but no picture of Snake on it.
Its only available at Konami.com But they are charging a premium of about $110 for it over a regular 40gb unit.
sumfood4u  +   2543d ago
Not in the middle of a payday week? Been asking these guys for a reserve bundle thaey said they're not! Now Bam ........... Thanks Gamespot! T.T
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ThatCanadianGuy  +   2543d ago
i already have a PS3
And two copis of MGS4 reserved,but im STILL going to buy that bundle,just for the badass headset!

do i need a life or what?

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