Blizzard Unsure on Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition Post-Launch Patch Support

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition to Ship With Patch 2.05, Blizzard Unsure on Post-Launch Patch Support

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ChronoJoe1627d ago

To some extent it would, but it's still a very good game regardless of which version it's stuck on, at this stage.

It's not like it's a competitive game, so it doesn't really matter all that much in my opinion. So long as it's not broken and in need of bug fixes, etc.

guitarded771627d ago

Maybe, but it's nice to know that if there are any issues, the team is committed to fixing them. It's just off to have such honesty on something that could be very controversial. Post launch support will probably be determined based on sales.

AgentSmithPS41627d ago

So they're going with the EA/DICE 'plan'? I'm unsure if I'll buy it then, I'll just wait awhile to see what the community says about it.

lemoncake1627d ago

Maybe they will release yearly versions to milk it some more.

BlackTar1871627d ago

I thought this was a Diablo article not a halo article.

nope1111627d ago

As long as it's not buggy, i don't think it matters.

Jyndal1627d ago

I just can't get myself to buy this game. D2 was a game I put more than 500 hrs into, but D3, with all of the negativity that surrounded it from launch, has made me very hesitant to buy. I don't want to spoil the memories of D2 with the fallacies of D3.

Codewow1627d ago

The negativity was almost entirely the server issues.

JonahNL1627d ago

Diablo II wasn't exactly a great game at launch either, but for some reason a lot of people don't remember this. When LoD came out it improved Diablo II immensely, so over time it became the excellent title we know and love today.

I dare say we're close to hitting that same point with Diablo III. The loot system is great, the end game is challenging and rewarding (IMO at least) and with the seasonal content, on PC that is, coming out there's plenty more to look forward to.

NeoTribe1627d ago

I was a huge d2 fan that bought d3 day one. I was dissapointed in alot of things about it, but my god did blizzard listen to the feedback because they turned the entire game around. Its super fun and addicting again just like it use to be. Endless hours can be commited to it. Plus its even got couch coop which is damn rare nowadays.

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The story is too old to be commented.