Cliff Bleszinski’s New Studio is Now Hiring For Almost All Positions, Three Days From The Reveal

Just three days from the reveal of Cliff Bleszinski’s new project, and the returning developer announced that his studio, which he confirmed being Boss Key Productions, is now officially hiring developers.

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NextLevel1474d ago

I'm liking his approach to hiring.

user14394141474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

DO NOT make a game with a CHAINSAW gun or anything STUPID again Cliffy B. PLS make a game where you hunt down Vampires and Werewolves with a pickaxe that has a flamethrower on the end. :)

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lovesGaming171474d ago

After he took some time off after the Gears grind, maybe he just needed time away to relax. Hope his next project is awesome. Best of Luck!

Fluchtpunkt1474d ago

Damn, can somebody find another pic of cliffy b please?
This pic is from 2005 or

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