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Sony Needs to Give the PS4 More First Party Support

"Sony’s Playstation 4 has been doing relatively well in the market. It’s currently the top selling next-gen system out of the big three (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo) and quite honestly it’s a really good system. But as an owner of all three major consoles and PC there’s one thing that’s still bothering me about the PS4. Up until now there’s still no exciting first party gamea, or in other words, system seller titles." (PS4)

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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   389d ago | Well said
They're in development. It takes time. You can beg them to release a rushed game if you really want quantity so bad. I'd rather wait for a complete and great game.
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TheArabGamer  +   389d ago
I agree it takes time, I even recall the PS2 took a while until it got MGS 2 and FFX out the door. But what I'm worried is how Sony keeps promoting third party games as though they're exclusives (recall E3 2014 press conference). I want to see games, even if they take a while, that can only be played and experienced on the PS4 and are worth it. The Last Guardian is a good start, I suppose.
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iamnsuperman  +   389d ago | Well said
And Microsoft didn't at their press conference? A lot of what Microsoft showed (especially the live demos and non CGI trailers) were third party. Sony is in the position Microsoft was last generation. Where the majority of third party sales will come to their system instead of their competitor. That is why Sony is making a big deal about it. Granted I believe both showed too little in terms of exclusives but I wasn't expecting it either since most of the games are 2015 and beyond
ZodTheRipper  +   389d ago
Yep it seems like there are big projects in the works within Sony's WWS. I'm sure we'll see the truly nextgen games in 2015 and beyond.
Eonjay  +   388d ago | Well said
I don't really get this sentiment. They have more first part content out than the competition. Killzone, Knack, MLB, Infamous... with DriveClub, LBP3, The Order 1886, UC4 announced. These are all genuine first party games. Thats 8 games WWS will have dropping in less than 2 years.
Ramok2k2  +   388d ago
it will take a while but sony should start by focusing more on its own content rather keep promoting exclusive betas
BattleAxe  +   388d ago
It takes time, but

- We've seen a mediocre job done with Killzone: Shadow Fall
- Infamous: Second Sun looks alright
- Little Big Planet 3 will cater to a small audience
- Knack was poorly received
- Driveclub might or might not be a good game, we just don't know yet
- The Order 1886 looks good, but we'll know how good it is once people start to get their hands on it
- Uncharted should be the best first party game on PS4

What else is there? Am I missing anything? Sony is relying heavily on Indies this time around. They will not produce the same amounts of first/second party games as they did on PS3. We had it extremely good on PS3, but those days are gone. Pay the yearly subscription fee, play the F2P games, buy tonnes of indie games, sit down and shut up! Welcome to the 'next gen'.
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johndoe11211  +   388d ago | Well said
Your article reeks of I'm gonna nitpick at sony BS.
"Meanwhile the competition (both Nintendo and Microsoft) already have a decent line up (MK8, Killer Instinct"
Firstly you mention 3 ps4 first party exclusives, then you mention 1 exclusive from a system that has been out for a year and a half and another exclusive for a system that wasn't even first party.

Secondly you mention this about microsoft "I felt from their E3 presence that they’re actually putting an emphasis on exclusive first party games."
Are you talking about the same E3 that 90% of it consisted of multiplatform games?? Sony's conference was mostly exclusive or timed exclusive games.

Thirdly, "The majority of Sony’s press conference has been filled with games that will appear on Xbox or PC. Worst of all Sony is treating the matter as though it’s ONLY on PS4. Case and point: Destiny. Seriously the amount of marketing effort Playstation has been pooling into Destiny from exclusive Alpha to a white console edition make me feel that they’re the ones publishing it."
Did yo feel this way about titanfall? because that is also on PC. Or do you feel this way about cod? Because microsoft markets that game like it's an xbox exclusive.

This article is senseless when considering that the system is only 9 months old and looking at the ps4 pipeline it really renders most of your points irrelevant. The only system that should be facing this criticism is the wiiu because that system had a year and a half head start. The ps4 and xbox one are relatively new and need some time.

This was just another article used to b!tch about stuff to get some views.
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kreate  +   388d ago
Idk if this matters but ps3 has the most exclusives.

Sony is pushing 3 platforms. And there's just tons of games out in the market right now, and thats coming out soon.

I also think the average gamer has a huge backlog of games to play.

Also its good to note that i didnt see articles like this when the 360 had no games from mid 2010 til 2014.

U guys could survive 5-6 months im sure.
levian  +   388d ago
It takes time yes, but they haven't announced anything. We don't even know if they're making them or not.
AceBlazer13  +   388d ago
I don't understand this the PS4 has a lot of 1st party support for its first year

Second Son
Last of Us
Deep Down(Japan studios helped)
Planetside 2
Bloodborne (Japan Studios helped on it)
Little Big Planet 3

As opposed to the XB1

Forza 5
Halo MCC
Sforza Horizon 2
Killer Instinct

I'm really struggling with this list, majority of XB1 exclusives are third party and the majority of them are on PC so Sony is doing fine by comparison, only one beating Sony in 1st party support is Wii U and that's been out a year longer.
dcj0524  +   388d ago
Killzone shadow fall and knack are good starters
zeee  +   388d ago
@johndoe11211: I think you nailed it. Flawless victory!
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gaffyh  +   388d ago
They need to give Vita more first party support more than anything really.
Farmassy  +   388d ago

you are really bad at list making

try adding to xbox one:
Ryse (not great but better than knack)
project spark
titanfall (also available on PC... but so is planetside 2 on your list)
sunset overdrive!!
killer instinct season 2
Ori and the blind forest

and this is keeping out the games most people are not excited for like sports rivals, fantasia or dance central.

You also mention 3 games on your list that came out over a year ago (planetside 2, DCUO and TLOU)

Do you not see a difference?
I am actually a fan of playstation and plan to get a PS4 next year but the playstation games don't really start coming until next year.
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johndoe11211  +   388d ago

Quantum break is not releasing this year,do you know when the release date of below is? It also reeks of desperation and fanboyism to include killer instinct season 2 which is just dlc and not even stand alone dlc at that. Do you consider Cod or battlefield dlc as a new game?
Bathyj  +   388d ago

Legitimate question, but are any of those games besides Project Spark 1st party? As far as Im aware MS doesnt own Crytek, Insomniac, Respawn, or any of those other devs.

I agree MS has shown they are good at buying 3rd party exclusives, they always go hard at the begining of a gen, but theyre not so good at making them themselves. Hell, even Halo was just a game they bought the studio to have to themselves, they never made it.

I thought 1st party support was the point of the article.

Xbone should be swimming in 1st party games since they were all a no show for the last half of X360's life, but no they have shown very little 1st party titles.
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Farmassy  +   388d ago

I built my list off of his list. He listed bloodborne which does not come out until the beginning of next year... when quantum break does.

Also, deep down does not have a release date

You say it is desperation but I took all of that into account, you are just too biased to see that I built my criteria around his list.

also, for killer instinct season 2... it is just as big as the first game. Last time I checked battlefield DLC doesn't double the game. Its on the list because it is coming out this year. Take it for what it is... if you don't want to count it as a full game then don't. I know I will only pay the 20 dollars to get the new characters.

One thing I am is not desperate, I think my list is much more fair than his. I am happy with the games I have to play on my X1. Just saying that he shouldn't act like there are none to play just because he is biased.

Again... I am going to get a PS4. I went with an X1 first and well get the PS4 in a year or two. Its exactly what I did with the 360 and PS3 and it worked out well

thats a fair assessment on your part. However, I don't put the importance of 1st or 3rd part exclusive that some people do. To me it makes no difference which corporation makes the game. People act like Sony CEOs are making the games. Look at it this way... Naughty Dog is made up of some talented people. I personally wouldn't care if they work for sony or themselves. I just want to play their games. I don't see the difference if they worked for themselves and Sony paid for exclusivity. That helps naughty dog compensate themselves for making the game as well as bringing something fun to the PS4. I don't know why it is any better that naughty dog is under a giant conglomerate called Sony. Why is that better?
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P_Bomb  +   388d ago
LBP3 will "cater to a small audience"?! What small audience? The first two games sold millions and won numerous awards including a GOTY from the Academy of interactive arts and sciences, which is like the oscars (voted by industry).

Far Cry never put up LBP numbers on any given console, yet they're getting a #4 this holiday. With the usual COD/BF/AC yearly cash grabs coming as well, I'm all for something sans headshot.

I don't see how "those days are gone", referring to exclusives. 2013 had an exclusive pretty much every month. Are people honestly expecting another God of War/Gran Turismo/Sly Cooper/Ratchet/TLOU or Quantic Dream joint only *months* since their most recent PS3 releases? Puppeteer only just made it to PS Plus.
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Bathyj  +   388d ago
First of all, thank you for a well said and politely worded reply, that was not fanboy spew of venom, but an opinion based on logic as you see it. Cheers.

To me and many other gamers the difference is a big deal, because it shows Sony supports their consoles. Not just for a few years, but for their entire lifespan.

It shows they take risks and believe in a devs vision, even if they think it wont make much money, but some people will still like them.

Thats why we have games like Journey, Rain and The Unfinished Swan. Thats why The Last Guardian hasnt been cancelled and Studio Japan hasnt been closed down.

MS have a perception of being bullies with big wallets. Yeah, we all know they can outspend everyone, but how they spend their money matters to people. They would rather pay $50m to have GTA DLC to themselves for 6 months than fund a game made by their own people.

Remember with games like that, MS are not paying to have it made, theyre paying so it wont came to a console they dont own. GTA DLC would have happened with or without them. Theyre not bringing games to more gamers, theyre using that fat wallet to deny gamers. Thats my problem because we know no one can compete with them in that regard. Others can certainly compete and outperform when it comes to creating something from scratch.

Also their reliance on their staple blockbusters is constantly the stuff of comment. How many times have we heard the Halo/Gears/Fable/Forza argument. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I seriously cant believe another Forza game is coming when Forza 5 was so bare bones compared to the other games. I mean I know Horizon is a spinoff and open world but are they making this an annual franchise now? How many more years must I wait while Crimson Skies lies dormant? Make something that isnt a guaranteed 5 million seller MS.

Anyway, thats my rant. You may not agree with it, but I hope you at least considered my point. Thanks.
ShinMaster  +   388d ago
@ BattleAxe

It's better not to say anything than to say something and sound like a fool.

- Killzone:SF was good. And if I recall correctly, there really weren't that many Xbox One launch titles that were much better either.

- Second Son ""looks alright""? = means you didn't play it.

- LBP games have sold 2.5 to 5.5 million.

- You people are still going on about Knack? Well Crimson Dragon, Fighter Within, LocoCycle, Ryse or Halo Spartan Assault weren't well received either.

- DriveClub ""might or might not be a good game, we just don't know yet""
...What a pointless argument. If you don't know then keep quiet

- The Order 1886 ""looks good, but we'll know how good it is once people start to get their hands on it""
...Same thing

""Am I missing anything?""
- Yes

""Sony is relying heavily on Indies this time around""
- Sony is not in charge of making indie games. They simply made the PS4 more accessible to more developers. They're not the ones focused on making indie games. They're focused on making their own games(see below).

""They will not produce the same amounts of first/second party games as they did on PS3""
- Yes they will. They have every single one of their first-party "AAA" studios making PS4 games as we speak! That's actually MORE THAN PS3. Why? Because back then developers were devided between console and handhelds(PSP, Vita). But this time around, all developers, including Bend and RAD, are making PS4 games.

Welcome to reality.
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Prime157  +   387d ago
@farmassy, "However, I don't put the importance of 1st or 3rd part exclusive that some people do. To me it makes no difference which corporation makes the game. "

Um, that just means you go off topic? If you were being objective instead of indifferent (which is worse than ignorance in my book). Call ave out on his cheap, I agree, but the list you built made little sense vs his list AND the article's discussion point.
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Death  +   387d ago
I'm pretty sure a third party exclusive on the Xbox One is still not playable on the PS4. It's funny how it's progress when Sony buys a dev to make a game exclusive and it's evil money hatting when Microsoft works with a third party dev to make an exclusive game.

Forza and Forza Horizon are different games made by different developers. Turn 10 is the dev behind Forza and Playground Games is making Horizon. Forza 4 came out in 2011 followed by Forza 5 on the Xbox One in 2013. Horzion has been releasing every other year in between Forza releases with the original in 2012 followed up by Forza Horizon 2 in 2014.
BattleAxe  +   387d ago
@ ShinMaster
"It's better not to say anything than to say something and sound like a fool."

You should take your own advise.

You keep bringing up Xbox One in your post, but the problem is that I couldn't care less about what Microsoft is doing. I don't own an Xbox One or a WiiU, and frankly speaking they're both lacking.

I do give Nintendo credit for going all out with respect to their first party games. Nintendo is leading the pack in that regard. You see, I don't have a horse in this race. I'm simply an oldschool gamer that for the first time is not happy with the direction that Sony has chosen to go in.

In your case, you probably own a PS4, and so it is only natural that you are going to say things to make yourself feel like you've made the right purchase decision. In other words, now that you own a PS4, Sony can do no wrong, and that's the problem with fanboys.

Little Big Planet 3

You will notice that LBP2 sold almost 2.5 million less copies than LBP1 right? So it's safe to say that LBP3 will sell probably around half of what LBP2 sold, which is not a surprise given the small install base that the PS4 has right now. When people are given a choice to sink all of their time into a game that allows you to create things, they're going to choose Minecraft instead of LBP3, which is something that LBP has never had to compete with in the past.
BattleAxe  +   387d ago
@ Shinmaster

Killzone Shadow Fall

I have played this game, and it plays nothing like the previous two games. It was a disappointment to most fans of the series. Guerrilla Games knew that this game wasn't going to be the best in the series, and so that's why it wasn't called Killzone 4. This way they can simply write it off as an off-shoot.

Infamous: Second Sun

I'm a fan of the series, and yes you are correct, I haven't played it. But while the graphics look great, it doesn't look like the game as a whole is anything spectacular. Going off of metacritic, it has a solid 8/10, but it is also important to note that it is the lowest scoring entry into the series outside of Festival of Blood. So yes, I am extremely sorry that I have an opinion on the game even though I haven't played it, but it's not appealing enough to get me to buy a PS4.


"What a pointless argument. If you don't know then keep quiet"

Fanboys are all the same. Had I said that Driveclub was going to be a smash hit, you would have agreed with that statement no questions asked. You probably would have given 'mad props' had I even gone further and said that it's going to be way better than Forza..

The fact is that nobody really knows how good this game is going to be. It did have to be pushed back after all, and I believe some of the original development team left during the development of this game also.

Me: ""Am I missing anything?""
You: "- Yes "

Well thanks for clearing that up lmao.

Me: ""Sony is relying heavily on Indies this time around""
You: "- Sony is not in charge of making indie games. They simply made the PS4 more accessible to more developers. They're not the ones focused on making indie games. They're focused on making their own games(see below)."

You seem to have misunderstood. I didn't say Sony was making indie games lol. Relying on Indie developers/games means that Sony doesn't have to make as many games because they've opened up the PS4 to every developer and their dog. It means that they don't need to pump as much money into their first party studios because indie developers are taking up the slack. They're taking the easy way out. That was my point.

Anyways, you believe what you want. Follow the heard.
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NextLevel  +   389d ago | Well said
Don't sweat it, people are just super desperate to find a hole in the PS4's armor. The PS4 has alot of games in development for it, more than the Wii U or Xbox One.

Sony just isn't in the position where they need to rush things out and overhype them to get people interested in their console. They can take their time and push the gems out at a nice pace. Bloodborne, Uncharted and The Order 1886 is a great start for what's coming in 2015. Sony owns alot of amazing 1st party developers.

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The_Infected  +   389d ago

"You can beg them to release a rushed game if you really want quantity so bad. I'd rather wait for a complete and great game."

This theory isn't always true. I can name more than a few games that took forever to release and ended up being pure crap.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   389d ago
True, but how many games have there been that were rushed and were pure great?
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Mr_Writer85  +   388d ago
Like what?

And don't say Duke Nukem as that wasn't JUST a long development it changed developer loads of times.

Driveclub was held back and Eurogamer said that it's vastly improved from a ok game to a good game.

When people say they don't mind waiting I'm sure they means months rather than years, or in Duke Nukems case decades.
fenome  +   389d ago
I thought the only first party exclusive on X1 right now was Forza 5. I might be mistaken, but I thought everything else were 2nd or 3rd party exclusives.

Sony have always supported their first party teams, and I don't see that changing any time soon. I can't wait to see what Santa Monica is doing, GGs new IP, and the other project Naughty Dog are doing besides TLoU Remaster and UC4.
B_Real  +   388d ago
Exclusive is exclusive, who cares if it is second or third party developed? Does that mean that Bloodborne can't be counted as an exclusive because its made by From Software. This is a stupid comment.
fenome  +   388d ago

The headline specifically says FIRST PARTY, so that's the only reason I brought it up. I couldn't give two squirts either way, it just seems like a pointless article, which was just as pointless as your reply.

Sure, if this thread was about exclusives in general and not first party only then you would've had a point, but it's not, so you don't. At least my comment was On Topic.
B_Real  +   388d ago

First party support doesn't only mean First party developed games. It means a console manufacturer supporting its system with games, doesn't matter whether they are developed by MS wholly owned studios or contracted work through second parties, or even bought third party games. These are all games supported through First Party means whether directly or indirectly.
fenome  +   388d ago
Then do you also consider timed exclusives, or exclusive DLC as first party support? Is that sweet gun or awesome vest only available on one console first party support?

I guess we have different takes on it, but I don't consider money-hatting as first party support. Wasting money by screwing other gamers out of content that isn't actually yours is shady, I don't like this practice, no matter what logo is on the side of the plastic. If a company is publishing a game then that's a different story, otherwise it's just a dick move. Nobody's going to select a different console because of timed bullshit. It's just a pissing contest at that point and we're caught in the crossfire.

I consider first party support as nurturing the teams in your company, giving them the creative freedom that they need and letting it grow naturally. If you try to force something it shows, if teams get pigeon-holed or painted into a corner the passion goes out the window, and passion is the most important part of creativity.
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jessupj  +   388d ago
I think the more concerning question is, how long is MS going to spend all those millions on buying 3rd party exclusives if the sales stay the way they are?

I'm sure they could afford it, but will shareholders let sink that much money into the division.
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C-H-E-F  +   388d ago
I swear people are impatient, they act like the first 2 years of any console life is swarming with games, like geeeeesh go back to last gen and play all of those games in the catalog or STFU... downvoting this article just click bate just stupid... yes Author of this article you are stupid.
wsoutlaw87  +   387d ago
What exactly does this guy think the first party studios are doing, sitting on their hands waiting for sony to "support" them? They have plenty of teams that are obviously making games. Did he forget last gen already?
BallsEye  +   387d ago
Didnt Yohida recently said he have no idea why people want AAA games?


I guess Yoshida preffers Indie stuff.
ziggurcat  +   387d ago
no, he said he doesn't get why people ONLY want AAA... it even says so in the title (edit) "Sony Boss Wonders Why Some People Only Want AAA Games."

nice try, though.
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   387d ago
Learn to read before trying to troll spin. He said doesn't understand why people "only" want to play AAA's.

He recognises the importance of variety. Unlike some.
insomnium2  +   387d ago
Will this be another one of those legendary missquotes like Kutaragi's "get a second job"?
CuddlyREDRUM  +   387d ago
So, you agree Shadow Fall and Knack were bad games?
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   387d ago
I haven't played any of them so I can't say if they were bad or good, but Shadow Fall was rushed. They had to patch in a lot of things to the game post launch for example clans which are pretty much standard in FPS games.
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iamnsuperman  +   389d ago
We are barely 9 months in (where Sony has released one major franchise and one less but still fairly big major franchises which seemed to get more love). Also Sony is in a position where they don't need to rush out their first party games. These last couple of months have kind of gone their way.

Lets, also, not forget the wasteland that is 2014. Both Sony and its nearest competitor Microsoft have fairly limited 2014 fall exclusives. 2015 is the year of the games (something journalists warned about before E3)
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-Foxtrot  +   389d ago
You can't fault Sony aswell since most of their developers have been in making games in 2012-2013...Microsoft had mostly none of their big talent working on stuff for the 360.
blackout  +   389d ago
-Foxtrot  +   389d ago
Microsoft hardly supported the 360 in 2012-2013 with big AAA games.

What did we have in 2013...Gears of War Judgment

Sony had

Beyond Two Souls
The Last of Us
God of War: Ascension
Gran Turismo 6
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus

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DigitalRaptor  +   388d ago
Foxtrot is correct. Don't be fooled by the narrative.

Sony has released FOUR times as many first-party games than Microsoft so far this gen, and that was still with an exceptional support of the PS3 in its last major year on the market before the PS4 was released. Sony has 3 platforms to support, and you can't miss games on any of them. 99% of Microsoft's output has been third-party, so I don't know why this is selectively a "Sony problem".

People might be reporting worry for Sony's first party, but since when has it ever taken them less than 2 years to get the ball well-and-truly rolling with their first party studios on a platform? Nothing has changed, just as in previous gens.

Regardless of what people are calling the PS4's latter months of 2014, Bloodborne, The Order: 1886 and Ratchet & Clank Redux are all coming early 2015, and the other company that people are claiming have a superior holiday 2014, have literally nothing of note lined up for the first months of 2015.
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hkgamer  +   388d ago
i fault sony for supporting ps3 more than ps4 the last few years.

its good for ps3 gamers, but for people that wanted more support for ps4 it was a shame.

ms hardly supported the 360 because they went to support the xbone.

i mean imagine a launch line up with.

beyond, tlou, puppeteer, gow: ascension, gt6, ni no kuni, sly, r&c.
quaneylfc  +   388d ago
I think the article is on the wrong subject. It should outline the scarce lineup of AAA games. they are, without fail, the biggest and most wanted games every year, even if you get consumers that just buy indie games because they want to help the 'cause.' (Hell even i do that.)

Shovel Knight is going to be GOTY this year just because there won't be a AAA masterpiece take the title away from the INDIE devs that made it.

The problem doesn't go with what company is doing what instead blah blah blah, it's about what sony are doing now, how they are still supposedly "listening" to fans (which in all honesty was about money and nothing else, i don't feel very listened to.)
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BallsEye  +   387d ago
Why you chose 2013? Why not other years when X360 had upper hand with great games that are played still today on 360 by millions. Games such as Halo 3/4 or GoW.

ps3 : 160 exclusives
xbox 360 : 181 exclusives

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

I believe they are pretty close, with slight edge to X360. I loved adventures I had in Uncharted or The Last of Us, but MS clearly wins with games that are gonna be played for years.
ziggurcat  +   387d ago

your math is wrong.

21 of those X360 "exclusives" are also, i'm assuming, on PC. so they're not exclusive...

... versus the 3 on PS3 that are also on another platform (although it lists modnation racers as being "console" when it's certainly not on PC... so really, it's just 2).

which makes the actual totals:

PS3: 158
X360: 159

a one game difference isn't anything to be bragging about. and even then, the X360 list is bloated with all of the kinect shovelware...
-Foxtrot  +   387d ago
"Why you chose 2013"

Urm...because that was the year the PS4/Xbox One came out.

I was talking about how Sony supported their last console in the final year the PS4 came out and wouldn't have many free developers to make games for the PS4 at launch AND the following year.

Meanwhile Microsoft had a load of developers free....since they weren't doing anything.
DualWielding  +   388d ago
guys, Sony did not make Ni No Kuni
Mr_Writer85  +   388d ago
I like that two people have disagreed with a fact XD
lelo  +   388d ago
Yep, Sony didn't make PS3 exclusives like:

Beyond Two Souls
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
among many others...
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DualWielding  +   388d ago
@lelo Sony at least published Beyond, Ratchet and Sly even if they were developed by third parties.. but Sony had nothing at all to do with Ni No Kuni, just confused so many people in this thread seem to thing Ni No Kuni is a first party title
P_Bomb  +   388d ago

Sony *owns* the Sly and Ratchet IPs though, full on. They can commision anyone they want to make them, as they did with LBP3 which isn't media molecule. Same way Bungie no longer makes Halo and Epic no longer makes Gears, but MS still owns them.
lelo  +   387d ago

Did you hear me say that Sony didn't own Sly and Ratchet IPs ?

Since we were talking about 1st party, I simply said that Sony's 1st party didn't make:
- Beyond Two Souls
- Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
- Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus
- Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

As for the disagrees on my comment, only stupid people (fanboys) disagree with facts.
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AaronPS  +   389d ago
Every first party studio is working on at least one PS4 game. They aren't going to just push them all out in the first year or announce them all at once. These things take time. If Sony (or Nintendo or Microsoft for that matter)revealed all their games and released them now I'd be more than a little under enthused for their future. We need something to look forward to as well as game announcements to surprise us.
DigitalRaptor  +   388d ago
Very sensible comment.

Sony has been burned in the past for announcing games too early. Not only are they not going to do the same thing again, as they've learned many lessons from last-gen, but they aren't going to show games that (1) aren't ready and (2) aren't needed to be shown.

We all know every single one of Sony's first-party and even second-party devs are working on new PS4 games. As well as even third-party exclusives, we also have the first-party indie projects like RiME, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Shadow of the Beast etc, that certain people think are just crappy little indie games that they can laugh at until they release and prove that independent developers can punch above their weight, with or without direct support.

Project Morpheus will continue to be another hub of exciting developments for unique and immersive virtual reality projects on PS4, and what you'll get is another stream of diverse first, second and third party content.

Since you mention the other companies, MS already has announced (not all) their games for 2015, going into 2016 including Scalebound, Crackdown 3, Gears of War and Phantom Dust. oh... and another Halo, and Fable, and Forza by my obvious estimation. Nintendo we seem to know what they have for the rest of 2014 and a great deal of what's to be released in 2015, but nothing that stands out for 2016 just yet, and the same can be said for Sony.

Announcements will happen, and they will happen through the year, not just at E3.
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hkgamer  +   388d ago
ps4's biggest problem (not sony or ps3) was that sony decided to support ps3 longer than ms did.

just think about all te exclusives that came out in the last 2 years.they all could have beenps4 exclusives.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   388d ago
What foolishness did I just read?
hkgamer  +   388d ago
how was i wrong, if ps4 had the last 5 or so ps3 exclusives it would have been greater.

the probably wouldnt have been the best decision for sony or ps3 but would have been brilliant for ps4
Mr_Writer85  +   388d ago
How are you wrong?

Well the fact you would kill support for a console making you tons of money now for one that you wouldn't of known at the time would blow away the compition.

Hind sight is a great thing.

Thank god you are not in charge is all I can say.
hkgamer  +   388d ago
@mr writer85

i know sony made a better decision because they released it on ps4. ps3 is on the money making side at the moment. however, if you looked at ms, they have clearly moved on earlier then sony.

it was the right move for sony and ps3 to release those games. but it was not the right move for ps4.

hence i wrote in brackets not for sony or ps3.

im not talking about business, i am saying what would have been better for the ps4.
insomnium2  +   387d ago

Sony is not MS. Never have been and hopefully never will be. I'm still gaming solely on my PS3. Bang for your buck doesn't even begin to describe the situation. All this support gets Sony extremely loyal fans and PS4 it is hands down when I do upgrade. It's not even a competition.
Silly gameAr  +   389d ago
This gen is so much like last gen it's unreal. The ps3, like the ps2 and ps1 started off slow, then the games came nonstop.

When that happens for the ps4, these guys will finally crawl back to their holes like last gen and the gens before.

It never fails. Have patience. That's what most people with sense do when they make an investment.
jay2  +   389d ago
Yeah I want my 1080P 30/60FPS native games, if I didn't I'd bought an xbox one on launch day and waited to get a PS4. I'll wait and get the better over all experience thanks
The_Infected  +   389d ago
Wait for the better experience? Seeing as 3rd party games will come to both consoles at the same time i don't know what you mean by you'll wait? With exclusives there really is no better but more less a personal preference.
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MelvinTheGreat  +   389d ago
If higher pixel count count and fps is all you want pc is the clear choice.

You are exactly why i hate the gaming community
snookiegamer  +   388d ago

Forget about the negative side swipes @Xbox One. The PS4 is an awesome piece of hardware with tons of awesome games coming. With respect, there's really no need for it Jay.

Besides, it's a PS4 article.
SpiralTear  +   389d ago
Sony is giving the PS4 plenty of first-party support. The problem is most those games aren't going to be released until next year at the earliest.

Wait it out. There'll be a lot to love soon.
snookiegamer  +   388d ago
Absolute rubbish!...there's plenty of AAA 1st party games in development. The author of the article know absolutely nothing.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   388d ago
You dare question Sony's first party ?
Salooh  +   388d ago
Makes me want to kill my self. They are actually bashing masters of exclusives and praising the one that have bad history with exclusives for two generations. Unbelievable .
Dubaman  +   388d ago
Sony Online Entertainment; they're developing and releasing H1Z1 on PC before the PS4 version. That boggles my mind.
Spotie  +   388d ago
Now do a list of SOE-developed games. Notice a lot of titles that went to PC first? Notice some that never came to console?

I wonder why that is...
Dubaman  +   388d ago

That's my question, why do they do that? Sony has a department focusing solely on online games yet they have them making games on PC, which is Microsoft's domain. They could be the forerunners for console MMO's yet they're focusing on PC. Even in the PS2 era we had Phantasy Star Online with the Dreamcast, though admittedly MMOs and other online focussed games on consoles were a rarity, they were still possible. Now with the technology we have they still choose to focus on PC.


The majority of games they've developed have gone to PC with little support for Sony's own consoles. So again, why is that?
Dasteru  +   388d ago
Make LoD2 and i'll rush out to buy a PS4.
ShadowWolf712  +   388d ago
...oh please be a remake. Or at least an HD re-release with better translated subs.
HeWhoWalks  +   388d ago
Seems like the beginning of a new gen always starts with articles like these. Then, come gen's end, suddenly, that specific PlayStation is the only one still pumping out the goods.

Oh well, it's a Sunday and a slow news day at that. Guess we may as well batter on something.
Nicominoru  +   388d ago
I think most people who bought a PS4 already know what kind of exclusives to expect from them not just from first party developers, but from outside devs that make games in the eastern market that ultimately get localized. The RPG's and anime based titles for example. We all know what to expect down the road in the gaming library for PS4 because we've seen the gaming variety they bring generation after generation in comparison to the other consoles.

Personally even though it's not an exclusive I know I can't wait to play Dragon Ball Xenoverse whenever it releases I'm gonna wear that share button out.
Jughead3416  +   388d ago
Are we as gamers that impatient? The new systems haven't even been out for a whole year and we act surprised that there isn't a full library of games for them yet. To put it in perspective, compare PS3's lineup to PS4's lineup within the 1st year. Huge difference. Everyone knows Sony has the best exclusives. We may have to wait another year or so before they really start pouring in. All their major studios released games just before the PS4 launched.
grassyknoll  +   388d ago
Literally every Xbox One game has an analogue on PS4 this year.

Dead Rising DLC = Infamous Last Light
Forza Horizon 2 = Drive Club
Project Spark = LBP 3
Halo = Planetside 2
Killer Instinct Season 2 = Guilty Gear Xrd
Dance Central = Singstar
Sunset Overdrive = The Last of Us

PS4 also has big digital titles like Helldivers, Hotline Miami 2, The Witness, Deep Down & Galak Z among many others. This PS4 has no games narrative is pure stupidity with the list of this years games (next year Sony has so many titles). If you look for PS4 games, they're plain to see.
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DigitalRaptor  +   388d ago
Thank heavens for people like you.

If everybody posted things like this on any article that questioned Sony's lineup for 2014, no Xbox fanboy fool would dare question it... at least not on here.
grassyknoll  +   387d ago
Thanks! Fanboys are easy to beat: They hate logic & facts! PlayStation 4 has a solid line up for 2014 which really can't be disputed.
pyramidshead  +   387d ago
People see what they want to see. Let them drive that internal narrative. Will hit harder when they realise the truth the longer they leave it to wake up.
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KinjoTakemura  +   388d ago
I have no idea why anyone would still try to use exclusives as a basis for a debate. when the debate starts all you hear is "those aren't exclusives, they're indies" or "those games aren't exclusives, they're available on PC, PS3 and PS Vita." It's a stupid argument that is quickly reduced to nitpicking. Give it a rest.
#14 (Edited 388d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DualWielding  +   388d ago
don't see your point, games are either exclusive or they are not..... if the game is in any other platform it is not an exclusive
KinjoTakemura  +   388d ago
The only people who seem to care about the word "exclusive" are the people who are pushing the word. I for one could care less if the game is on all consoles or if it's only on the two consoles that I own. Here's what I do care about, are the games coming out worth playing or do they truly suck? And for me, that's the bottom line.
Tetsdah  +   388d ago
I agree, exclusives are exclusive. So I don't see this whole thing of Sony not having games but Microsoft does. Three of Xone's games in recent memory are either gonna be able to be bought or can be bought on ps4 or pc.

Titanfall can be bought on pc
PVZ which recently was made available on pc, also will available on ps4 and ps3 in August.
Dead Rising 3 is also being made available on the pc.

Then thinking about the articles logic of first party for both sides for some reason, praise has been granted to Microsoft but not being granted to Sony. First Party logic, Microsoft hasn't released another major first party release since launch. Sony's last major first party if you don't wanna count The Show, was back in march.
These articles are so comical.
#14.1.2 (Edited 388d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
pompous  +   388d ago
This author is a complete idiot. These consoles have been out for less than a year and they are saying PS4 needs more 1st party support, lol. The same could be said about Xbox One, up until now there hasn't been any exciting first party games that are system sellers. I understand having an opinion, but don't make it one sided, reeks fanboyism, since they are both in the same position. Let’s question this in 3 to 4 years so we can give these consoles time because I think the author forgot that games take time to make.
DarkZane  +   388d ago
The PS4 has more exclusives than MS in the work. Also, MS currently doesn't have system sellers either.
Aquariusgamer  +   388d ago
This article = PS4 doesn't have that many exclusives right now, so sony should release more.

What a brilliant and unique observation.
hkgamer  +   388d ago
hahaha. good summary.
sin7279  +   388d ago
how more ?? stupid journalist! all sony studios working a exclusive????
#18 (Edited 388d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Jag-T1000  +   388d ago
This is why I haven't bought a PS4 yet.
guyman  +   388d ago
This article makes me want to rip my hair out. Author is clearly a brain damaged, impatient troll. Jealous of Sony's first party prowess? Also how illogical it is to think that either console will have system defining games within the first year of a new generation. Nothing but a hate article towards the ps4.
Flames76  +   388d ago
Yea no exlcusive games at all this holiday.Good thing the system is $399 because exclusives are extinct on the PS4.Also you have to look sony is going bankrupt in 2015 this past march 31 they lost 1.2 billion and $200 million of that was the playstation division.Which has lost over 6 billion since 2006 and hasnt made any profit.So my guess is they dont have much money for great first party games at the moment and may never this gen
#21 (Edited 388d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
sin7279  +   388d ago
you are the biges stupid troll ever!!!
Dothraki  +   388d ago
And probably wasted more on an expensive VR headset where afterwards everybody will complain that there are no games coming out like what happened with kinect. Take my word for it.
DigitalRaptor  +   388d ago
"sony is going bankrupt in 2015 this past march 31 they lost 1.2 billion"

Sony has a $20 billion market cap and $151 billion in assets. They are investing into their PlayStation division which incorporates their Worldwide Studios, more than they ever have in the past decade.

Sony is going bankrupt in 2035 by your estimation of them losing $1.2 billion a year. How are people this stupid? I'm not even joking...
#21.3 (Edited 388d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Revengeance  +   387d ago
Lol it's obvious you want Sony to fail because the PS4 is the better console. The desperation was obvious when you started spewing crap about Sony going bankrupt.
Williamson  +   388d ago
Could of done what microsoft did and push games from the ps3 to ps4. Could of had gt6, puppeteer, last of us, gow a, beyond 2 souls and r&c into the nexus on ps4 instead of ps3, but glad they didnt abandon the ps3 owners.
Clover904  +   388d ago
Yeah, it's Sony who needs to worry about maintaining first party support /s

Honestly though, I dont see how people think this. DriveClub, LBP3, TLOURemastered, along with the previous games like infamous second son and killzone makes the ps4 have at least five massive games. Cant really ever say that about a game console at launch. By the way, was Killzone 4 really that bad? I never bought it, but i was a massive fan of the first three. I cant understand how the game could have been that bad!
OUROSMAG  +   388d ago
There are tons of first party games still in the pipeline, give it time.
Hanso  +   388d ago
Bloodborne is coming nuff said.
ILLINOIS  +   388d ago
In 2015 there will be so many games to play it will be ridiculous. Save your money now.
BobBelcher  +   387d ago
I hate the "it's also on PC so it's not 'exclusive' bit.' That argument is nothing more than another bullet in the arsenal of this 'console war.' It's between the PS4 and the X1, that's it. The fanboys utilize this PC factor as a counter-argument when really it comes down to one thing: This game is or isn't on the PS4/X1. Enough said. Planetside 2 isn't on the X1. Titanfall isn't on the PS4. That's where it matters in the 'console wars.' The PC counter-argument is nothing more than a red herring.
#28 (Edited 387d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Dubaman  +   387d ago
"The PC counter-argument is nothing more than a red herring." - what does that mean?!
...but if it's on PC too, then it's not exclusive.
Planetside 2 isn't on X1, its on PC. Titanfall isn't on PS4, it's on PC. H1Z1 (Sony's own game), it's on PC. Then there is the third party support, the indie support, the modding communities and games which are actually exclusive to the PC.
Look, if you and others wants to have a "console" war, have fun. Though to completely shut the PC out the gaming equation, especially when discussing getting the best/more exclusives for your money, because it's not a console, is just stupid.
I'm not calling you stupid by the way, i don't know you well enough to make that call; im saying that your reasoning is stupid. Though if you want a "console" war and you want to make it about exclusives:
Sony: http://postimg.org/image/5b...
MS: http://postimg.org/image/u0...
Nintendo: http://postimg.org/image/5p...
#28.1 (Edited 387d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Max-Zorin  +   387d ago
Rome wasn't built in one day.
Ryan741  +   387d ago
It takes money and man power and sadly Sony have neither at the moment.
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