Tenchu 4 - Trailer

First trailer of the upcoming Wii title, Tenchu 4.

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Rikitatsu2916d ago

that looked great for a wii game

TruthbeTold2916d ago

...I don't think they intend to release this game outside of Japan as of right now. :(

Voiceofreason2916d ago

Nice.... Just wish more games would make the jump to true next gen. By that I mean Wii..

ItsDubC2916d ago

I'm ALL over this game.

ninjas > pirates

ChickeyCantor2916d ago

but what if, this game was about Pirate-ninja's =O

Voiceofreason2916d ago

Ninja wizards beat ninja pirates any day.

M0UTHBREAKER2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

wow, it actually looks really, really good!

The in-game screens are specially impressive:

PS360WII2916d ago

awesome that is lookin very nice. Hope it gets a release outside of Japan as well ^^

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The story is too old to be commented.