Dragon Ball Xenoverse - New details from interview

In a recent interview with the Dragon Ball Xenoverse developers at japan Expo, new details were revealed such as local versus play, Battle of Gods characters and more.

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Agent_hitman1627d ago

The last DBZ that I've played was on PS1 called Dragon Ball Legends, it was epic indeed.

zep1627d ago

its not typical fighting game but that game was good indeed

Legacy2121627d ago

Best dbz game along with budokai 3

Saelyn1627d ago

I remember that game and it was actually rather nice. I would love for that game to hit the store at some point where I can pay and download it again.

CyrusLemont1627d ago

For those who don't follow the link:

-No QTEs, yay!
-Transformations don't break the flow of gameplay as much.
-Has its own unique story that doesn't follow the classic DBZ story outlay.
-There will be more new characters beyond what has been teased.
-Amount of characters not finalised, nor has the inclusion of Battle of Gods either.
-Amount of stages not finalised either, each stage will vary in size.
-1v1 on the same console.
-No boss battles.
-No DLC planned yet.
-No specific release date.