First Look at the “Gungoose” in Halo: The Master Chief Collection

GoodGameBro writes, "Every Halo fanatic knows the mongoose is only helpful when you need to get across a map quickly. This will change in Halo: The Master Chief Collection with an optional attachment for the vehicle.

At a discussion panel for Halo: The Master Chief Collection at RTX in Austin Texas, the M274-M “Gungoose” was revealed."

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Lawboy21622d ago

Gungoose....nuff said

Excitement through the roof

Kevin263851622d ago

It will be nice to have one of these things when capturing the flag. I always felt helpless in the mongoose!

JohnJ1622d ago

I can't contain myself - I need to do something to get my halo fix! Gonna be AWESOME!

Lawboy21622d ago

@ john j

I've been watching red v blue for my fix...I really wish I could play some halo right now though

lifeisgamesok1622d ago

I'm so ready to own this game

I think I'll play Halo's 1-4 before jumping into the multiplayer maps

I can't remember the last time a video game that costs $60 had this much value

Lawboy21622d ago

Same....I always just jump straight into the MP when playing halo and I never go back to play the campaign...not this time will play them all straight's going to be epic

ArtificiallyYours1622d ago


PixelNinja1622d ago


Axios21622d ago

Between TMCC, TitanFall, and Destiny, X1 is having a phenomenal 2014 for fps.

GodGinrai1622d ago

Im still chuffed that we get to play all three in the same year.Gotta love XB1!

Kevin263851622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Since this is an optional attachment, any thoughts to the potential negatives of adding the weapon?

Slightly slower? Flipping it over if you shoot too close to your own Gungoose?

GodGinrai1622d ago

I dont think it will matter shot with a spartan laser, rocket launcher or a good shelling from a tank, and that 'goose is history! that said...I used to love rolling up to people at full speed , jumping off then smacking them, before they have time to think, while my passenger grabs the flag, on sand trap!

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