5 PS4 games to play during the summer drought

GameZone's Matt Liebl: "Ah summer time. No school means you probably have lots of time on your hands. Unfortunately, this freedom comes during a time when very few video games actually release. As evident by July’s list of PS4 game releases, there’s not much going on this summer. Sure, there’s The Last of Us: Remastered -- and going to be amazing -- but we’re talking about weeks worth of gaming time. So take my advice and start playing through the backlog of games you might have collected since the PS4’s release in November. Here are five PS4 games I recommend playing during the summer drought."

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No_Limit1597d ago

The only game I am playing at the moment on my PS4 is MLB14. Was playing Watch Dogs a months back but traded it in after 2 weeks...very disappointed with it.

Looking forward to TLOU at the end of this month and already have Assassin's Creed Unity, Dragon age, NBA 2K15, and GTAV reserved for the Fall.

tgunzz1597d ago

Sad to say that I really don't follow baseball games (though it looks fun). I myself have been playing NBA 2k14, and watchdogs for now.. I am definitely looking to get TLOU,and NBA 2k15.

ZodTheRipper1597d ago

I started to enjoy Resogun again, the new game modes are great. Can't wait for the Destiny Beta and TLOU =)

Abash1597d ago

Killzone: Shadow Fall has online co-op thanks to the Intercept expansion, that has been taking a lot of my gaming time. That with playing Pokemon XY is making me not feel any gaming drought at all

Traceskipper1596d ago

I cant believe he didnt mention Killzone Shadow Fall. Been playing online pvp going on three months usually 3 hours or more a night. I cant stop playing it. Granted its a tough game to master but there is a lot to like about it.

The_Hero1594d ago

It's summer and you want to play games?
Maybe on a rainy day.

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WeAreLegion1597d ago

Freakin' love The Show. I was disappointed with Watch_Dogs, too. :/

Ripsta7th1597d ago

Been play BF4,Cod Ghosts and ac4 so far plus the free games onplus. So far the competition has a better selection though. Can't even debate that

ramiuk11597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

in what??
Dead rising is terrible imo,ryse is good and looks nice but gets boring.

ps4 has all the same 3rd party and SS,resogun,warframe,marvel mmo and i enjoyed knack.

what has best games isnt a rule,its a preference and ps4 wins for me.

liquidhalos1596d ago


I agree that which console has the best games is a personal preference. I find it funny though how you tried to put his preference down like you did before sharing your own (terrible, boring) . The whole first paragraph was unnecessary

S2Killinit1596d ago

actually thats not correct. they have less games on xbone. by far.

Deadlead1597d ago

Well resogun is fun, but old news and short
Not a baseball fan
Beat TLoU twice on PS3(still probably gonna pick it up though I mean 1080p, 60fps gonna be smoooooth as buttah)
I platinumed I:SS
sooo only Transistor really peaks my interest on this list.

What really aggrivates me is that there are 9 games 9!!! That I want coming out in October, I wish somehow there was a better spreading games throughout the year.

fattyuk1597d ago

I've got a a library of unplaced ps plus games to get through!

ps3/ps4 and vita!

Deadlead1597d ago

True PS Plus has kept me plenty busy, currently playing Strider which is pretty sick. @Ozmoses Good point, Destiny might be my most anticipated game of the year after I played the Alpha, so I'm actually skipping the beta to keep that wow factor for when I pick up my full retail copy.

ziggurcat1597d ago

i seriously have close to 80 games sitting on my PS3 HDD that i have yet to tackle... thanks, PS+...

dakunclear1596d ago

Ya I'm in the same boat as you lol and this is why you don't sell your old gen console for at least a couple years after the new gen has been out that and with PS+ they just keep giving you games

Eonjay1597d ago

Currently there are 93 games available for download on PS4. And more games come every month.

Ozmoses1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

No one in the comments mentioned the Destiny Beta for PS4... It drops in 12 days on July 17th... and who knows how long we'll be able to play it for.

You get it if you pre-order it.. but I heard rumors that maybe all PS+ users will get access.

I was so depressed and didn't want to play any games when the Alpha ended..

but seriously there is plenty to play this summer.

mysensesfailed1596d ago

Destiny Beta is for 10 days

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