Here's How Nintendo Plans To Fix The Wii U ‘Dry Spell’

Reggie Fils-Aime said Nintendo is working with third parties like Ubisoft, Warner Bros and a number of Japanese developers to build more Wii U titles.

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Benjaminkno1623d ago

Does anyone else think that MS/Sony consoles are a little more 'dry'? Or is it just me?

This whole year has been a bit lackluster. 2015 looks like a much better year.

randomass1711623d ago

They have a number of third party games that look promising like Evolve and Destiny. Wii U will be bringing less games but ones that are just as significant and in Smash Bros.' case, possibly even more so. All three consoles have some promising content coming this year. I wish people would stop trying to say who has the best or worse since that's completely subjective.

DarthZoolu1623d ago

I've been gaming on Xbox One mostly for the last 3 months and I have tons to play it's more of a problem not having time to play some games because I playing these other games so much, I need to finish Ryse Legendary and Tomb Raider but my party always needs me in Titanfall, I need to play Forza more also, and I need to finish the last boss in Guacamelee, when Halo Collection drops I might have to quit normal life lol.

WiiUsauce1622d ago

Can't believe 4 peiple disagreed with you smh.

infinitewords1623d ago

Well it is those consoles first year, so it's to be expected.

Benjaminkno1623d ago

Why single out Nintendo is my point. WiiU's been out much longer, so how is it any more barren?

BullyMangler1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

the wiiU is dry yet nintendo servers are clogging up with mario kart 8 online . ah . .


ps4 . so many games, yet still awaiting greatness :(:

wiiU already so sssiiiickkkkk!

contradictory1623d ago

no, it's not just you...

i know i'll get disagrees but PS4 really hasn't brought anything notable with the exception of
Infamous: Second Son

Xbone's even worse... they brought out Titanfall which i rather played on PC anyways

they'll get the games eventually...
every console has a waiting period.

ricochetmg1623d ago

They have an valid excuse being a launch year.

MrSwankSinatra1623d ago

Well i would like to think that since the Wii U is going on it's second year of being available while the PS4 & Xbox One have only been out for seven and a half months.

AJBACK2FRAG1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I just don't get how the one year headstart is so pertinent to every thing you guys say. Microsoft's one year head start MURDERED them. All major home video game consoles are out now. Nintendo's headstart was basically terrible. Why bring it up every time unless that's the only thing you guys will have to hold on to once Nintendo kicks the fricking shit out of Sony and Microsoft AGAIN! Yup that's right. The least expensive and least powerful home video game console ALWAYS WINS! Barring that fact this generation Nintendo has released some of the best video game software not only of this generation but of the company's whole lifespan! If you look at let's just say oh Pikmin 3. It look's amazing, the control's are excellent and it's just alot of fun to play. That game gives me that warm Shigeru Miyamoto is a genius feeling every time I fire it up! I smile everytime I play it! Now add those same parimeters to every piece of video game software Nintendo has released this generation for the Wii U! Scary huh? They've ALL been excellent! No one in this industry in my opinion can touch the quality of video game software Nintendo has released this generation for the Wii U. In five years from now when Nintendo wins this generation I can just guess what your mantra wii be,"Well, they had a year head start!"

Good-Smurf1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Wii U to me are actually had a much more lively scene...with me only with The Wind Waker HD to play with!
I got like 10 games on PS4 yet I never able to bring myself to play it for long.
If it wasn't for Infamous and BF4 (Which it never failed to make me rage)
I wouldn't touch my PS4 going back to PS2 and play some GT3 and Auto Modellista,racing games are what I'm craving for on PS4.
It purely just on my end though,maybe the games there just wasn't quite hit my sweet spot yet. (But that will soon end when TLOU:RE arrived!)
Well I just got started with Wii U and now find myself overwhelmed with all of its first party and exclusives,I just want to play all of them!
(Mario Kart 8 you're first on the list)
Some Third party love is always nice on Wii U though...Ubisoft,I'm still waiting for Watch Dogs on Wii U...

Benjaminkno1622d ago

Yeah, still awaiting greatness here as well.

I'm also waiting for the superior version of WatchDogs.

AnotherGamersOpinion1622d ago

Really just a matter of opinion i guess. I personally havent loved the recent Wii U mario games, but i am really anticipating Smash bros. (as is really every nintendo fan). I know every company really has three major games in 2014. Nintendo has mk8, Hyrule warriors, and smash bros., sony has lbp3, driveclub and tlou remasered, and microsoft has halo mcc, forza horizon 2 and sunset overdrive. problem is, nintendo gives the illusion of few games with less aaa third party support

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GeofferyPeterson1623d ago

Someone get the lube, my Wii U is dry!

ricochetmg1623d ago

It's year two for Wii u and we still have a doubt if any games are coming because they are not unless it's first party.

randomass1711623d ago

What about Bayonetta, Devil's Third and Sonic Boom? We should expect to see more third party partnership games as time goes on.

Digimortal1623d ago


That requires gamers to think outside the box. Which hardly any do in this day and age.

AJBACK2FRAG1622d ago

and as the Wii U's user base grows!

AJBACK2FRAG1622d ago

Or a million indie games. The fact is in five years some of those independent developers are going to be major players and will have learned video game software development the "Nintendo way".
By then Sony will be bought out by Apple. Should be very interesting!

Emme1623d ago

Its fascinating to see how they ALL underestimated the jump to higher specs. Nintendo, ok, they were used to the level of PS2-style games on the Wii, but the others ? It was obvious since 2011 were this industry was heading technically, I really wonder who forgot to mention that higher res graphics for examply take twice to four times as much manpower/devtime than the old sub-720p stuff. Why were the boys over at Guerilla Games done with Killzone for launch, but almost no one else ? Sony should have had a new GoW ready at least, Microsoft should have had a new Halo or Gears. Nintendos rehash of New Super Mario Bros Wii was embarassing enough. Sometimes I just dont understand these companies, when they behave like noobs. Those big boys just all released their third or fourth or eigth console !!! At that pace, You will be happy if there are two iterations of the famous franchises this lifecycle per console, which means the next 7 years !!! Or, other option, those games wont be as great as they could be.

Realplaya1623d ago

Why is it that Nintendo has never made HD games until the wiiu they get no slack. But Sony and Microsoft have been doing HD for just about 10 years they get a pass?

Alinea1622d ago

they too got HD late anyways, lol.

randomass1711622d ago

I think PC has technically been doing HD long before any of the consoles have, which is fine. Nintendo was the latest to the party, but hopefully they will better themselves and be more prepared with the next console.

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