Rumor: Sunset Overdrive Xbox One Bundle to Strike This Holiday Season

CraveOnline: "Want an Xbox One, but waiting for a bundle before jumping in? This holiday season may have something for you."

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NextLevel1538d ago

What is leading them to believe it's Sunset Overdrive? I would think a Halo MCC bundle would be more effective at (like they say) combating the Destiny bundle.

JonnyBigBoss1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

As much as I love what Halo: MCC offers, I think Sunset Overdrive is a better choice. It shows that the Xbox One has new experiences to share, rather than re-releases.

Mystogan1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

The general consumers wouldn't care.
Halo is a more popular game and everyone knows it.
Nobody knows what sunset overdrive is except the ones who follow gamer news. They're more likely to buy a Halo Bundle over a Sunset Overdrive bundle. While the ones who follow game news(minority) are more likely to get the Sunset overdrive bundle.

It would be stupid not to have a Halo bundle.

dirkdady1538d ago

Not sure if sunset overdrive is big enough to warrant a bundle. Halo would make more sense.

I would temper any expectation on Sunset until reviews are out. Fuse and R&C:AFO didn't really blaze the charts ya know.

GameNameFame1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

New experience that are likely timed exclusives.

The game isnt owned by MS. It is owned by Insomniac, meaning just like last gen, if game gets popular last gen, MS's so called exclusives that MS didnt own got ported to other system or at least PC. w/ guaranteed sequel on multiplat.

knifefight1538d ago

You're probably right on a mass market level.

I'd buy a Sunset Overdrive bundle but not a Halo one, myself, but I might be the exception rather than the rule.

Visiblemarc1538d ago

I dunno, I think it's a good way of hitting a different note in the market.

I agree with you, I think it sounds like a fantastic bundle. I think many would agree too.

ocelot071538d ago

Why would you combat a game that is also launching on your console?

NextLevel1538d ago

"A Destiny combatant in training."

From the article.

IVanSpinal1538d ago

Because of a few exclusive(timed) skins maybe?

Mega241538d ago

Because Sunset Overdrive looks fun? Most owners of xbox have already played the Halo series. I would get an XB1 if its at $400 with Sunset Overdrive, that's a crazy bundle and a fun looking game, might be the one game that makes me buy an XB1. At the moment nothing on it attracts me.

Deadlead1538d ago

Well personally I hope it is Sunset Overdrive, I'd finally pick up an xbone I think. Still can't decide if I want kinect.

Chriscrinkle181538d ago

Get kinect even if you get it second hand it's worth it for the voice stuff.

Haki11121537d ago

I agree with Chris just the other day me and my buddy was gaming on the X1 and he was like I just wreck that dude how do I record that? im like... I just tell the Kinect to do it he got the 399 X1 lol

Jonny5isalive1538d ago

yeah, giving sunset overdrive would get more people to try the franchise, alot of people will probably get halo anyways. Id imagine they would do a halo 5 bundle tho when that comes out.

VforVideogames1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Well Sunset Overdrive its an exclusive and deserves this bundle. Here's hope for a Halo 5 bundle.

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christocolus1538d ago

I think its a great idea, MS should also consider releasing Halo mcc and forza horizon 2 bundles.

JonnyBigBoss1538d ago

That's a lot of bundles man!

christocolus1538d ago

Going into the hollidays would be great if they had as many bundles available. Its great to have variety. I know people who will jump on the forza horizon and halo mcc bundles.

PlaystationSquuad1538d ago

Does it really matter to put out that many bundles? I mean all you have to do is get a regular xbone and get the game along with it and it will add up to the same price as a bundle.

Eejanaika1538d ago

Buying things together bundles is usually cheaper then buying them seperate. so yes, the more bundles. the better.

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OwnageDC6501538d ago

I'd purchase a White XB1 bundle with Sunset Overdrive. It will be a good match with my White PS4.

KingSingh921538d ago

Image is reversed. Dpad on the right hand side lol

sic_chops1538d ago

Yes, you're right. The big hole in the top of the console is supposed to be on the right.

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