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Submitted by ravensly 513d ago | opinion piece

Overhype The Last of Us: Remastered PS4, Where is the Actual Gameplay running at 1080p/60 FPS

The Last of Us on Playstation 3 was a masterpiece, graphics/visuals, storyline, gameplay in every aspect it was perfect. Naughty Dog once again showed why they are the best in business and what exactly is raising the bar for them in gaming industry. Few months after the launch of The Last of Us on Playstation 3, Naughty Dog announced a remastered HD port for Playstation 4, "The Last of Us: Remastered". At the time of official announcement, Naughty Dog stated that the studio is targeting "60 FPS" for Playstation 4. (PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered)

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F4sterTh4nFTL  +   514d ago
They will still be making improvements on it till the last second and I am sure when they will feel completely satisfied they will show us something.
ZodTheRipper  +   514d ago
Yep, judging by tweets from Naughty Dog they are all working very hard on it. This is not traditional game development - they are porting a finished game over to completely new hardware, it's probably looking better/running more stable every day so they don't want to show the unfinished thing. We will get some footage soon enough, don't worry.
christian hour  +   513d ago | Well said
How did this person ever survive in the days when you saw very little, if nothing at all, of a game before you actually picked it up bar a few pictures and a write up in a magazine?

Growing up in the late 80's/early 90's, I found out about games through word of mouth and would know very little about them going in. I miss those times :(

It surprises me that there are still people out there that don't have faith in Naughty Dog despite their 20+ year track record of quality and never over promising and under delivering. The game will run as smooth as they say it will, and they'll show us it when they're ready to, they don't need to go in to a PR frenzy months long hype train like an EA/UBI/ACTI title, not for a polished and refined port anyway.

Todays gamers are an entitled bunch :P
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nix  +   513d ago
this website should be renamed ""
Army_of_Darkness  +   513d ago
How dare he question naughty dog!!!
Eonjay  +   513d ago
"Where is the Actual Gameplay running at 1080p/60 FPS"

Wait what? You think that it doesn't exist? Man, you guys make ND's job too easy...
Crazyglues  +   513d ago
@ Army_of_Darkness

Yes in Naughty*Dog we trust.. but it is weird that they have not shown it yet....

I'm sure we will get some footage soon, but My guess would be the team that makes that call (to show it or not) is trying to make sure they show it in the best light -(meaning give you some screens that show it off the best)- this is a big project and the team probably worked really hard on it..

So you don't want to mess it up by just rushing to show screens... your going to take your time and present it in it's best light.

I'm sure it will look fine, nothing too amazing it's just a re-make, but I'm sure it will look as good as tomb-raider...

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morganfell  +   512d ago
Are Gamepur really this imperceptive?

Where are the majority of game videos posted? Even by Sony on their own official blog?

Youtube. 30 FPS and low bitrate.

Do you think it will compare well and show off its best side with a bunch of youtube videos? How many people really understand the negative impact this would have on the Remastered version.

It is fairly apparent Gamepur doesn't understand this fact. Though they mention the need for direct feed in their article, a hugely valid reason, they minimalize this truth and ignoring their own remark go on to whine beneath their hit inducing title 95% of the time. Gamepur, you seriously have zero credit as a reporting entity.

Sony has a duty to its developers, its investors and even its fans to protect its products. No matter where they release a direct feed video it will wind up on youtube where 99/100 people that see the video will view it.

Naughty Dog has access to 60fps Youtube but it is still low bitratye. And when 1000 people reupload the video it will be cut to 30fps which really does then make the video a lie.

Could you just be a little bit more even keeled and common sense in the next attempt Gamepur? These ill-conceived articles are really getting old.
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Darkstares  +   512d ago
Not knocking Naughty Dog but it seems to be the common theme now to just show trailers or clips without actual gameplay. It's what we saw of a lot at E3. Even Uncharted showed a clip that was rendered on the hardware but not actual gameplay. It wasn't just Sony's show but also Microsoft's E3 as well. I want to see people playing the game on the hardware.
Crazyglues  +   512d ago
@ the Disagrees...

Now I'm really laughing, it seems lately, especially on this site there is a quick to go Flame On' the second someone says anything..

I said I'm sure they will show it, it's not like you can hide it the game will have to come out.. LoL (and you people flame me)

Come on' what's with all the flaming, morganfell made a good point, and I was just about to agree when I saw him saying use "common sense" - What? So a website is not allowed to make a mistake or over look something, there suppose to be perfect... Come on' people, You do realize this is a gaming site, right?

I just think people are too quick to go Flame On' --> I bet half of the disagrees I got didn't even read my full comment..

But whatever - Flame On!

||.........___||............ ||
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Sevir  +   512d ago
Its funny people call it overhyped. They did a similar tactic with the games multiplayer suit which didn't get any actual footage until the game was reviewed and on store shelves when it released last year. And they were bragging about how epic it was for months on end. And every news outlets had no play time with it until they received final review/retail copies.

I have a feeling this is similarly how they're doing everything with this. We haven't seen anything other than the cinematic trailers remastered, and they'll likely keep it till the game releases this month.
morganfell  +   512d ago

Websites are allowed to make a mistake but an entire misdirected article? This wasn't just one line or sentence where something was incorrect. No, it was 95% of the article. The worst part is they have the solid reason IN THE ARTICLE ITSELF. But they ignore that. They make 1, 2, 3, 4 wrong assumptions.

And we have to take them on the whole. Recently they have issued a slew of ill-formed deductions. So you see, this is not the matter of a single mistake or even two. That is certainly forgiveable. Instead what we have here is a pattern and it is a disservice to the game community.
alexkoepp  +   512d ago
I don't know about overhyped, people are excited but nothing near the Master Chief Collection on the X1.

It is strange though there was the announcement trailer, a little e3 footage and nothing else. Games due out in 3 weeks so it's odd but you are just showing off an already released game with sharper graphics and a higher frame rate. We don't really need to see anything to know the effects of your standard remaster.
C-H-E-F  +   513d ago
This article is like saying... GTAV was overhyped and info faked because they didn't release any footage of the game actually running... LIKE UGH.... there's a reputation system to uphold in this line of work. Naughty Dog is a prestige studio with grade A developers. At this point if you don't take their word for it then I suggest you retire from gaming. Based on how great the original was... there's no need to question the quality of the port. I don't see anyone questioning Rockstar for the GTAV PS4 port. And that one has more variables of consistency to uphold because of the multiplatform architecture of the dev. process. smh... STOP JUST STOP!!
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Kavorklestein  +   513d ago
There isn't 400 articles per second about GTA V remastered, so it's a lot easier to give it slack, and also we saw the Amazing trailer Rockstar put out that showed things all around the city of Los Santos, with MAJOR improvements. Not slightly less aliasing, and a barely relevant 60 fps scene with hardly any characters and almost ZERO movement like TLOU:R's "trailer" had. It's not that anyone DOUBTS Naughty Dog, it's just we want to see some substantial gameplay or diversity.

GTA V DOES have a tougher job to remaster than TLOU ever will. Are we even comparing the difficulty of porting from 2 consoles to 2 new consoles to 1 to 1?
AngelicIceDiamond  +   513d ago
Hopefully it comes soon. I wanna see ND create magic again.
UltraNova  +   512d ago
Personally I want to see ND make a borderlands-fallout hybrid fps rpg...

Sayai jin  +   513d ago
I hope those buying this game, enjoy on!

On topic, overhyped? I am pretty sure ND will deliver!
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TheSaint  +   513d ago
Agreed, if anyone can do it it's ND.
showtimefolks  +   513d ago
so let's see. B**** and Moan about not seeing gameplay, Its ND afterall. Don't they deserve our trust? seriously guys

why are gamers so quick to jump on every little thing, don't you think we will see gameplay before the game releases?


i will always give some of these developers the benefit of the doubt till they mess up. Until than STHU. Its not like the game is out and we don't have any gameplay videos, developers are trying to rip us off or something

wait and we get exactly that plus more,
Fishy Fingers  +   513d ago
'Gamers' aren't, two bit websites looking for some easy traffic are.
snookiegamer  +   513d ago
Overhype who?? Who's overhyped TLOU-R? Naughty Dog only confirmed 1080/60fps, and they delivered, so where is the overhype?

Forget these two-bit wannabe-a-writer articles...they only serve to discredit. What kind of idiot questions the integrity and honesty of a studio like Naughty Dog?

ND always deliver, yet these whinning negative gamer barons continue to...ah whatever, I'm sick of negativity for just about every/any game this gen. Please just go F ya'selves you sad bunch of sacks.
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SilentNegotiator  +   512d ago
I'm pretty sure we can give Naughty Dog, of all studios, the benefit of the doubt.

Unless they're outright lying - highly unlikely - it's just a remaster and there's not really much to worry about.
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assdan  +   512d ago
When HD says something, I trust it. They're one of the only compaines I can say that about.
FayZ_  +   512d ago
how hard is it to turn up some fps & res settings like a pc game?
FanboyKilla  +   512d ago
lol yeah we want to see it. are you serious? it looks amazing, its next gen, looks like it was made for ps4. all these words no action. cmon everyone here knows why they havent shown the game. the internet is going to put it through the ringer. compare it to this and that.

im with nd here. why show it when we told them its amazing and they ran with it? preordered anyone? and these guys on here want to attack peope that want to see it. also defending a game that devs wont let them see but will let you preorder. wow you sony fans never cease to amaze me how far and low you will go for sony. smh i bet you aren't this loyal to family and friends when they screw you over. lol most of you guys make other sony supporters look bad. and gamers in general.
jebabcock  +   512d ago
Coherent sentences go a long way in helping people understand what you are trying to say...
reko  +   512d ago

fluffydelusions  +   514d ago
We knew nothing about the MP in the game till the last week of release. In ND I trust.
l-Mc-I  +   513d ago
Exactly. I wasn't expecting much of the multiplayer for the Last of Us since they hadn't shown anything, but I was treated to one of the best competitive multiplayer experiences of last gen.
BigBosss  +   514d ago
I have heard they will be working hard on it until the week before release date. I cannot wait to get my hands on it, just 2 weeks after my 25th birthday :)
Nitrowolf2  +   514d ago
It actually looks like the games about to go Gold (tweets), probably within the next few weeks
Totoro17  +   513d ago
Happy birthday :)
neoandrew  +   513d ago
This is actually impossible, you need to send the game to manufacture the disks at least one month before release date, you need also to distribute the game disks all over the world, and trust me, even in 21 century this is not so quick task.

Also your must wait for the certification.

I don't know how fast sony is, but in the past several game developers were claiming that you need about 3 months for a ps3, xbox360 game to get certified, so you would need actually done it 3 month before release.

If there ware any other fixes or updates that was needed you would need to update the game after release, and your update would also need to be certified.
SlavisH2  +   514d ago
i got fooled into the 1080p@60fps b.s. with tomb raider and wasn't impressed imo. There just isnt a noticable enough jump from last gen. Im going to wait for a real sequal or their next project.
Cryptcuzz  +   513d ago
That's your opinion and I respect that, but Tomb Raider on the PS4 looked impressive to me for a last gen game. As for TLoU on the PS4, considering what Bungie was able to do for GTAV, I have no doubts Naughty Dog will blow everyone away AGAIN.
WitWolfy  +   513d ago
You mean R* ;)
Cryptcuzz  +   513d ago
You're right I meant Bungie ;)
That's what I get for commenting with a few drinks in me.
Volkama  +   513d ago
Guess it takes a little while to sober up...
neoandrew  +   513d ago

If you meant Bungie then in this case you are thinking about Destiny, correct?
Cryptcuzz  +   512d ago
I was watching a Destiny video from PlayStation Access on YouTube that day :)
anwe  +   512d ago
I've learned my lesson on pre-ordering anything sight unseen and based on hype alone, I don’t care who the dev is. Unfortunately just saying as much gets everyone’s panties in a bunch. After seeing some reviews & or actual gameplay I will decide whether to purchase it for the second time. Personally a straight port @ 60fps doesn’t interest me, but a higher res version with cleaner textures will sell me on it.
DanielGearSolid  +   514d ago
Uncharted 3 downgrade? WTF?

Two screenshots from different scenes prove downgrade?

Not to mention both of the scenes are PRE RENDERED

Ok, u wanna see TLOU:R but don't come with bs to prove your point
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christian hour  +   513d ago
It's amazing, even though that has been cleared up a bunch of times since that fake comparison popped up (referring to the Mr X one with chloe on the bus btw), how the flow of misinformation is still going strong.
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AllAboutGaming  +   513d ago
All these Last of Us hate articles make me want to buy 10 copies of the game. Behind Fallout 3, Last of Us is the greatest game of all time. I'd buy it and Fallout 3 many times over.
Hellsvacancy  +   513d ago
Agreed, Fallout 3 is one of my all time favourite games, i'm quietly hoping a Ultra HD version gets released for the PS4 etc, there's rumours of a remastered version of Skyrim (that i'm not bothered about) so why not Fallout 3
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Mr-Dude  +   513d ago
Yeah, it's ridiculous how many articles there are about The Last Of Us PS4 version... Maybe their jealous?

That said, I look forward to playing it again.
RichardDawkins  +   513d ago
Like showing 1080p 60fps over the internet will do any justice to their game. They've stated they will show gameplay footage prior to the release date. Everyone needs to be patient.
JackVagina  +   513d ago
^this is uncompressed high bitrate 1080p file (driveclub) vs youtube 1080p vs IGN 1080p

more (high bitrate) (youtube 1080p)

uploading gameplay of TLOU will do more harm then good, even if they do upload to gamersyde, how many people will watch that version? like 10-20k?
Kivespussi  +   512d ago
Holy crap, I've thought the difference is THAT huge. Damn.
LamerTamer  +   512d ago
That doesn't mean that they couldn't at least release a few screenshots of the game, that would at least show off the better shadows, textures and character models unless there really isn't much of a difference there...
MaxwellBuddha  +   513d ago
This article should be rejected solely on the basis of the author's HORRIBLE punctuation.
I do admit tlou remastered has gotten more hype than i am used to in a remastered game, however i dont feel like people understand the true jump from 30fps to 60fps. I commonly switch my TV off of game mode to see a 7th gen game running at 60fps. When it works, the results are incredible(i suffer massive lag doing it however)
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chaosx  +   513d ago
I wonder if they will release the demo Like they did the first time. I guess we would see them hit 1080p /60fps then.
wotta  +   513d ago
This game is gonna sell loads. These articles are pointless. To those who have never experienced this game, the PS4 remaster will be the definitive edition. I say enjoy, to everyone else, I say get over it.
mogwaii  +   513d ago
I loved the game but i seriously doubt this remaster is going to be groundbreaking, im sure it'll be pretty but not uncharted 4 E3 trailer pretty.
Cryptcuzz  +   513d ago
Not to get on your bad side, but no sh*t it won't be like Uncharted 4 graphics and performance wise. Your comparing a remastered version of a last gen game developed on a totally different architecture, to a game made from the ground up on the PS4.
windblowsagain  +   513d ago
If you don't like TLOU.

Then don't play it.

The original is a masterpiece at 30fps.

I want a new game with a new story and hopefully it is being worked out while people get to play TLOU on PS4.
sho0ok  +   513d ago
Wow this guy has some balls :), no one in n4g dares to question Sony here and ND especially. Now all The KEYBOARD WARRIORS gonna turn on him :). ^JK

Anyway I think there will be an improvement but not that much. So the best thing here is to not get your hopes up, even if turned out great at least you will be surprised.
N0gg1nsh0tz  +   513d ago
30fps is now 60 fps locked, not a big jump... SMH

Higher polygon character models: high resolution textures: improved AI, better anti-aliasing etc.

Also, all DLC included. Not a big jump obviously mate, keep your head in the sand ;)
Easily worth £40 pound.
I think it will be nice to be surprised by not being shown much until the release so we don't have to look at low bit rate compressed crap and see the games true fidelity for ourselves. My hopes are very high for this game and so should everyone else's.
sho0ok  +   512d ago
Maybe you're right, but to me all these stuff you said doesn't mean anything unless I can see a big difference with my eyes. Also if all dlcs included does that mean it will make the game look better?.

And I agree with you on the point where compressed videos will ruin it for us, but they can upload a true uncompressed video on their website at least.
vikingland1  +   513d ago
All I know is, I'm getting the game for sure.
Manubiggs  +   513d ago
Do we need to see everything ASAP. Can't we just go in on day one and enjoy the game and be blown away and surprised - or wait for the review to confirm? Do we need hours of game footage before it is released? If they don't meet expectations they will have to deal with the fallout. I trust Naughty Dog to deliver.
iceman06  +   513d ago
Sure we that we can critique a game that hasn't released and doom it into non-existence!/s

Seriously, I am really getting tired of this ADHD generational crap. No patience whatsoever...and somehow STILL feel entitled to see EVERYTHING! Then, because they haven't shown anything, it MUST be overhype!?! Why not just that they will show it when they show it...or never. Either way, it's not like we don't know what the game looks and plays like. Now, we just get to experience it in a higher definition and snappier frame rate.
Thanofski  +   513d ago
I'm overhyped all I can a 360 only user never played any Nd game since crash....and was really jealous in a positive way for all nd games delivered to here I am waiting for a great game as the majority is screaming in an hd or whatever version...I'll still enjoy it ...
TheWatercooler  +   513d ago
There hasn't been any over hype. Just this crappy site keep posting ND tweets.

Now you say it's overhyped after you continue to hype it?

BobBelcher   513d ago | Trolling | show
Realplaya  +   513d ago
There is a good point to all of this. If they are going to brag about how good the game looks and how it runs show us a 15 second clip.
Legacy212  +   512d ago
I have never seen a game get soo mych hype for a remaster and a company show NOTHING. Sony and ND are the only company that could get away with this. I have to agree with this. Even GTA did a comparison video. I remember one article saying the jump from ps3 to ps4 for the last of us is like the difference in the jump from DVD to blu ray. Pure madness
Spotie  +   512d ago
Why does it seem like every time you comment, Legacy responds?

And why is he always agreeing with something stupid that you've said?

They don't have to show you a damn thing, to be honest. They will, though, when they're good and ready. Meanwhile, be secure- or try to be, but I know its hard when you just wanna troll so bad- in the fact that Naughty Dog's only output setting seems to be "Exceptional."

What reason do you have to doubt anything they say? Because you haven't seen it? Has that ever made one of their games bad?

Whether you get to see the game or not has ZERO bearing on its quality. It's just a point you try to use to be negative because you've got nothing else.

Give it a rest. Both of you, who are probably the same person.
SH1ELD  +   513d ago
Let's say you make a point. When we see it actual no body will remember your s!@#y article.
GearSkiN  +   512d ago
I agree where is the gameplay the game is coming out soon this month,show us what's new and have a comparison like tomb raider did...
#22 (Edited 512d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
amnalehu  +   512d ago
Soooooo, ND is not telling the truth about the res/frame rate? What would be the benefit of publicly saying that they shooting for 60+ frames per second @ 1080p and then not delivering? What would be the point in releasing footage into the wild that would eventually end up on youtube which would only be able to be seen at 30 FPS and at best 720P because many people may not have full HD computer monitors? Then you would have a bunch of people going around saying how it doesn't really look any better.

And who is doing the "over-hyping"? Certainly not Naughty Dog or Sony. Are they never supposed to talk about a massive hit that they are bringing to a new audience/platform? TLOU got hundreds of Game of the Year Awards and is regarded by many to be one of the best games of all time! It really doesn't need any hype Gamepur.
dmonee  +   512d ago
I concur. There are to many devices and gizmos that play footage in all sorts of crappy resolutions and framerates. It wouldnt do it any justice to throw it out there over the internet. The only way tgat would've made sense for me would have been a PS4 demo. To late for that now.
OUROSMAG  +   512d ago
As anyone else getting bored with people saying everything is over hyped?

I haven't seen a bit of news related to any game within the last few months that hasn't had this "stigma" attached to it.

If you feel there is too much news surrounding a certain game,maybe you should stay away from gaming news sites.
typittt69  +   512d ago
My ps3 crapped out on me last year before that came out. Can't wait to play it this month for the first time. I haven't read anything about the story so it'll be completely new for me. Blessing in disguise
dmonee  +   512d ago
All I have to say to you is that when you play it for the first time you will cream your pants and crap them at the same me a favor and let me know what you think after you play it. #residentevilkiller
typittt69  +   512d ago
I will hahaha
feraldrgn  +   512d ago
Well they're not going to make the mistake of showing footage too early, as it has been shown that gamers from almost all sides would likely jump all over it.
heisenberguk  +   512d ago
No gameplay and yet they're still writing articles by the dozen!!
Randostar  +   512d ago
I don't see why people are complaining about not seeing gameplay. This is ND is not like they have to prove something to us people. If they say the game is silky smooth 60fps with no dips and looks great, Im sure it does.
dmonee  +   512d ago
When I write things like this, I get hated on. That said, They have to hold out for something. I have hope they will come through in the end. I personally don't want to see 1080p/60fps ahead of time. I want to see it when I put the disc in and get my Audio/Visual mindgasmn!!!!!!
saber00005  +   512d ago
Who cares? This game has been rated VERY HIGHLY, and I'm sure it will be fine, regardless.
MasterCornholio  +   512d ago
Exactly. People already know how good the game is so why worry about not seeing gameplay at all for it?

Its being remastered for the PS4 which is more powerful console than the PS3 which means that the game will look and run better on it. Plus this is Naughty Dog we are talking about so there's no way they will screw up the PS4 version.

The game was amazing on the PS3 and will be even better on the PS4.

Haters have to #dealwithit.
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