Microsoft kicks off Xbox One pre-sales in Colombia

The XBox One with the Kinect sensor will cost COL 1.45 million, and the console without the Kinect is priced at COL 1.20 million.

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NextLevel1621d ago

One Million!!

Can someone convert this please?

sungin1620d ago ShowReplies(2)
DJustinUNCHAIND1620d ago

You're worse than that Naruto fan.

DLConspiracy1620d ago

Soon he will also write the articles about all the Xbox One news and opinions. Best of ALL worlds.

No_Limit1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

LOL, I somehow think your post got backfired if you are trying to prove that the XB1 is more expensive than the Company that you places like Colombia.
The PS4. cost around 1,399,000, which is about $690, so it is more expensive than the Kinectless XB1.

But, I'll do a conversion for you, that is equal in any country:

NextLevel = MariaHelFutura = Troll

tgunzz1620d ago

@nextlevel, As great as you are with numbers, I am pretty shocked that you couldn't find the conversion data.....

1620d ago
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Pogmathoin1620d ago

Considering other systems there, seems cheap....

christocolus1620d ago

Really? How much is the wii u and ps4 over there?

URNightmare1620d ago

Colombia is Playstation territory. We like quality stuff over there.

jonatan2211620d ago

It's so sad that it's so expensive though. My cousins had to come to the US to buy a PS3 because it was soo much cheaper than in Colombia.

JBSleek1620d ago

Simply converting prices doesn't tell you if something is expensive or cheap in other countries. You would have to know more information such as cost of living and average wages.

Example is the difference in living in the Northeast of America, the south of America and Hawaii. Where more or less money is spend on living and food and subsequently less on luxuries. $640 and $783 seems like a lot more only relative to prices that we know as high.

zerog1620d ago

Yeah and its all these lost countries theats supposed to make a difference lol.

pompombrum1620d ago

Awesome, maybe they can do a special Zuniga edition and bundle it with a free copy of the UFC game.

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The story is too old to be commented.