Vita-exclusive Girls & Panzer – 50+ Screenshots of the Cutest Tank Warfare Ever

"PS Vita’s Girls & Panzer (with the “&” pronounced “und”) has been blasting Japanese gamers since June 26, and I’ve been happily playing it while working on a review. The last battle is kind of nuts, though, or I might just be ready to do it now." -PSLS

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knifefight1620d ago

Hmm, the N4G translation of the title is wrong. It should be "Master the way of the tank" or "Master Tankery." The "dou" can mean road, but in this case, it means "way of," just like how "Bushidou" means "way of the warrior."

Game translations aside, it's a solid game. Wish we had more tank battle games.

Inception1620d ago

Yeah me too. I really want to play games that have tanks in it. I mean, i had a blast using & customized my tanks in Valkyria Chronicles.

Hopefully Namco will localize it. They on fire lately localizing Tales, Sword Art Online, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, etc. I don't mind if they only put digital ver.

isarai1620d ago

Warthunder on PS4 bra, t'is ace

Lifewish1620d ago

I really liked the anime so I am very interested in reading the review when you are done.

JonnyBigBoss1620d ago

I previously never heard of this.

Alinea1619d ago

plz make it english I cant read japanese B(

Wedge191619d ago

Tank warfare is adorable, but only in Japan.