Is Marketing Killing the Wonder of Games?

Do we know too much about games before they're released?

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F4sterTh4nFTL1627d ago

Marketing is not killing the wonder, formulaic game development and copy paste game mechanics is killing the wonder of games.

3-4-51626d ago

Knowing too much almost always ruins how good the experience of playing the game could be.

Once I KNOW for sure that I'm going to be buying a game, I try to limit my exposure and knowledge of the game as best as possible.

* I'll look at like 10 screenshots, maybe a trailer or 30 second gameplay demo and that is it. Sometimes I won't even do that.

* Back in the 90's you went from not knowing a game existed to buying it brand new within 1-2 weeks.

There wasn't time to spoil it really, and there was less access to information, you just had to hope the game was really good.

KingKelloggTheWH1627d ago

For some they show Way to much.

If you know you are going to get a game and want to get suprised then dont listen to the news for it

SaffronCurse1627d ago

Exactly what I'm doing with certain games I'm highly anticipating.

TheSsus1627d ago

The thing is gaming is an expensive hobby and as consumers we prefer making informed purchases. Would you buy a car without knowing HP, mileage,efficiency etc? No.

That being said, the fact that the info on a game is so easily available does not equate to a ruined sense of wonder, especially when it comes to games with deep exploration. I will agree to it to a certain degree, just not entirely.

Maybe if the industry changes to where you are ensured that any game will be a quality game, then the need to inform oneself of the developer's track record, availability of online content, duration, replay value and so on. As it stands, there has to be some information being shared, the confidence to buy a game blindly is not widespread, so developers who expect a commercial success have to talk a little.

MysticStrummer1627d ago

Marketing? No

Gaming journalism in general? Yes

One specific thing I've noticed going on for awhile is that some games will get a series of glowing previews in the months leading up to release, sometimes up to a year before, and then when the game finally arrives it doesn't live up to the hype. I don't know about everyone else but for me this kills anticipation for other titles. I still catch myself getting excited when a game is revealed, but I soon remind myself to wait and see.

Spotie1627d ago

Agreed. It's far more about information saturation than anything else: every little bit of info about a game is known long before it ever releases.

How can there be any wonder left? That's part of why I like how little of The Order is being shown. Let me discover most of the game my damn self.

traumadisaster1627d ago

Multifactorial for me. I must see 10 sec of actual gameplay. I don't want to see what ign is doing with forza2 currently, with all of these preview articles. I don't want any details such as characters or locations, it should be a surprise. For a decade I turn away frow movie previews once I've seen 10 sec. I'm keen enough to pick up on the movie trailer that when the scene comes I've already seen the car fall through floor and its anticlimactic, same with the punch line in movie previews.

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