Voice Chat: What Is It Good For?

"Nintendo has limited the interaction between players in Mario Kart 8, by letting friends speak freely, but only inside the stage selection room. Players who don't know each other have to choose from a list of neutral sayings. It can take away some of the fun at times." Ms. Throwback of Play Legit Writes

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wonderfulmonkeyman1594d ago

It does suck to not have in-race chat in Mario Kart, but at the same time, it means there won't be people who wait until the race has started to begin saying annoying/distracting things, at which point there's no way to stop and mute players without losing.
If this were a shooter, I could understand, because in a shooter there's going to be some moments where you have a second to breath, and thus time to mute players.

A Mario kart race doesn't afford that opportunity.

Moonman1594d ago

I like hearing the characters voices and the awesome music with the awesome sound effects Nintendo does so brilliantly during races. Not some squeal from a pre-teen who came in last

dcj05241593d ago

To be honest most gamers are 20-40. Not pre-teens

ShowGun9011594d ago

whats the first thing i do in a call of duty lobby anyway?

Mute: All


SpinalRemains1381593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )


The chat feature is greatly overrated. That feature is geared toward 13 yr old girls who have a constant need to be speaking all the time.

Its good if you're in a clan battle, but that's it.

randomass1711594d ago

I think that's only really beneficial in a game that has you on a team. You need to communicate with teammates to be efficient. But Mario Kart has no teamplay in public online modes. There isn't any excuse to not have it for friend races, but public races are more understandable.

DoctorJones1594d ago

I'm not particularly fussed about the voice chat really, it's a game I only play with friends and family when I'm in the same room.

MarioKart has always been about playing against people in the same room for me. Local MP is much better than online MP. Apart from Dark Souls/Demons Souls, it's one of the only games I play in MP.

randomass1711594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I agree completely! Local is always a lot better than online. But consider those who want to play with people they speak to online. They can't do that with local only and without voice chat they have to use Skype or sometimes even their phones. It's great to put forth focus on local multiplayer, but to omit online you're then shafting a whole other part of the fanbase. If Smash Bros. was not online I would not be able to play with deafdani, Neonridr or Concertoine, all of whom I now have on my Wii U friends list for being awesome. I can't play with them locally so online is literally my only option there. Many others are in the same camp and it's because the west is such a big region in comparison to Japan which is much, much smaller.

DarthZoolu1593d ago

No real competition local, I play against friends alot in every competitive game but until you go online you will never be a master. I played halo 2 alot in college with huge lan parties and I was low in the pecking order, but then I got a 360 at lunch and played Halo 2 online over the entire Christmas break, when I got back to school I was top 3 on campus, fyi they blocked all gaming on campus internet.

lociefer1594d ago

Why did i just sing the title in my head

DoctorJones1594d ago

Absolutely nothing! Say it again!

randomass1711594d ago

Voice... Chat...! What i-i-is it good for? Absolutely nothing! (SAY IT AGAIN!!)

HeavenlySnipes1594d ago

Absolutely nothing *Elaine voice*

MysticStrummer1594d ago

If you play with a regular team it can be amazing to coordinate and strategize. Occasionally I've found random teams that did the same, but voice chat is used most often to talk about things other than the game or forcing everyone else to listen to crappy music.

Sometimes you have the fun of hearing conversations from other people's houses, or cringing when an e-playah starts hitting on a female gamer.

Being a console gamer, SOCOM and MAG were the two games where I found the most strategy talk going on, and the matches where that happened were amazing fun. It's always a bummer when those rooms finally break up.

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