Xbox One in Japan will Coordinate Your Clothes, Teach You Golf and Deliver Your Pizza

Microsoft Japan released a list of the Xbox One apps which will be available at the console’s launch on September 4th. Many of them are similar to the western versions of the console, but some are rather peculiar, and definitely very specific to the Japanese market.

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StealthPandemic1597d ago

Xbox One preordered.

Can't wait for my pizza?

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pompombrum1597d ago

But will it have games with enough appeal to the Japanese market to sell the consoles? Fingers crossed, Microsoft will invest a little in the Japanese market like they did with the 360. I'd love for a new Chromehounds for example, or maybe even a new Tenchu game seeing as the last one was a 360 exclusive.

Spotie1597d ago

That commercial they had last week or so showed they still don't get the market.

Why advertise a bunch of western games that don't appeal to Japanese gamers... in a Japanese commercial?

pompombrum1597d ago

What games did they showcase? Tried youtubing the commercial but no success. Being honest though, other than Sunset Overdrive, I can't think of many games that would appeal to the Japanese.

Lawboy21597d ago

@ aibreeze

From my understanding forza 5 and forza horizon should also do well over there because they love racing games

Bathyj1597d ago

If Tenchu goes Xbone exclusive I riot.

MysticStrummer1597d ago

I'd love to see an updated Tenchu but I can't say I'd feel a thing if it went to XB1 exclusively.

Epicjo31597d ago

Xbox one is gonna do amazing in japan, Microsoft won't let it's japan market down!

MysticStrummer1597d ago

We'll see, but Japan seems to be moving away from consoles and more toward mobile gaming. This has been the case since before the newer consoles were ever released or even revealed. XB1 could sell better there than every other console and still not sell a whole lot.

Half_Minute_Hero1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

How will Xbox deliver a pizza to you? I thought that's what delivery guys are for.

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The story is too old to be commented.