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Bethesda set for 'Action-adventure RPG' announcement at Gamescom - Fallout 4 reveal imminent?

A listing has cropped up on the official website of next month’s Gamescom convention which seems to point towards an ‘Action-adventure & RPG’-related announcement from Fallout and The Elder Scrolls publisher Bethesda Softworks. (Fallout 4, PS4, Xbox One)

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JohnathanACE  +   237d ago
Come on Bethesda, quit the teasing and announce it already!
Palitera  +   237d ago
It is Battlecry. Another free to play money grab.

Until they are done with this BS, forget Fallout.
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deep_fried_bum_cake  +   237d ago
Isn't that only being published by Bethesda? If it is then it shouldn't affect any aspect of Fallout's development or announcement.
KnightRobby  +   237d ago
As I recall Bethesda hasn't announced anything significant during GamesCom in the past. I think they'd aim for the VGA's for Fallout 4 to be honest like they did with Skyrim.
Jadenkorr021  +   237d ago
True but they have been doing a lot of PR work over there in germany. I wouldnt be surprised with a Fallout4 announcement.
Jonny5isalive  +   237d ago
I hope so, I want this game probably more than any other game.
WeAreLegion  +   237d ago
Please?!? I need more Fallout!
StealthPandemic  +   237d ago
Where is this "list"? I want to see.
McAwesome  +   237d ago
am i the only one who wants the elder scroll 6?
animalia  +   237d ago
No, I just want them both. Obsidian can make elder scrolls 6.
gamertk421  +   237d ago
No Obsidian for elder scrolls, please.
Summons75  +   237d ago
I do very much. Been playing Eso alot and started replaying Morrowind again. Can never get enough Elder Scrolls in your life.
Dasteru  +   237d ago
Fallout doesn't really classify as an Action-Adventure. Since they typically alternate between TES and FO, and haven't released a Fallout game since Skyrim, it is unlikely to be TES related. My bet is on a new ip.
SpideySpeakz  +   237d ago
Please god, I hope it's not a CGI trailer.
Omnisonne  +   237d ago
Falloooout?! *echoes*
KakashiHotake  +   237d ago
How about a new Dishonored for next gen.
Master-H  +   237d ago
As long as it's not an MMO or an always online type game, i'm down.
Kingscorpion81  +   237d ago
I thought they were working on Doom 4
dcj0524  +   237d ago
Nope, they're publishing it.
lemoncake  +   237d ago
I really hope we hear something about the next fallout.
Harmonizer  +   237d ago
My heart says Fallout 4, but my brain seems to think it's Dishonored 2.

Can't wait!
Jadenkorr021  +   237d ago
You have 2 different Bethesdas. Bethesda softworks is the development part. Bethesda by itself is the publisjing arm. Bethesda softworks does 2 games TES and Fallout.
Braddogxb  +   233d ago
As much as I'd love to believe it could be Fallout 4, I really doubt it. I'd love to be wrong though!

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