PS4/Xbox One Sales Show Consoles Are Not Dead, Allows Close To The Metal Coding - Shuhei Yoshida

"Every now and then there are claims that consoles are dead. Regardless of such claims, the console market has actually expanded each generation."

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NextLevel1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

The Xbox One is getting trounced and is selling next to nothing recently. At the rate it's selling they'll hit 9 million by late 2015.

Apr. 2014 - 115,000
May 2014 - 77,000

The Xbox One is competing worldwide with the PS3, Wii U and Vita, NOT the PS4.


Say what's ACTUALLY happening, isn't trolling.

More facts/trolling.

In Italy.
PS4 - 550,000
Xbox One - 150,000

Everything is NOT fine, which why Microsoft has done everything they can to make people buy the Xbox One. Unless that's not true and just trolling aswell.

So get out of here with that non sense, I'll stick to reality. You want someone to blame? Blame Microsoft and the fans for not buying it, not me. Selling 100% less consoles isn't "every one doing good".

Even Microsoft knows their getting blown out, while you guys pretend they're not and just insult me cause you can't muster up an argument.

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kickerz1623d ago

So your trying to tell me I should enjoy gaming on my xbox less cause it hasn't sold as much? Your attitude towards gaming is very annoying. Maybe you should get out of the house, kick a ball or something, hang out with some mates, might do u good.

ScottyHoss1622d ago

I don't think that's what he meant. Although he said it in a way which was spiteful to Microsoft, he was just showing the difference in sales. It's not a matter of who enjoys either console more or less, but how many people enjoy each through purchase.

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Sitdown1623d ago

"Selling 100% less consoles isn't "every one doing good". "

Wouldn't 100% less be zero? Or am I reading that wrong?

ScottyHoss1622d ago

Yeah its a funny way to words it, I'm not entirely sure if it's right either. If he said sony is selling 100% more then that's right, but I think he should have just said half :P

Software_Lover1623d ago

What are you playing right now?

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NatureOfLogic_1623d ago

At this rate Xbox One will become the new WiiU by the end of this year. Looking at Amazon best sellers Kinectless Xbox One is at 55(the only sku in the top 100) and dropping, compared to PS4 at number 9.

MysticStrummer1623d ago

Nah Amazon numbers mean nothing… unless it's Japan's Amazon, which means everything.

Neither means nothing and neither means everything, but one of them represents the biggest gaming market while the other represents a market that appears to be moving away from consoles and toward more mobile gaming.

hkgamer1623d ago

how is the xbone not competing with ps4?

sales may not be anywhere close but it is still competing.

also it is not really competing with the ps3 at all. looking at xbone alone, it does not care if ps3 sells a million more. xbone is competing with ps4 because they are both at the initial stage unlike ps3 which is soon to reach its declining stage.

christocolus1623d ago

Dude this article has nothing to do with that. Yosh is only stating that the market is still very healthy but you keep spewing the same rubbish over and over love going off topic much.. Don't you get tired of it? Infected is right. What you keep doing is called trolling. I guess you wouldn't know it.

tgunzz1623d ago

@nextlevel, Are you ok?? I have never seen a person with so much commitment to a console the all of us can own (I myself own all 3)... I will say that your financial commitment is remarkable, and your absolute dedication is outstanding from a medical standpoint!!! Am I a doctor? No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn!!! Hahaha! Relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy your awesome console..... Watching those numbers so much may drive you crazy...

Pogmathoin1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

When PS3 started bad Maria, Sony did what it had to do to get people to buy it. Whats the difference here?

Oh, Argumentum, Maria's alter ego..... Mystic, I hope people do not see you like those two.....

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Ausbo1623d ago

No one cares about your stupid rants. Xbox one is outpacing Xbox 360 and that sold over 80 million

Deadlead1623d ago

@Nextlevel Hey man I would like to see the PS4 prevail as the leading console this gen because I believe in the way Sony conducts their business. They support developer talent and their policies have been gamer friendly since this gen started. But competition is the spark for innovation, and now with the change of direction MS is taking with Phil Spencer taking hold of the reigns I don't understand why you'd want them to fail. I'm not trying to single you out, obviously fanboy are equally annoying on both sides, I just don't understand why you wouldn't embrace competition.

Automatic791622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

@ Nextlevel

Since when is selling more then 5 million units in 7 months a bad thing. Keep trolling

Flames761622d ago

The Xbox 360 destroyed the PS3 not just sales but also the xbox 360 has been making profit since september 2007.Playstation division hasnt made money since 2006 and has lost over 6 billion.Just this past march 31 sony posted 1.2 billion loss for the company $200 million was from the playstation division.Xbox division ending march 31 profits was up 14%.Now for this gen the PS4 is in 57 countrys and the X1 is in 13 countrys so dont be stupid.In the america the X1 is at 3.1 million and the PS4 is at 3.5 million no difference at all.Since the price went to $399 for the X1 has outsold everything in america.PS4 is at 9 million shipped the X1 is at 5.5 million shipped.Lets see how everything goes once the X1 ships in china in july and the other 42 countrys this september.The X1 pre orders are already sold out in japan and number 1 on amazon.I believe you just got an award for the most pathetic sony fanboy wow

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MasterCornholio1623d ago

I'm glad that the two systems prove that the market is just fine for consoles.


Axios21623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Sony says sales are good for X1 and PS4, fanboys see red, lol

Yoshida is right, except for the PS3, consoles have expanded every generation, and this gen is no exception, regardless of how much the haters cry.

@ Mystic agree about the Wii, The X1 has 70%+ better sales than the 360, and it's only in 13 Countries, 29 more Countries will be added in September #dealwithit

MysticStrummer1623d ago

"except for the PS3, consoles have expanded every generation"

Your gaming memory must not go back very far.

Just looking at the current big players, Nintendo has had at least one down generation and, despite XB1's 2013 start, since 2014 began it's on a pace to sell less than 360 even if this generation goes on as long as the last one, which it most likely won't.

Going further back, more than one company that dominated gaming has completely left the business or at least modified their role in it because of a failed product or products.

hkgamer1623d ago

i think this gen will have a few hardware improvements once or twice that will imporve graphics, framerate, like a pc does.

MysticStrummer1623d ago

"i think this gen will have a few hardware improvements once or twice that will imporve graphics, framerate, like a pc does."

Yessir. No doubt. All platforms improve over time.

Software_Lover1623d ago

I can't wait for Sunset Overdrive.

Beastforlifenoob1623d ago

I've never seen people so pumped up for laughable mediocracy ever before in my life.

Software_Lover1623d ago

It's called fun........... you should try it sometimes. Not everything has to have a serious tone to it. I like Mario. I like what I have seen from Sunset Overdrive. I like this game called Metal Arms during the ps2/og xbox era. I liked mini ninjas.

JBSleek1623d ago

Also Wii U having a good resurgence at the moment. Console gaming is alive and well.

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