5 games to help you get through the summer video game drought

Looking back on the last few months though, the industry saw a number of releases that quite possibly could have flown under people’s radars. Here are 5 of the best ones.

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pat_11_5971d ago

I really need to start playing Shovel Knight... is it only on the Wii U right now?

Magicite970d ago

Things that will help me survive summer drought - beach, ice-cream, ice-cool drinks, more beach.

tastas21971d ago

The Retron 5 is stupid and illegal. You shouldn't be promoting this author.

KeeseToast970d ago

The Retron 5 isn't illegal, if it would be they couldn't sell it.

Rokashi970d ago

i hate summer drought i don't want to go outside need more games!

Grave970d ago

But Outside is the best MMO on the market. And it's free-to-play so it's worth checking out:

ABeastNamedTariq970d ago

You just put me on a 2 hour long info hunt about simulated reality and supercomputers and hypercomputation. Lol

OT: TLOU: R and Tomb Raider are probably the only games I'll be getting to hold me through the summer drought.

dcj0524970d ago

Pay2win man. Was trying to change my class to successful business man but they wanted me to pay!

Artista 970d ago

What drought? 99.9% gamers have a plethora of backlogs.

RosweeSon970d ago

Yep got more than enough going on, only just finished bayonetta 1! ;( haha, and doom 3 this week, now just finishing off the orange box, then got arkham city and red dead left to go, save the best til last, but yeah get through this little lot and that'll be my 360 retired at least, just the ps3/4 vita, 3ds and wii u to get through, (not even started skyward sword yet ;( haha)

MikeLowrey970d ago

Yep... Finally getting around to playing Kingdom Hearts HD I've had it for ages but have been on ps4 so it was neglected :(

Psychotica970d ago

I got many games in my Steam library from this past sale and the sale before that, that I haven't even started yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.