Do Trophies and Achievements Matter?

Sean Mesler poses the question 'Do Trophies and Achievements Matter?' to the SpawnFirst staff.

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moparful991600d ago

Do they matter? Matter is a relative term. Do trophies and achievement enhance your enjoyment/ percieved value of a game? If yes then they matter.

I know for me they give me a sense of accomplishment. When I meet someone new I see how my trophy score stacks up. With the advent of the rarity system that Sony implemented with trophies it adds another level of accomplishement. Getting a trophy that less than 1% of the gaming community has is a rewarding feeling.

admiralvic1600d ago

"With the advent of the rarity system that Sony implemented with trophies it adds another level of accomplishement. Getting a trophy that less than 1% of the gaming community has is a rewarding feeling."

I really wish Sony either had more precise numbers or gave me a better idea of what the real ratio is on some games. I know this might sound like an extreme nitpick (in a lot of ways it is), but some games have figures so low that they display 0.1% (Lost Planet 2's platinum is that low) and it could actually mean only 1 or 2 people have it, even if .1% could be as high as 10,000+ people.

moparful991600d ago

You're right there could be 10's of thousands, however it doesn't change the fact that less than 1% of people the people that played that game achieved what you did.. It would still be nice to know exact figures..

Ratty1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Trophies are cool. Not necessary but neat. I'll personally only platinum games I really like.

Like you said it's pretty cool when you get a rare trophy.

Ozmoses1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

go to if you want some serious trophy statistics

just type in your PSN name or any PSN name to see the info...

it breaks it down super crazy... time of day, day of week, Ranks A-E on game completion, how many trophies per month.. stuff like that.


I totally agree with you, well said.

incredibleMULK1599d ago

Trophies are a waste of time. Platinums are good, they should give out gamer points and when u reach 100% or 1000 gamer points they should award you a platinum next to your gamer Id.

So if my name is velveta_ANNIE and I had 50000 gamer points and 17 platinums it should read velveta_ANNIE 17/50000........much better than name level 14 then clicking compare trophies, and waiting 3 hours for it to sync just to see how many platinums some 12 year old has. For all this "power" ps4 has how come it takes soooo looong to compare trophies?.....why is Xbox 360 with inferior hardware quicker at comparing gamer points with other gamers. Greatness awaits.


moparful991599d ago

I completely disagree with you. When you look at someone's gamerscore it really doesn't tell you much.

Also 100 percenting a game on the gamerscore system doesn't reward you with anything signifying that achievement. With the trophy system you can easily see at a glance what level someone is at.

When you look at someones gamer card on PSN it shows you how many bronze, silver, gold, and platinum trophies they have. Gold and especially platinum trophies impact your trophy level much more than bronze and silver.

Sycing trophies is a pain and needs to be fixed but that is a Network issue and not the console so your snide remarks about the PS4 are incorrect.

I personally think that the trophy system is better than the gamerscore system but of course this is purely my opinion...

liquidhalos1599d ago

I never really cared about achievements last gen on my 360, however with the ps4 I've started to take note of my trophies, especially the ultra rare ones. I really like what Sony did with trophies, especially showing the overall percentage of players that have unlocked them.

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Imalwaysright1600d ago

Not to me. I have a huge backlog and when I finish a game I just move on to another one.

yeahright21599d ago

Funny, I don't feel like I've completed a game unless I get all the trophies. I usually don't move on until I hear that chime for the platinum, unless of course a game has a trophy that is just too difficult and/or time consuming like the watch dogs drinking game, vanquish special challenges or metal gear solid 4's 8 hour don't move trophy.

Also don't bother with mp trophies as I'm more a single player guy.

Tetsujin1599d ago

I feel the same way, I've gamed before trophies/achievements existed, and will continue to game even after they phase out. I use them as a way to prove I've completed a game (or the storyline) however to boost my epeen that's what competitive gaming is for.

Ausbo1600d ago

And they are super addictive

MysticStrummer1600d ago

Not to me. In my opinion they are a cheap way for devs to give the illusion of more content when in fact we're getting less than we used to.

JBSleek1600d ago

You think we are getting less content in games then we used to? Really? I mean I don't know what games you are playing.

MysticStrummer1600d ago

I don't know what games you are playing that you think we're getting more.

I've noticed two things in the last few generations…

1) Generally shorter campaigns

2) "Normal" difficulty is the old "Easy" difficulty

There are of course exceptions. I also don't count multiplayer as a huge percentage when I'm thinking about content. Devs provide maps. We provide most of the fun.

dillhole1600d ago

I think it's the opposite. I think that devs often spend a lot of time working on small elements, areas, secrets that 90% of gamers will never see. A trophy system is a good way of seeing at a glance how much of the game you have actually missed.

MysticStrummer1600d ago

The vast majority of Trophies/Achievements are easily obtainable. A tiny minority are like what you describe. There are of course exceptions to the rule. Most gamers who aren't what would be described as casual will earn many Gold Trophies.

JBSleek1600d ago

If you are comparing games from generation four to now you can easily see a huge jump in campaign size as well as scope.

Stop buying games with short campaigns.

MysticStrummer1600d ago

I've been gaming since the 70s. I have no idea what generation # this is. Just telling you what I've noticed.

Highlife1600d ago

Then you must have been high during the 70's and 80's. Games were beyond short then. The early Mario games could be finished in minutes. All those old Nintendo games could be finished in an hour or so.

MysticStrummer1600d ago

@Highlife - I'm clearly talking about games since the start of the Trophy/Achievement era…

I'm not sure how that's not obvious, given what I've said.

N2NOther1600d ago

Shorter campaigns compared to what? Besides RPGs I can't think of any games from the NES/SNES/pS1 era that had long campaigns. And I can think of a ton of moder games that do.

MysticStrummer1600d ago

I'm talking about games since the advent of Trophies and Achievements, obviously.

Last generation compared to the previous one.

N2NOther1598d ago

Yeah, I just don't see it that way. Again, outside of RPGS and open-world games, campaigns have been about the same. Max Payne 2 was about 7 hours. I beat it in a day.

Kyosuke_Sanada1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Wholeheartedly agree MysticStrummer. Unlockables and worthy New Game plus items were plentiful before the DLC wagon fully taked off with most companies using trophies to increase replay value instead. I'm not saying that they should disappear mine you but if I had to choose between unlocking a new character, costume, hidden boss or weapon in a game (single player of course) or a trophy, Ill go with the unlockables every time.

thricetold1599d ago

Agreed as well. These new gamers haven't a clue what we have lost since trophies and achievements came to be. Everything you do now for a worthless trophy use to get you something useful in-game that you now have to BUY ala dlc.

New skins, outfits, gear, etc, all used to be given in-game as a way to offer replay value. Not anymore because you all love to hear a worthless"ding"! they'd rather charge us because you all either dont care or dont know. Either way its the entire industry that has taken a hit because of it. And yes, MS started this crap just like they started pay to play online.

Wake the f up people.

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