Far Cry 4 Director Talks Map Size, PS4/PS3 Co-op, Lack of QTE, More; Hints to Blood Dragon Successor

Far Cry 4 Creative Director Alex Hutchinson gave quite a lot of new information on the game, and on what he would have liked to put in it but wasn’t to be.

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Tetsujin1623d ago

After reading the list my question is regarding the limited download of FC4 for co-op: No one mentioned trophies being available/disabled if someone plays the limited version. I ask because I know some trophy hunters who refuse to play certain games because the trophies are either lacking or non existent (which is irritating because my number is way higher and I don't play for trophies I play for experiences).

My second question is if you pass out a ticket is it one time use or as long as that person is on your list/has a ticket they can join whenever?

KrisButtar1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Can current gen play with last gen and if so do the "Keys to Kyrat" work across gens as well? Still an awesome feature either way

I want to get the PS4 version but most I know are getting the PS3 version

worst feature is no split-screen co-op.

Edit:I'm interested in seeing these demon fish as in FC3, I can't remember how many times I thought I was safe swimming and then bam, shark attack

1622d ago
TheMapleNerd1622d ago

I hope there is gonna be a Blood dragon successor, but would be better if another theme.