Best DualShock 4 charging stations

What is PlayStation 4 has come up with a list of the best DualShock 4 charging stations to help combat the poor battery life of the PS4's controller.

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theXtReMe11624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

I have the Energizer charging station and it works perfectly. The LEDs are really nice, as they let you know what is charged and what isn't. Orange, charging. Blue, charged. I've never had an issue with it falling over or anything else. My guess is, people try to force the controllers into it and push it over.

I've had it since launch and love it. I paid $12 for it and love the design.

HRoach6161624d ago

I have the nyko ones for both my PS4 and X1. My X1 station still works perfectly. But my PS4 one doesn't work at all anymore. It doesn't seem to make a connection between the controller and the charging dock. Not sure why exactly. Iv tried everything I can think of. I'm back to charging with the cable till I hear how to make it work again. But it does look very sleek.

heisenberguk1624d ago

I have my htc mobile charger lead, works a charm!

G_V_Black1624d ago

Of the three mentioned in the article: none of the above!

The winner is the one pictured but not mentioned, the Sony designed and manufactured dock shown in the cover image.

No, it's not available through US retailers, but you can import it. A PS3/PS4 type power cable is needed (cheap). I got mine through for around 25GBP shipped, and the power cord through for a few dollars. It was back-ordered a couple of months, but it was worth the wait.