We'll never mislead you about Call of Duty's graphics on Xbox One, says Sledgehammer

Sledgehammer Games isn't in the business of screening top-tier PC-based demos that are literally impossible to achieve on a console, the developer's co-founder Michael Condrey have told OXM. As far as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is concerned, what you see is what you get.

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Nitrowolf21624d ago

TBH I don't think COD devs ever shown anything different then their reveals. As much as I am tired of COD and such, still gotta give them that for not misleading anyone there

NextLevel1624d ago

Agreed. They got the resolution (882p) out of the way very quickly.

MonstaTruk1624d ago

AND...the lower frame rates. Don't forget the lower frame rates for a twitch shooter that they'd like you to get out of your system talking about, also...

headwing451624d ago

It's not like the Advance Warfare gameplay was raising the bar or anything... the game was running 40 - 50 frames a second.

Bigpappy1624d ago

Where did you guys find info on the frame rate and resolution. Was that in the full interview?

The writer of the article wrote: " The game's resolution is "ahead" of that of Call of Duty: Ghosts, though Sledgehammer has yet to lock it down".

Mr Pumblechook1624d ago

I'm glad that despite the Microsoft marketing deal Sledgehammer are being open about the Xbone resolution and frame rate.

1624d ago
DLConspiracy1624d ago

@monsta Truk

No offense to you but, why do you keep bringing that up from a captured video at E3? 6 months before release. If there is one thing I have learned about COD. 60 FPS is KING.

NatureOfLogic_1624d ago

@ DLC, Too bad Xbox One struggles with both resolution and fps compared to PS4.

DLConspiracy1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )


That wasn't my point. Nor was I flame baiting. Just seems like an attempt to perpetuate unsubstantiated rumor (or inconclusive/finalized stats) as fact just to be able to downplay something.

k3rn3ll1623d ago

Quit complaining about the frame rate of a demo over five minths out. Especially if you have know desire to own said game. They have plenty of time to optimize. Also take into account it was the single player campaign. CoD has always run slightly less frames and spikes during campaign. Also if you watch the frame rate video... over 75% of those spikes came in cut scenes. That is not going to affect me in my CoD experience

Pro Racer1623d ago

Not sure how showing the game looking its best is considered misleading. Its not like they're showing prerendered footage and calling it gameplay. Either way, even on PC, CoD has never been anything special in terms of graphics.

Bryanarchy1011623d ago

@Pro Racer

Watch_Dogs is a prime example of how a game can be misleading. If you remember correctly the game came under fire since release. Its graphics and such were toned down in a very obvious manner and this angered a lot of people as they got a game that looked graphically inferior to what was shown years ago, even on a PC.

It's one thing to show a game at its best, and another thing to release a game that looks nothing like what was shown in a demo.

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AngelicIceDiamond1624d ago

@Nitro True.

The graphics are definitely better. The gameplay looks same o however.

It has the looks finally now they need to address that gameplay.

k3rn3ll1623d ago

If anything the only gameplay change they should back is take it back a few years. Ghost multiplayer was awful. Worst I've played. That has to change. Thats what people buy the game for. Some buy for single player. But tens of millions buy for online. Im sure they know that

n4rc1623d ago

No.. They just mislead you on everything else.. Lol

Best cod ever.. All previous issues that we don't admit exist are now fixed! Lol

Gamer19821623d ago

Yep they always show there sub par looking games off the bat..

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ironfist921623d ago

So what? Ubisoft makes much better games anyway.

randomass1711623d ago

I think the point is that CoD games generally don't get shadily downgraded.

ironfist921623d ago

Well yeah, only coz COD games are terrible to begin with lol

XboxDD1624d ago

I want to believe them.

BattleTorn1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

I think the appropriate reaction we - as gamers - should have regarding the PC-based E3 demo is that we should focus our praise toward developers who demo their game in-engine, like Naughty Dog.

We should praise devs that demo their games running on the consoles we plan to play them on.

I wish I saw more E3 videos begin with "The following footage was captured directly from a [Xbox One or Playstation 4]"

BattleTorn1624d ago

I'm left to presume those disagreeing are in favor of misrepresentation... ? amiright

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