COG’s Worst Games of 2014 So Far – Because We Can’t Have a ‘Best’ List Without a ‘Sucks’ List Too

Recently the COG team got together to give their breakdown of the best that 2014 has had to offer so far but we can’t give you our best without also telling you what games made us cringe. There might be some surprises in here so take a look and tell us what you think.

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snookiegamer1626d ago

I'd put Transformers (X1,PS4) up high on that list...

system221626d ago

you would be right to do so ;)

MSBAUSTX1625d ago

Wii U had it too and it sucked just as bad. Easily 3 out of 10. And it only gets a 3 because it is giant robots blowing crap up. I have more fun playing 1001 spikes and i died 20 times in the first 5 minutes playing that game

Tetsujin1626d ago

If Watch Dogs wasn't so over hyped I would have enjoyed it a lot more. What's worse, my favorite games so far this year are indie titles and previous gen games.

SolidGear31626d ago

Thank God Murdered is linear. Now I'm definitely getting it :3

wannabe gamer1626d ago

lol is this a joke they say they havent even played some of these games just tried the demos lol

Summons751626d ago

Theft, WatchDogs, ESO? Sounds like these guys were desperate because those games were great.

ScottyHoss1626d ago

UFC as well, I'm loving that game. The demo is choppy, but judging a full game off of that alone is idiotic.

Digital_Anomaly1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

After reading some comments the fella who submitted UFC as his choice decided to pull it from the article.

In his words - Although I agree with some of your points here, the bottom-line is that I have played past UFC games, over the years from THQ, and although EA's looks fabulous, the time I spent with it in demo form (a full night) just
didn't cut it for me like the past games. Many of the aspects had too much familiarity and I really did expect more from the team that did Fight Night. And besides, it wasn¹t the worst experience for me, just the most disappointing, and maybe that is where I went wrong with my choice. Anyhow, I hear some of your arguments and have taken note, and thought that some of them were fair, others, well, no reason for me to get into a war of words. I have taken down my choice to given some of the rationale
in here.

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