Jade Raymond: ‘VR will transform games.’

Ubisoft Toronto’s Jade Raymond is famous for being the face of the original Assassin’s Creed. A videogame series which has since gone on to be one of Ubisoft’s biggest cash cows and allowed Raymond to climb to a place of not insignificant authority. However, it’s not her current job that’s of interest to the virtual reality (VR) community, but rather her ideas for the future.

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level 3601625d ago

Think best application for VR in gaming would certainly be the Horror genre.

Prime1571625d ago

May I be the douche who mentions the porn industry? I mean, people (especially in certain eastern cultures) spend THOUSANDS of dollars on GIANT DOLLS...

I'm just saying... realistically, they should (indirectly) market to that industry...

Actually, I think I saw an article about an orifice peripheral in Japan........

sprinterboy1625d ago


Totally agree bra, believe it or not without porn the vhs format would never of took off like it did, porn can help push vr to the masses

Perjoss1625d ago

I hate to think what impact a high fidelity horror title might have in VR, considering that I totally crap myself with simple tech demos that have the most basic of graphics and have even a hint of horror in them, think Playstation 1 graphics.

Si-Fly1625d ago

I disagree, having owned a DK1 and with a DK2 on order I think the best application is anything cockpit related, specifically racing and flying sims.

WeAreLegion1625d ago

I totally agree. It's freaking incredible.

ozstar1625d ago

Heard that before. Ive still got my 3D Television burning money in the corner of my room.

Bathyj1625d ago

I would buy a Jade Redmond VR game.

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The story is too old to be commented.