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leemo191627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Glad to know the level cap isn't 20 though to be clear the subclass max level is 20, gaining motes of light will allow your guardian to progress pass 20.

Only 12 days till the beta, 12 days till a hive creature gets a throwing knife to the head.

Cra2yey31626d ago

Subclasses are the upgrades to your guardian correct? Example (grenade type). Glad to know 20 isn't the cap, level 8 in the alpha was easy to attain.

brewskiebob1626d ago

I remember seeing an interview with one of the devs and he said that the progression was accelerated for the alpha

leemo191626d ago

Yes that's correct and the alpha had accelerated progression to level up quicker, the beta will not so it will take more time to level up.

Meltic1626d ago

Ive preordered this game and i hope i get into the damn beta. I dont have ps + but im going to buy 1 month when i get a message from bungie that beta is live.

leemo191626d ago

You should get a code from who ever you preordered from and than you put your code here
after that your have reservation spot for the beta and than Bungie will send you the code to dl the beta.