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Call of Duty: World At War 2 Xbox One box-art appears: Is Treyarch really working on a sequel?

Mysterious box-art for Call of Duty: World At War II crops up online. (Call Of Duty: World At War 2, PS4, Xbox One)

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Mikelarry  +   329d ago
after MW4 WAW was my favourite.. bouncy betty was the Shii. i really hope this is real
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SouthClaw  +   329d ago
I hope you meant "cod4" and not "mw4"

COD4 was the peak of cod's greatness. WAW was really good not as good but it was the next best thing. After that it all went down hill.
dodgemoose  +   329d ago
Downhill after MW2.
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supes_24  +   329d ago
Agreed, COD:MW was by far the best FPS I've ever played and is still in my top 10 games ever played. I wish they'd go back to great story telling like that again. Now it's focus is short SP and largely on MP only.
marloc_x  +   329d ago
Duel wielding MP40s with drum mags, lol..
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irepbtown  +   329d ago
COD4 was a masterpiece.

The campaign had a great story with a brilliant last mission (which I don't think I'll ever forget). The Multiplayer was bags and bags of fun. So simple, yet very enjoyable.
Pro Racer  +   329d ago
Hope they bring back Gary Oldman! It's about time for a new WWII game.
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DOMination-  +   328d ago
Its funny reading these comments because at the time everyone hated World at War. Something to do with being another ww2 shooter.

Nowadays its the other way around
Pro Racer  +   328d ago
@DOMination You're right - at the time the market was oversaturated with WWII shooters. However now the tables have turned and all we have are modern and futuristic shooters.
ovnipc  +   329d ago
I hope it's true I will love a ww2 cod. The mp40 with extended mag was awesome. Im a little tired of modern times shooters.
iDadio  +   329d ago
By awesome you mean the only gun you really had to use to win right?

It was my second best after CoD4 as seems the general thought amongst many so I would give it a chance.
Aces17  +   329d ago
So sick of this futuristic stuff, so I'd hope it is real.
fattyuk  +   328d ago
"So sick of this futuristic stuff, so I'd hope it is real"

buts it's "innovation" ??
URNightmare  +   329d ago
WAW was awesome! First time CTF was introduced in COD, dogs, Tanks, and yes the bouncing betty was the sht! I still remember the sound of the betties and my reaction to when I saw them right in my face was always "f***! >:O"
coolbeans  +   329d ago
-CTF was introduced to COD before WaW. Even CoD3 had it...and tanks.
IVIEDICATED  +   329d ago
COD finest hour says hi.....CTF was in the game from the start back when COD was actually good. Maybe you're too young to remember either way WAW was not the first COD with CTF.
1OddWorld  +   329d ago
Pew Pew. I killed him ah what a game
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stripe814  +   329d ago
agree to that. World at War is one of the best since MW..weapons arent overpowered and likely balanced..
3-4-5  +   329d ago
WaW was the last Original Call of Duty style of Multiplayer.

MW was released and then this was released after, but didn't have the new updated modern warfare style, so it felt different compared to all the others.
MichaelLito79  +   328d ago
I agree Mikelarry. World at War was the last world war game for me that hit the mark. Great co-op campaign something that has been lacking with every COD since, and don't forget awesome narration/story. I hope they bring this game back.
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BallsEye  +   328d ago
WAW was the best call of duty for years and multiplayer felt awesome. If they would only do some assault modes on many people...Omaha beach Defense mode for 64 players or so would be awesome.
Majin-vegeta  +   329d ago
I still have nightmares about the nades in that japanese jungle level.
cr33ping_death  +   329d ago
That was a B1tch... but I platinumed that sucker.
Solid_Penguin-64  +   328d ago
Burn 'em out Miller!
Adexus  +   329d ago
Would be great but the box art looks so fake.
Muzikguy  +   329d ago
I was going to say the same thing. I mean, it's not that hard to make this image yourself.
Nafon  +   329d ago
Yeah, we can all hope that the game is coming, but this is totally fake lol
TekoIie  +   329d ago
Looks like your typical placeholder image.
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Fishermenofwar  +   329d ago
Its on the internet so it must be real
GundalfDeGrej  +   329d ago
It even says "official cover art" on the box!
Chriscrinkle18  +   328d ago
Actually it says "official cover set subject to change"
GundalfDeGrej  +   328d ago
"Official cover" is all you need for proof :)
KakashiHotake  +   329d ago
You my friend are the most gullible person ever.
Steezo  +   329d ago
Oh, the irony.
Lawboy2  +   329d ago
@ steeo

k3rn3ll  +   329d ago
@Steezo bahaha
SaveFerris  +   329d ago
I'd like to see a COD game for WWI. Trench warfare in first person view.
pwnsause_returns  +   329d ago
that wouldnt work well..
Caleb_H  +   329d ago
I feel like they'd have a tough time keeping up the fast pace that makes cod what it is. Either way, they've been heading the wrong way on the timeline since mw3.
OculusRift  +   328d ago
Do you know how boring that would actually be if they stuck to realism? *PEW-PEW* *occasional shell-shock from random mortar bomb* "LOOOOK OOOUUUTT GASS" *RUNS* *GETS GUNNED DOWN* "Alright men, it's time to run out in to No man's land and take their trench* "charrrge"
*49% of your men if not gunned down is killed by the random mines placed everywhere* "Alright, we made it. Olson, you take 4 men and keep watch while we rest and try to help out the wounded.* Annnd rinse and repeat.
Dirtnapstor  +   329d ago
I hope this is legit! WAW was a great game, online was superb. Zombies needs to be a campaign in format, similar structure to that of Extinction...that'd be sweet.
JMaineGaming  +   329d ago
I hope so WAW was one of if not the best cod!
Immorals  +   329d ago
If this was true, I'd buy a cod game for the first time in years. W@w was by far my favourite
MysticStrummer  +   329d ago
lol One game is out, another is coming soon, and a third is already being teased.

Yup, that's CoD.
Chimichanga  +   329d ago
Ok, so one was released 9 months ago, a new one in a few months. Then a new one about 15 months away. All different studios developing games for 3 years each done in different time periods, past, present and future. Your comment kind of makes it seem like that's a bad situation.
MysticStrummer  +   329d ago
It's obviously a great situation for Activision. It's just a comical situation for me, but I'm not a CoD fan. Where it becomes a bad situation in my view is when other developers start CoD-ifying their games in an attempt to chase those sales numbers, which never works anyway.

As for the games being in different time periods, I watched two minutes of that E3 CoD video and saw enough. It's the same game… again.
stripe814  +   329d ago
thats why kids and teenagers should stop playing COD nowadays coz they are providing more dollars to activision to make 3 types of COD..coz im expecting there will be a fourth one by next year
ScubaSteve1  +   329d ago
Noooooo ooo ooo ooo
If this is true they better fix the damn infinite grenades. God I still remember the heart of reich.
KakashiHotake  +   329d ago
Funny that I just brought this up a couple days ago. Maybe these companies really do listen to the things us gamers talk about.
SonyMontana  +   329d ago
Look at that sloppy box art. Of course it's fake.
the_hitman3000  +   329d ago
Man after seeing Advanced Warfare I would love to see what a new World At War would look like.

I've said it before but COD should try having a ww2 and modern and futuristic offering. It would help make them different and overall give them a game for everyone.
Bobby Kotex  +   329d ago
"Mysterious box art" AKA mediocre photoshop.
123pol  +   329d ago
looks bad, and with 99.9% certainty fake.. and it doesnt make sense to make a sequel to a 6 year old game ( 7 at the time of release )
Trekster_Gamer  +   329d ago
It does If the game was popular, cod was was well received.
WeAreLegion  +   329d ago
I don't care what they make. Treyarch will never make a game as good as COD, COD2, MW, or MW2.
coolbeans  +   329d ago
I agree, but sometimes it's not like they're THAT far off from reacing those heights.
BattleReach  +   329d ago
Black Ops I is defenitly one of the best Call of Dutys.
gjruk  +   329d ago
Maybe it was leaked to see the reaction of people? Although, with a 3 year life cycle, maybe there past the point of seeing if it's what the community want to see.
LAWSON72  +   329d ago
I am not one to buy CoD but I would probably get this. It is strange though the next cod is not even out yet
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skulz7  +   329d ago
I really really want this to be real but its so obvious its fake.
KontryBoy706  +   329d ago
box art looks fake but I would love for them to finally go back to WW2. I mean we have had enough modern shooters. They've gone futuristic too. I think it's about time.
Dothraki  +   329d ago
Aw, the best cod game i had played. Hope this is true.
shmeedy24685  +   329d ago
The amount of game leaks these days is appalling, can no one keep a secret anymore?
CloudRap  +   329d ago
they had vehicular elements in the first, will this be the first COD on a BF scale? If so Im sold
TURKEYonWH3AT  +   329d ago
This would be amazing W@W was the best after cod4 and was my personal favorite
RedDeadLB  +   329d ago
Wasn't Black Ops essentially WaW2?
JaXion5  +   329d ago
Looks like a 15 year old from Reddit made it.
josephayal  +   329d ago
Xbox one
This is a great Xbox one exclusive, can't wait to see some gameplay footage in Full 1080p 60fps
ScottyHoss  +   326d ago
ninjagoat  +   329d ago
We will be on mars this time shooting space ponys -_-
Plagasx  +   329d ago
Ahhhh....good ol WW2.

Had good times in that Era.
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Retaliation  +   329d ago
If this is true, my hype for CoD will be replenished... LOVED WaW to death!
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