15 Video Game Series That Need To Make A Return

At this year’s E3 we saw the revivals of older games such as Phantom Dust, Crackdown and Grim Fandango, all set to return in either sequel or remastered form. Whilst I am aware of the concern many gamers have of developers suffering from ‘sequel-itis’, only churning out sequels to games as opposed to developing newer I.P’s, there are a few classic games that I really wish would make a comeback into the current-gen arena. Here is a list of 15 games that I think would make a fitting return into the gaming landscape today.

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Septic1624d ago

Why Timesplitters hasn't happened yet is beyond me. But its near criminal that it hasn't because the Timesplitter games were just incredible.

Also, I never got to play Eternal Darkness :(

I really want a Vigilante 8 sequel though :'(

Oh and Power Stone.


Crytek not listening to fans. They've had the licence for years and blamed fans for not wanting it enough. Hence why they are struggling.

The Meerkat1624d ago

A third person Monkey Island made by Naughty Dog would be kind of cool.

MysticStrummer1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Not a series unfortunately, but…

Freedom Fighters!

That could be an epic trilogy at least.

Jyndal1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Top 3 games I would love to see remade:

1. The Guardian Legend
2. Shining Force
3. Darkstone

Of course, Shining Force is the only one of these that's an actual series, but still, it would be cool to see the other 2 get a reboot.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1624d ago

Shining Force is a great series. Rather the Shining series is a great series with the Shining Force games the best out of the series. Especially the second one, one of our favorites.

Perjoss1624d ago

Jade Empire, KotOR, ICO, F-Zero

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