Get a Free Copy of inFAMOUS: Second Son With a Purchase of PS4, Price of Xbox One Slashed at Frys

Frys has started few promotions that last from July 4th to July 10th, 2014.

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XboxDD1624d ago

That is an OK deal for infamous.

Fluchtpunkt1624d ago

still not tired in trolling? wow, what a nice life /s

ncc-0171624d ago

Infamous SS is a great game, I cannot recommend it enough.

Software_Lover1624d ago

It looks good, but I wouldn't call it great.

Yahdaree1624d ago

It is a great game. I wish Sucker Punch would get more respect. The story wasn't awesome, and it was definitely the weakest part of the game, but Second Son was awesome!

bouzebbal1624d ago

the feeling of being overpowered was insane! you cant but salute the efforts they put into this game which is the first one on PS4. the best is yet to come!

marlinfan101624d ago


i think you're using great a little loosely in this sentence. id consider a game like TLOU great, not infamous ss. all the enemies were the same, the missions were mostly the same. the gameplay in general was very repetitive. i mean you spend a ton of time finding the powers and they all basically did the same thing, they just looked a little different. the game is worth the purchase and play through but i wouldnt call it great by any means

ado9081623d ago

Don't bother. People on this site would disagree with anything they find offensive to sony exclusives. Its a shame it took me this long to realize it tho. No the game was decent, it wasn't great but it wasn't bad. Graphics were great but the gameplay and missions turn to be repetitive later on.

ncc-0171623d ago

My criteria for what makes a game great is simple! Did I have fun playing the game? Yes, I had a blast playing Infamous SS so to me that makes it great, see? simple. Some of the problems that you mention are there but they are merely nitpicks when the sum of it's parts make for something fun. Sure you fight the same enemies over and over and it can get repetitive but this is where you the player comes in.The freedom of movement in that open world lent itself to some very cool improvisation and I disagree about the powers, they were fairly diverse and it was cool combining them to take on different enemies. All said it was great and I can't recommend it enough!

Mr_Danski1624d ago

Great deal for anyone looking to pick up a ps4.

xJumpManx1624d ago

For anyone that does not have a ps4 it is a great deal. Second Son is the only game I have bought for my ps4 this year.

Funky Town_TX1624d ago

Its the only exclusive worth $.

edwick1624d ago

the XBOne is $40 off ($459). not sure why they make you go through the whole checkout procedure for that.

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