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Neil writes "Shooters. They come in all forms but as soon as you go online in one, you quickly find the snipers have set up camp and will happily ping shots at you all day long. Which is why a shooter focusing primarily on the whole tactical long range war fighting should be something gamers flock to. Shouldn't it?"

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oKidUKo1621d ago

Well that's awfully disappointing. Hard to believe there's no one playing this online, at least I can save my money for something else now.

lnfiniteLoop1621d ago

Sniper Elite requires skilled players... not stupid little kiddies quickscoping... hence the quantity of players will be less...

neil3631621d ago

Agree with the above but I've still yet to get a game after trying on numerous days and varying the times. Crazy really.

TheUltimateGamer1618d ago

That's a shame to hear. I was wondering if this was going to get any traction. Unfortunately, as InfiniteLoop pointed out, it's a very niche game, makes for hard sales... Especially when you're not pushing the limits.