Gamestop May Have The Best Employees of Anywhere That Sells Video Games

Gamers-Association: "A lot of us seem to hate Gamestop for one reason or another. Whether we don’t like how the employees largely seem like cocky idiots who prey on people who don’t know as much about the industry as us, or how you hate being harassed for pre-ordered every time you’re in the store, it seems like there is always something. Largely I agree with you guys, going to Gamestop can be a borderline miserable experience. But in my travels the past a couple of days I found an example, one glorious example of Gamestop employees doing something better than other places that sell Video Games."

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Neonridr1623d ago

that's it? really? Because they put Spiderman hanging upside down the way he is supposed to be?


Nitrowolf21623d ago

pffffffffft I read this whole thing thinking it was one of those grab title and then state otherwise and then got to the end.

Really? I can't tell if this guy is joking or what, the fact that he said no to the warrenty in the first place and he snucked it in at the end anyway, only to have a change of opinion cause of a display.

Neonridr1623d ago

yeah, the cons definitely outweigh the pros in that story, lol

Pozzle1622d ago

And the article also seems to imply that anybody who puts the Spiderman box upside-down is a bad employee. Maybe they just made a mistake? It's no big deal. It hardly makes them a bad employee just because they put it the wrong way up. Jeez. >_>

Crazyglues1622d ago

@ Neonridr

Wow, really, I read your whole comment and somehow I still had to waste 2 minutes - and what a waste of time it was...

This whole story is ridiculous..

MoveTheGlow1622d ago

"I went in to buy Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes-" stop, please stop, that's your first problem.

He refused to buy MGS: GZ used because "I believe in supporting developers." Yes, throw more money at Konami for charging you for a demo. Such valiant! Many honor! Wow.

joab7771622d ago

Yeah...he got me too. The title should have read, I hate gamestop like everyone else and I am gonna point out that I do, but I will show u one thing they did right ONLY b/c they are elitist nerds, which I will explain as a negative first.

They must be different where I am. Yeah, they do ask for pre orders, which I dont mind at all. And they do ASK if I want a warranty...never had it just tacked on. Now, they r definitely into pushing their product. But isnt everyone?

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MoveTheGlow1622d ago

In terms of entire groups of people who still work at brick-and-mortar chain stores, comparing who is the best seems like comparing Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game to Bubsy 3D. Even if you win, you lose.

user816731622d ago

gamestop'S greed = hate

stripe8141622d ago

gamestop? really hahahhahahahahhahha....really? ! lolz

GenericNameHere1622d ago

I personally haven't had much problem with GameStop. I guess it just depends on the employees? I said sometime before on another "GameStop is the devil!" type of article that the employees usually ask if I want to preorder the Xbox 360 version of a game, and ask me that even when it's a PS3 exclusive. But that's a small thing that can be remedied quickly by just saying "Oh, no, the PS3 version", and I wouldn't blame them, since most people have Xbox 360s near me.

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