PS Vita Memory Cards on Sale at Amazon, Up to 39%

Amazon is once again having a sale on PS Vita memory cards.

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XboxDD1622d ago

Lol, overpriced as always.

ZodTheRipper1622d ago

Get a big one, longterm investment with PS+.

The_Hero1622d ago

It's not really 49%.
Sony already reduced it once.
The 32Gb Card is priced at 80$ not 100$.
so 69$ isn't 31% off but rather 13.75% off.
Those cards are do to for a price cut.

Aghashie1622d ago

Do u own a Vita? Do u know most Vita's come bundled w a 4gb card? 4gb is enough for save files if u choose to hard-copy purchase ur games. So, Sony is not forcing u to pay for "overpriced" stuff. They are giving u the option.

JBSleek1622d ago

That is the silliest justification for overpriced memory cards I eve heard.

They're over priced their is no argument against why it's okay...

Soldierone1622d ago

Not really lol. Most games have updates and some games have some DLC. I purchase physical games and still ran out of room.

I ended up getting a 16GB and still ran out of room.....

GrandpaSnake1622d ago

It actually depends, if you only buy hard copies you really dont need that much memory but id say 8gb is ok.i have 9 games on the vita hard copies, and i have more than enough memory but it got full when i started DL ps1 games really quick.

Aghashie1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I never stated MeCards where not overpriced. Read my post again.

DLC is optional. As I posted, they give u the option. They r not forcing u to get them.

My point is that anyone can enjoy the Vita experience w as little as 4gb. If the games u like are hard-copy available, MeCards prices should not stop u from getting a Vita.

@XboxDD (below)
There is nothing wrong w the Xbox. U should not waste ur comments bubbles replying trolling. Just my opinion.

PrimeGrime1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )


They are expensive but there actually is a reason as to why, so one could argue against it especially Sony if need be.

To put it plainly, we all know why these cards are even around and it is a lot cheaper of course to use a format that has been around for some years now that are priced better. Sony makes memory cards, sure but the PS Vita's memory cards are pretty much specifically made for the PS Vita to combat hackers from hacking the system. It is the main reason why it hasn't been hacked yet along with some helpful hackers.

Sony may make some mistakes they are pretty well known for but they also are well known for fixing their mistakes. They didn't want another system that could be so easily hacked and they probably felt that needed to change with their next handheld.

It sucks for us or especially for the people who didn't pirate games on the PSP but there is a reason why they are so pricey, it isn't like they aren't trying to lower the price and Sony is also pretty well known for actually listening to people, so it isn't like they don't hear everyone wanting better priced Vita cards either. I just don't think they can right now, it probably is costing them too much to make the cards as to why they are so expensive, manufacturing costs always drive up prices, the cheaper it is to manufacture something, the cheaper they will sell that thing for (for things like this at least, won't say everything is like that.)

I doubt they are dirt cheap for Sony to be putting in extra efforts just to make a specific card compatible with only one device. I doubt they even really wanted to do that themselves, what company would? In a sense they were forced to, people can't say they are too wrong when the PS Vita has yet to be hacked to pirate games when every other notable handheld has.

So I could argue that, I will agree they are still expensive but unfortunately I also know why they are expensive. Some might say pirating games on the PSP wasn't that big of a deal but it was enough to get Sony's attention.

Another thing is it usually took hackers a little while to hack things, now they are so much better at what they do and do it much faster as to why I think it was a big concern for Sony to insure developers had a safe platform. People complain about the Vita's support now but do you know how bad the support would be if the system was hacked so early on?

It is a crappy situation but maybe next time people will be more thoughtful when it comes to the outcome. I am sure many thought Sony would never do anything about pirating and now we are paying the price.

admiralvic1621d ago

"So, Sony is not forcing u to pay for "overpriced" stuff. They are giving u the option."

You could just as easily make the argument that some games don't require a memory card and to just play those. I mean, its a choice, but lets be real and call a spade a spade. To get the most enjoyment out of your Vita, you're going to need AT LEAST 8 GB. Anything less and you're going to have to make sacrifices (like some games, such as the F2P PSO 2 game doesn't fit on a 4 GB card) and ultimately undercut the value of the system.

@ GrandpaSnake

Yes, but if you subscribe to PlayStation Plus you're going to need some serious memory, which is probably going to be the prevailing mentality on N4G.

rainslacker1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

I only have a 4GB card that I brought with some Vita starter kit for $20 when it was first released. I only play physical games, have a few downloaded PS1 games, and I tend to rotate out a PS+ title here and there until I play through it. 4GB is still enough for me.

I have an 8GB card I got for $10 a while ago, but I keep music and stuff on it. Never really carry it anywhere anymore though.

I would recommend an 16 or 32GB to most people though if they want to keep more stuff on hand at any one time, but I have a nice simple carrying case that I can carry 10 physical games with and it still fits in my pocket no problem.

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URNightmare1622d ago

Says the guy who buys Xbox products lmfao! You people are hilarious!

XboxDD1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

What's wrong with Xbox? Have you ever even touched it?

RosweeSon1622d ago

But when the console is dirt cheap and they give the games away with ps+ they have to make some money somewhere ;)

Half_Minute_Hero1622d ago

Who was the idiot/genius at Sony that decided to use proprietary memory cards instead of any other memory card, and overprice the hell out of them? How is it that you guys are fine with it?

hiawa231621d ago

Seems he was genius. These guys are in business to make money, not give us deals. Sony knew what they were doing.

XboxDD1621d ago

It's hurting sales of Vita.

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Remy_S1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

If your going completely digital and getting a vita memory card, you shouldn't bother with anything less than a 64gb, especially with only a 30 dollar difference between it and the 32gb. Though, even with the 64, I'm already getting low on storage space. I really wish sony would release a 128gb card as I hate moving stuff back and forth with the content manager.

thatbasedgamer19901622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

This! Luckily I imported a 64gb from china. Sure it took a while to arrive, but its definitely worth it. Now I can enjoy the Final Fantasy collection, along with other great Psp and Psx titles on my vita all in one go, without having to switch memory cards.

DarkZane1622d ago

Divide those prices by about 2.5 and you would get a correct price.

Aghashie1622d ago

My 32gb is running low on space. I am really tempted to go 64gb now that price is dropping.

I wonder how many games I can fit into 64gb. Did anyone has an estimate number?

thatbasedgamer19901622d ago

I currently have 55 games on the vita digitally. 7 of them are big files, and I have 2gb space left.

micx1622d ago

More than enough. I manage with 4gb and 16gb cards, I get through the day somehow.

inf3cted11622d ago

Lol thats normal, its not like people buy those.

micx1622d ago

They probably aren't selling like hot cakes, but you can't deny memory cards' necessity.

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