TLOU: Remastered On PS4: 1080p Looks Great But It's 60 FPS That Takes It To The Next Level says Dev

Quentin Cobb, Game Designer at Naughty Dog states that although 1080p looks good but its 60 FPS that takes The Last of Us: Remastered to the next level. More information regarding language support, ICE Team.

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kingduqc1623d ago

60 fps on console.

Welcome to 1999?

NextLevel1623d ago

The Last Of Us is 0p and 0FPS on PC. Even the PS3 version.

Goro1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

It actually never released on the PC but thanks for your input.

Destrania1623d ago


That was his point you dip.

NegativeCreep4271623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

I always knew Goro was slow, but not THAT slow. Fatality on Goro!

LordMaim1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )


(You suck, McBain!)

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Destrania1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Do you think these consoles can handle Pong in 1080p @ 60fps? Because, if so, that game at that resolution with that many frames-per-second would make it the best game ever created! Oh wait... No it wouldn't... Hmm...


On topic, I can't wait to experience The Last of Us all over again on my PS4. I'm so psyched, it's going to be amazing.

Malphite1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Why troll?

You are making the PC-gaming community look bad.

On topic: Can't wait to play that game. I'm kinda glad that I'll play this game for the first time in the best version availiable.

LightDiego1623d ago

Again, another pc fanboy trying to ruin an article....
It must be terrible for not being able to play a great exclusive like The Last of Us,a game with many awards.

schlanz1623d ago

60fps on a console was around before 1999

tekken had it, that was 1995.

Locknuts1622d ago

It is kinda funny. Back when Japanese devs ruled the roost 60fps was almost always a target.

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Sm00thNinja1623d ago

Ok I love the Last of Us as much as anyone here but why are THE SAME FRIGGIN ARTICLES GETTING Approved..... This is ridiculous we get it it looks great in 1080p 60fps

Muzikguy1623d ago

I know, I'm getting irritated about it too. They talk so much about it that all Naughty a Dog games better be 1080/60 from now on. Not really, but you get what I'm saying. Also, I think this game should have been on PS4 so it will definitely look awesome. I can't wait to play it! (My cousin won't mind getting my PS3 version either)

jdktech20101623d ago

so stop telling us and show us. I love Naughty Dog but I feel like I'm being sold snake oil right now when the game comes out in 23 days

N0gg1nsh0tz1622d ago

Didn't they say that screenshots and video recording will not do it justice. what i say is just stay patient and be very pleasantly surprised when it releases.

I trust Naughty Dog! I'll hold out until the release :)

CuddlyREDRUM1622d ago

They can release a download link for 60fps, in full 1080p.

You trusting Naughty Dog and trusting their internal reviews of the game are what they want. They don't have to show the game, just let fans of the game get on the Internet.

jdktech20101622d ago

I trust them a lot too but I also know you have to put or shut up at some point. I'll definitley wait until reviews are out and some 60fp gameplay is out to make a decision.

I know it's not the same level of graphics but the Halo Collection has showed multiplayer and single player gameplay 5 months out from release while we haven't seen anything from TLOU

F4sterTh4nFTL1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

There you have it folks straight from Naughty Dog themselves that 60fps is more important than 1080p. Can we please put that stupid 30fps filmic effect crappy excuse to rest.

gamerfan09091623d ago

It depends on the game. Some games push effects so heavy that the game can't handle 1080P 60FPS. Problem is this gen everyone thinks 1080P and 60FPS is this magic number without understanding graphics fully. There's a reason games like Ryse and Infamous Second Son look better than Wolfenstein. And that's not a shot at Wolfenstein cause I enjoyed that game infinitely better than the other two I just mentioned.

uth111623d ago

I honestly find 30fps perfectly playable and don't see why there's such a big fuss about 60, but whatever.

WeAreLegion1623d ago

No. No, we can't. Since the beginning, Ready at Dawn has been committed to making The Order feel like a cinematic experience. 30 FPS was the plan from the beginning.

incredibleMULK1623d ago

Yeah, to bad it doesn't have co-op. I'll wait for it to be a ps+ freebie along with infamous second son uncharted 3, little big planet 2 and the other ps exclusive rejects.

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