Kingdom Under Fire II PS4 Has Exclusive Character; NA Release In Early 2015

Kingdom Under Fire II will feature Kendall, the main character of the previous game, exclusively in the PS4 version. Also,the game's North American release is expected for early 2015, with beta tests coming some time in September/October.

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Yuri_Rook1572d ago

Been waiting for this almost as long as FFXV, a.k.a FF Versus.

Alexious1572d ago

It's indeed the Korean Duke Nukem Forever, though this one may actually deliver!

vishmarx1572d ago

my heart stopped for a second when i read it as kingdom hearts iii!

ZodTheRipper1572d ago

This is almost as cool as Kingdom Hearts III in my opinion. Looks like a pretty cool game.

MWong1572d ago

@ Yuri
Sadly we still don't even have a release year for FFXV. I cannot wait to play this game.

PFFT1572d ago

Ive been waiting for this ever since it was first announced. Cant freaking wait!

kaiserfranz1572d ago

At long last! I can't wait for this game, after all this time.

Clogmaster1572d ago

I though it was coming out this year!!!!!


Oh well, at least we've seen footage. Not like the Last Guardian.

MasterCornholio1572d ago

Can't wait to see Joes Angry Army in this game.


I wonder what he will calk his nation?

The angry nation is my guess.


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