Project CARS European boxart

Take a look at the boxart for Project CARS.

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AKR1477d ago

The boxart looks pretty cool. Would fit nicely in my collection. I can't wait for this game!

Neonridr1477d ago

dear lord. Box art? That means the game must actually be nearing completion finally.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1477d ago

Just because someone drew a final cover art does not mean it is near completion lol

Neonridr1477d ago

well it certainly doesn't mean that the game is 2 years away. Would be kind of pointless. Whenever we see final boxart for games, they are usually nearing completion.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1477d ago

First you said

Box art? That "means" the game "must" actually be nearing completion finally.

Then you said

Whenever we see final boxart for games, they are "usually" nearing completion.


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Far Cry 4 says hi
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Dying Light says hi
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PS4isKing_821475d ago

The game releases in November. I'd say that's pretty close to completion.

Brettman20081475d ago

It's being released November this year according to the developer. Looks awesome, can't wait.

grashopper1475d ago

Gotta say, still annoyed it was called Project Cars. Was a pain in the early days Googling it and trying not to get literal beat up "project cars".
Thankfully it's floated it's way to the top of Google now.

DigitalRaptor1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

I thought the same thing.

I was questioning whether a game with the name "project" in it would do well, but then again we did have Project Gotham Racing.

DOMination-1475d ago

Project Cars sounds goofy. I always thought it was just a working title but I guess not. Similarly theres a game from the guys who did the last ridge racer called "Next Car Game" not that I imagine it to be any good but its a seriously stupid name.

Si-Fly1475d ago

It's also confirmed as not being the final name. I've been playing the Early Access and it's actually pretty fun, had a better time playing that than Project Cars which still feels like shit to me.