Skara Dev: Unreal Engine 4 Allows Astonishing Visuals, Is Fast And Agile

"We've just published a new interview with Cesar Ortega about Skara, the Unreal Engine 4 powered online action game funded on Kickstarter."

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micx1628d ago

UE4 is affordable for devs, just $20 a month. It offers visuals on par with CryENGINE, but is easier to work in.
I'm not surprised that more and more devs are using it, along with Unity it's one of the most popular solutions for indies.

Alexious1628d ago

The thing with CryENGINE is that it may suffer if the rumors about Crytek being on the verge of going bankrupt are true.

This would pretty much leave just UE4 and Unity as the main engines.

Volkama1628d ago

Indeed, UE4 was ranked 2 and Unity ranked 3 in that Develop 100 tech survey.

CryEngine came it at 11 I think.

UE4 seems a little late to the new console party, but it looks well set to dominate the scene for the coming years, just like it's predecessor.

Volkama1628d ago

Possibly bad news for the XBox One, as it seems Unreal Engine 4 uses deferred rendering for all it's light passes. Deferred rendering has to sit in the frame buffer, so basically takes up a chunk of that precious ESRAM.

So we could see a lot of games struggling to hit 1080p on the console for a long time to come, unless something gives...

Unreal Engine 3 uses forward rendering, as does CryEngine I think.

kaiserfranz1628d ago

Unreal Engine 4 looks really impressive, though I'm betting Epic will use it better than anyone else, as with the previous iteration.

Einhert1628d ago

Can't wait to see new games on it.

Really wish they would make a Dark Science Fiction game like the infiltrator demo^ they shown.

Agent_hitman1628d ago

I agree with Skara dev, UE4 is an awesome engine for next gen games. Honestly, I was impressed by the game trailers and demos of it.. A great tech

LavaLampGoo1628d ago

Yeah the game looks really nice on now that its bumped up the UE4, the difference is quite noticeable!