State of Decay Mod - Boosts Textures, Visuals, Packs Over The Top Gore and Modded Textures

DSOGaming writes: "Our reader ‘Dirty Dan’ has informed us about a new mod for State of Decay that aims to boost the game’s textures and visuals, packs over the top gore and features a number of modded textures. According to Dirty Dan, the latest version of the mod comes with better water tesselation, lighting, amount of decals and particle effects and texture quality."

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MultiConsoleGamer1620d ago

This is one of my favorite zombie games of all time!

OpieWinston1620d ago

It's my favorite Zombie game.
Gives me hope for Undead Labs Zombie MMO.

Meltic1620d ago

doesent look good. Only the gore

TardcoreGamer1620d ago

Nice. This was one of the games I got for dirt cheap over the course of the summer sale:)