'Huge proportion' of PS4 owners haven't played The Last of Us, says Sony

A "huge proportion" of PlayStation 4 owners have never played The Last of Us, Sony has said after sifting through data on PlayStation Network.

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AaronPS1625d ago

I feel sorry for them. Well now is their chance. Everyone should play it

NextLevel1625d ago

Considering alot of PS4 owners use to be 360 owners, this is the truth.

bouzebbal1625d ago

TLoU remaster is gonna be a masterpiece remaster.

JsonHenry1625d ago

I was a 360 owner. But I also owned the PS3. Glad I didnt beat the game. I played for a couple hours but then became a Dota addict. Glad I didn't because I AM going to beat this game on the PS4.

Septic1625d ago

"TLoU remaster is gonna be a masterpiece remaster."

Well, a remaster of a game considered a masterpiece by many. Not necessarily a masterpiece remaster. Well most likely not.

theDivision1625d ago

I'm in that boat and have preordered the game. My fingers were crossed ever since switching I'd get a chance so I am glad it's finally happening.

Sevir1625d ago

I was a little jealous of all the new players who will experience this game for the first time since I played and completed this game on PS3. But then I thought... None of us has experienced the game on PS4, and in 1080p and consistent 60 fps. This how we were meant to experience it.

And since I never bought Left behind or played the multiplayer. I can't wait to get back into the world of TLOU. It's gonna be incredible even if I'm playing through the story for the second time around, I'll be experiencing it in an all new way to me. And to that extent, it's like playing through the game for the first time.

ShinMaster1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

"The Last of Us: The Remasterpiece"

bigpiece1625d ago

why feel sorry when we are playing the definitive version of the game and not buying it twice lmao

Mr Pumblechook1625d ago

I have THREE mates who we're die hard 360 owners, who would never dream of touching the PS3 but have all bought a PlayStation 4. They have all preordered The Last of Us Remastered - my God are they in for a treat!

Spotie1625d ago

@Septic: Why do you try so hard to downplay this game? It's almost as if you're afraid of something.

bouzebbal1625d ago

"Well, a remaster of a game considered a masterpiece by many. Not necessarily a masterpiece remaster. Well most likely not."

i feel the hurt comment! a masterpiece that has been remastered in full 1080p glory and 60fps is definitely a masterpiece+ to many.

Prime1571624d ago

Just speculated this in a different article:

"Didn't Sony announce a ~30-40% new user (transfer from 360/pc) rate? So.. the new 9 million sold rate at 30% is 3 million new players....

Am I wrong? I'm on vacation and have been out...

But that means 3 million new players....

Edit, I also remember a Microsoft fanboy saying that only 7 to 11 million ps3 copies were sold... so...

So if there were ~80 million ps3's out there then doesn't that also mean around (a generous) ~65 million Sony users haven't played it? "

madpuppy1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

"TLoU remaster is gonna be a masterpiece remaster"

Kind of like a *Criterion Collection release.

*Criterion is a Company that remasters movies to the Highest quality of video and sound making it the definitive version to own.

Not to be confused with Criterion, the game developer that just refuses to release a new Burnout for the new consoles....or at least a Burnout Collection!!!

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S2Killinit1625d ago

i feel jealous of them actually, they have the chance to play it for the first time with improved graphics. who would have thought one day there could be a better version of that masterpiece?

Jdoki1625d ago

I was thinking exactly the same

ArchangelMike1625d ago

Well I've beaten the game 3 times on PS3. But going into the Remaster will be a first on PS4, a first at 60fps and a first at 1080p. It will also be a first playing grounded so... yeah it'll a kinda a first for me too. lol

headwing451625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

'I feel sorry for them'

I don't, they get to play one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time in 1080p at 60fps for the first time, I would otherwise be jealous.

Dark111625d ago

Yeah i know tons of people who didn't play it
but they did enjoy the story by watching walkthroughs on youtube.

MasterCornholio1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

You shouldn't feel sorry for us. I'm going to experience the game for the first time at 1080P 60FPS with all the DLC included for a low price of 40€. So you see missing out on the PS3 version isn't such a bad thing.

medman1625d ago

I've played it. I'll be playing it again on ps4.

thehitman1625d ago

No reason to feel sorry. I have a PS3 and a PS4 havent played it yet. It came out when I wanted to secure my PS4 first then I heard rumors it may get remastered so I waited and looks like a good wait. Will get higher quality version + all dlc content for $49.99, I feel sorry for anyone who wont play through it on their first time with the definitive version.

mcarsehat1625d ago

I feel sorry for them too, it was from a time when resolution didn't matter, just great games.

MasterCornholio1625d ago

And great games still matter today which is why im buying the last of us on the PS4 which will be even better due to the more advanced hardware.

Unless your suggesting that the last of us will be worse on the PS4 due to its increased resolution and framerate.

mcarsehat1624d ago

No, its that people think it will be any better.

edqe1625d ago

I like complex games like King of Dragon Pass, Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis and other grand strategy games. I have not found a reason to get interested about simple story driven game like TLoU. What makes TLoU so good I should buy PS and play it?

Magicite1625d ago

Lol, even 'Huge proportion' of PS3 owners haven't played The Last of Us if we consider that sales are north of 6m and PS3 sold north of 80m.

HaveAsandwich1624d ago

never played played it. preordered.

gman_moose1624d ago

When it came out I was busy playing FFXIV:ARR so I put it off, intending to pick it up when it dropped in price, but the hype died down, and Dark Souls 2 came out, which took a ton of my time. When ND announced the remastered version, it was the last straw though- I'll be picking it up day 1.... whenever that is.

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Neonridr1625d ago

I am one of them. I didn't own a PS3, so as a new PS owner with a PS4 this will be my chance. Already have the game on preorder, so I will definitely be giving it a go.

The Meerkat1625d ago

I always thought this would happen.
So I've stayed away from everything TLOU related.
I know nothing about it other than people say it's rather good.

I've also never played a single God of War game. My next prediction is that they'll all get remastered for the PS4. Then i'll finally play it.

Neonridr1625d ago

yep, or I will play them on Playstation Now eventually.

koston36471625d ago

God of War(s) are pretty much confirmed to be up and running on PS Now streaming right?

thats what I suggest to you....
Ascension is a prequel to GoW 1 btw so maybe go in that order maybe.

Iltapalanyymi1625d ago

well some of the new ps4 owners could be old xbox or nintendo fans, so yeah.

dougr1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I haven't played it and I am very excited to buy it and play it on the PS4. I had a ps3 but by the time Last of Us came out I really wasn't a game buying dude knowing that next gen was around the corner and I was going to sell the ps3 while it still had value.

ginsunuva1625d ago

You skipped TLOU because you weren't a game-buying dude?

dougr1623d ago

Correct, I skipped it, because outside of NHL hockey, I wasn't interested in playing ps3 tech with ps4 around the corner and my PC games. I've heard it is an amazing game, so I'm very happy at the chance to play it in a few weeks.

chrissx1625d ago

I'm part of the portion that has played it, but will still buy this day 1 again on Ps4 remastered

CervantesPR1625d ago

same here :) cant wait to play this again

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