Natural Doctrine Sells Over 50.000 Copies, To Receive New PlayStation 4 DLC

The PlayStation Exclusive role playing game Natural Doctrine has sold over 50.000 copies since release in Japan. To commemorate the event, a new free DLC is going to be available next week for the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

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DanielGearSolid1595d ago

If they're happy with 50,000 sold

I'm happy

dark-kyon1595d ago

its a medium,low budget new ip man,they also sold poorly in his first week,having more sales later is proof what the game is good and what people like.

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dark-kyon1595d ago

good for them,this game look good,can be the new valkyrie chronicles.

1592d ago
knifefight1589d ago

The game plays absolutely nothing like Valkyria Chronicles.

I've finished both. They are not alike at all.