Cole Train actor contacted about reprising role in Xbox One Gears of War

Lester Speight, the voice actor behind Gears of War's Augustus Cole, has been contacted to reprise his role in the Xbox One's upcoming Gears of War.

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Kayant1622d ago

He fits the role perfectly. I enjoyed his performances in past gears games.... Great news to me.

otherZinc1622d ago

YES! Agreed, this is fantastic news!

This is the kind of loyalty that can make an already strong series, much stronger. I hope they can bring all of them back, especially Ice-T.

Also, bring that great Campaign Co-op & Horde Mode back!

This is fantastic news!

madpuppy1622d ago

You should see him as terrible Terrence Tate "Office Linebacker".

christocolus1622d ago

The Cole train is back... I hope we get to see a trailer of gears xbx one or some sort of tech demo at gamescom.

The Meerkat1622d ago

Bring it on sucker,
'this my kind of shit.

Goku7811622d ago

I hope they do the cole train justice. Bring back that sound track too, its like oh my gosh, Im gonna die, but Im having so much fun!

snookiegamer1622d ago

Cole Train was a very (stereotypical) popular character in the Gear universe. But don't gamers want a completely new story for the Xbox One?

I was hoping for a completely new setting, characters, timeline.

Treading the same old is tiring IMO.

Tedakin1622d ago

Yeah I'm torn. But I dunno. I feel you need to have Marcus in it. It's him and Cole and the rest, without them it's just not Gears. Like taking Kratos out of God of War. NO! That's not God of War!

BattleN1622d ago

I actually dont like Marcus, I say he should've died instead of Dom or Adam Fenix!

BX811622d ago

Don't like Marcus? Is that even possible? Pizzzzz psssst pizzzzz!#@! Brain overload.... Does not compute.....

BattleN1622d ago

Multiplayer is where it's at tho, and it's the Cole Train baby!

christocolus1622d ago

Cole train being in the new gears doesn't mean it won't be different or won't have a different story and new characters. He is just one character in a large universe. Blacktusk can still take the game in any direction they want. New setting, characters or time line it doesn't matter. What if the new game is set in the future but at some point you are thrown into the past where you get to play as dom, cole etc

snookiegamer1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Yep, I can get onboard with that...I'm just hoping for a fresh take on the series is all.

Otherwise, it will be Gears 360, but with better visuals.


Played them all, even the spin off. I love Gears Series.

IcicleTrepan1622d ago

If you played the 3rd one you got to see some of Cole's backstory and it made him a more well rounded character. They did a very good job at showing how basically everything he had and was, was taken from him on Emergence Day.

Cueil1622d ago

he redid a ton of his lines to fit his personality... I think that's why people liked him so much because the Voice Actor put himself into the character

salmon_slapped1622d ago

Me and my friends were actually talking about what they could do with the story and we're thinking this story is going to be a prequel and will revolve around Emergence Day and could end when Marcus gets locked up.

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The story is too old to be commented.