New The Witcher 3 Details on Zones, Monster Replayability, Potions, Story and More - AusGamers

AusGamers has an interview with The Witcher 3: Game Director, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, up who talks in detail about the game's 'zones' how these relate to monsters, and you'll be able to replay them, as well as much, much more.

"The monsters are there for that purpose, that you can always barter and try to defeat them," he explains about zone and monster replayabilty. "Because probably, toward the end of the game it will be hard to defeat them. Also, you’ve got many, many small encounters in the world, each based on small stories, and every story is quite interesting."

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--bienio--1623d ago

Really cant wait for this game!!;)

starchild1623d ago

It's shaping up to be a real gem.

Sokol1623d ago

One of the most anticipated games for me personally. I love the novels and I have to catch up with the story of the first two games somehow. Unfortunately, my aging PC can't handle them.

--bienio--1623d ago

Maybe is time for upgrade?? Is sill 8month so??;) this is what I doing, by the end pf the year my Pc will be a beast:D good luck with yours!!!;)

Sokol1623d ago

I probably won't be able to for another good year or two. Between numerous bills to pay and other chores (rent, insurances, etc) I don't believe I can afford it.

I will look into reading up on the story online or something similar.

FalloutWanderer20771622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I would still highly recommend playing the games (and reading the novels to those who've yet to read them) for yourself. HOWEVER, for anyone who believes they will NEVER play or finish the games (or books,the wiki contains information from them as well.) the links down below will help you get caught up with the story.

As I've said, I cannot sincerely emphasize enough that it's best to experience this awesome game series on your own. The first game does not take a beast of a PC to run for anyone interested.

You can also buy both Witcher games for fairly cheap now a days. If there is any extra incentive needed to check these games out here it is - If you own both copies of Witcher you will get 20% off your pre-order of Witcher 3 on!

Here you go to get you started -

witcher 1 movies/cut-scene recaps:

witcher 2 movies/cut-scene recaps:

Witcher Wiki:
*** Spoiler Warnings for those who have yet to finish the books and games***

Paul_JC1620d ago

Same here. My PC can barely handle Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition, so it looks like I'll be buying it for PS4.