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Submitted by ValKilmer 590d ago | news

EA Charging $4.99 for Demos on Xbox One

Hardcore Gamer: The demo for FIFA 14 and EA Sports UFC are currently $4.99 on Xbox One. That's right -- EA is charging for demos. (EA Sports UFC, FIFA 14, Xbox One)

Update Both the UFC Sports and FIFA 14 demos have again reverted to being free on the Xbox One Marketplace.

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GamersHeaven  +   590d ago | Well said
LOL pile of scum bags.
XiYakushijuAkeginuXi  +   590d ago | Well said
This better be an error.

This also wouldn't surprise me either if EA's intention was to test and see if people would pay for the demo and then in the future charge users for it. EA charges everyone for everything. They recently removed pools from Sims 4 and are adding it in a DLC. Seriously these guys are very sh*tty people. They just don't give a crap about the gamer. And that Peter Moore guy really is beyond a moron

And if it isn't an error, then both Microsoft and EA should go to hell. But I bet that EA is trying to see if people actually buy it
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Matt666  +   590d ago
Are you sure about the pools if so where did you hear this and can I have the link.
Hydrolex  +   590d ago | Well said
It's not EA's fault... it's always the fans fault, they need to step up and not do whatever these greedy companies want them to do

STOP Paying !!! They will learn their lessons
abzdiine  +   590d ago
nice move from EA.. even if i think this must be a mistake i still believe they didnt do it on purpose.
there will always be some stupid pigeons who are ready to pay.
alexkoepp  +   590d ago
Before too long we are going to be asked to pay for EA trailers, and viewing EA advertisements lol....

This company is digging it's own grave they just don't see it yet.
aiBreeze  +   590d ago
Funny really, any other company done this you'd give them the benefit of the doubt assuming it was an error but with EA, you can never be too sure.

In fact, I'm going to make a prediction and say they're testing the waters with doing exclusive demo access where people can pay a fee and get demos two weeks before they are released to the public. They were having the system implemented now ready for Madden/Fifa etc and this is just a glitch currently. Once again, you'd think nobody would have the audacity to try that, EA though would sell their own Mother for $$$
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headwing45  +   590d ago
Wow, that's really too bad, I guess I'm never buying an EA game again.

It's a shame, because I would have bought ether another Mass Effect game or a Titanfall game, but seriously, what the fuck EA???
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Koyes  +   590d ago
Wow! Just when I thought EA could not stoop any lower... pure scum!
ALLWRONG  +   590d ago
EA charging $4.99 for a demo would be bad if they actually did it. Not nearly as bad as charging $4.99 for 4 hours of gameplay on last gen games, which did happen.
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headwing45  +   590d ago

There a difference between a demo and a full game, take your fanboyism elsewhere.
Darkstares  +   590d ago
If this turns out to be true and it's to test the waters they have hit a new low.
pompous  +   590d ago

You do realize that that 4.99 for 4 hour rental is not meant for people to actually rent a game for 4 hours, right? It's a sales tactic that all companies do to push the consumer to the next price point or above. For example movie theaters do it with the small sized soda and popcorn that is usually almost the same price as the medium size or large sizes. It's not Sony being greedy it's to force you to the next price point. It's literally a basic sales tactic(Sales101)

OT: This is some greedy shit. I hope it is just an error, but at the same time I could see EA or even MS being at fault here.
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UltraNova  +   590d ago
hahahahahahahaahahahahahahaaha hahahaha

Sorry I couldn't help it...

EA you have just painted a huge red target on your forehead...

Steady, Aim, Fire!!!

Edit: Didn't Konami attempt something similar with Ground Zeroes? hmmm
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Blasphemy  +   590d ago
some people play the demos and never buy the game understandable
llMurcielagoll  +   590d ago
According to Polygon from a search I have done just now, it is said that is is a system error and not intentional.

However it is still EA we are talking about and I really won't be surprised if they actually do this.
CertifiedGamer  +   590d ago
EA is testing the IQ level of X1 fans because they know PS4 fans are far too wise to buy a demo. After all do you blame EA for trying this on X1 customers who bought an X1?
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Bigpappy  +   590d ago
I think the Metal Gear demo is gave them the confidents to finally move forward with having gamers buy demo's. That demo sold quite well and a ridiculously high price.

The whole idea of the gamer paying to have the product he might buy marketed to him, is kind of offensive to me. I'll pass on ever paying for a f**k**g demo.
kreate  +   590d ago

'EA Charging $4.99 for Demos on Xbox One'
is the title

why would u bring sony into this? geez..
awi5951  +   590d ago
This is typical of console gaming anyway. You pay more and more for things that were always free and you guys cheer them on.
weekev15  +   589d ago
Its gone now, lets see if they offer a refund to anyone who paid for the demo. If they dont, id say this is about to become an actual thing. Stick the beta on console online marketplaces 1 month before release and make people pay to test the game.

This is why I dont buy from EA....This and because I only own a WiiU ATM...
No_Limit  +   590d ago
It is a glitch and it is already fixed.
At the time, FIFA 14 and EA Sports UFC were $4.99 just for the demo. Demos are supposed to be free, so this came as a surprise to some people. The pricing error glitch didn’t last long as it seems Microsoft saw it quickly and reverted the demos back to being “free”. I’m sure someone wasn’t dumb enough to actually pay for the demos…
Jdoki  +   590d ago
It's unfortunate that in this day and age, it's quicker and more profitable to write an article than actually apply journalistic integrity and check sources / get comment first.

If only they were so quick to update the story with a correction...
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Kayant  +   590d ago
"It is a glitch" -

A glitch in other stores in different countries -

Am not buying it. It still appears as that for me and why is there a low price glitch for demo in the first place for a game that came out months ago (Fifa 14)? They are experimenting.
Volkama  +   590d ago
It's a pretty weird glitch... Someone has "accidentally" put in those very specific prices.

Having said that, wasn't there a study that confirmed releasing a demo actually reduces sales rather than increasing them? I always found that sports games, particularly for a game like FIFA, if you actually enjoy the raw gameplay (which I don't) then the full game offers very little over the demo.

If EA were to ditch the demo idea and stick out $5 "samplers", with that $5 contributing to the the purchase of the full game, that wouldn't so ethically dubious. That would fall comfortably within the "experimental pricing model" field.

They couldn't very easily switch existing demoes onto this model, and would get a lot of ill-will if they did this on one platform but not the other.
MightyNoX  +   590d ago
@kayant: Most likely.
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   590d ago
I hope Microsoft will give as affected users a refund*

FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   590d ago
It is not a glitch... it kills me that people think this is a glitch...

This is a test Bed.

They put it up to see if people would buy demos..

If enough people do pay for it! Guess what they will put up demos for a price...

If you think this is a glitch, or you believe them that this is a glitch you are a Moron... a knuckle dragger, the king of pond scum and should be forced to wear a helmet.

This is a vertical slice for the board members to say yea or nay too. If the test comes back with enough money they they will do this world wide, on ALL SYSTEMS, PC, XONE, PS4, IOS and so on...
rocketpanda  +   589d ago
Glitch my ass!

The price says it all. Why $4.99? The price was set low for a reason to test to see who bites. If it was a glitch I reckon it would of been a higher price, like mistaking a demo for a full pricee game.
SolidStoner  +   590d ago
it started with DLC's and add ons.. now pay for demos? :) soon EA will make us pay for in game foot steps and each digital bullet only for 3.99 $!
Tetsujin  +   590d ago
I can see it now in Mass Effect

$3.99 for Paragon
$2.99 for Renegade

$1.99 for *character* to join your group
Shazam76  +   590d ago
Yep! Agreed! Look at how the fight night series ended up... You can buy your way to a stronger fighter. Not even mentioning the fighting system that they broke. Repeatedly.
weekev15  +   589d ago
They are bringing retro arcade style games back. Like when you have a timer running down to complete the level "Bad luck your out of time, to continue enter your credit card details and say 3 times" I love Satan" thanks for playing"

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URNightmare  +   590d ago
Microsoft and EA testing waters. What an effing disgrace these two companies.
Half_Minute_Hero  +   590d ago
When in doubt, always blame MS!
Flatbattery  +   589d ago
When somebody blames Microsoft, have a little cry!
mcarsehat  +   590d ago
I remember only playing Demos on my ps1, didn't have that much money to buy a new game every time it came out so we had to buy the magazines. I had a better time then than i am today, we could just dot he same thing over and over again and be happy.
Ziggy123  +   589d ago
I did that too lol
mcarsehat  +   589d ago
It was a better time lol. Tbh i thought more people would react to this comment but i don't think half of the users of the website were even born :S
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MuhammadJA  +   590d ago
AND, People will still buy and defend EA's decisions like the sheep and goats they are.

"don't like it, don't baaaaaaaaaaaaye it"
headwing45  +   590d ago
Comment removed
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InTheZoneAC  +   590d ago
don't worry, people will pay
Visiblemarc  +   590d ago
Yeah...EA makes it so hard not to hate them.
geddesmond  +   590d ago
I firstly blame Kojima for the 30 Euro MGS hour long Demo and I then blame all the people who bought ground zeros for showing that it's acceptable.

EA make mostly crap games anyway. If it wasn't for Bioware I don't think I'd buy any EA games at all to be honest.
3-4-5  +   590d ago
K that just does it.

Like seriously.... THAT...THIS is THE thing that I'm just not going to stand for.

I don't download them anyways, but just out of principle, to even try and do this is shysty and slimy and sneaky and weasley and just everything bad.

Whoever approved this....allowed this, needs to be fired now.

* How dumb can Microsoft Be ? How dumb!?

* Demos = more game sales

* Person A plays demo, likes game, and then goes and spends $40-60 on the game.

* If I'm committing $5 to try a game out, it's because I'm buying it new or used.

" Here!, try our unfinished product with Bugs & Glitches for ONLY $5!"

What a load of Horse Crap.

I loved my 360....Have yet to get an XB1. They are starting to make that decision for me.

Halo Collection kind of won me back, and then this... EA!
kinisking  +   590d ago
First if all its back to normal, second how do you know this has anything to do with ms? Ms fixed it. It wasa a bug or something . calm down
VealParmHero  +   590d ago
They suck
Bobby Kotex  +   590d ago
Ubisoft was giving them serious competition for worst video game publisher of all time.
Godmars290  +   590d ago
Would say don't buy the full game much less this demo, but given that this the general rather than gaming market, then its likely going to work out for them. That its going to be the general consumer who unfortunately makes this a thing.

F*** those people.
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randomass171  +   590d ago
Get the heck out of here EA. No one wants your paid demos.
Export  +   590d ago
Its just an error
#1.16 (Edited 590d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
randomass171  +   590d ago
Bubble up for being helpful. Thing is EA is so screwy, I think anyone could believe they would charge for demos. XD
Eejanaika  +   590d ago
If this is true, leave it up to EA to mess something up thats supposto be free
Magicite  +   590d ago
Why would anyone pay for a demo, oh wait *cough* MGS Ground Zeroes *cough*.
But yeah, EA are Entertainments Abomination.
WonderboyIII  +   589d ago
Konami did it before with MGS. Must be a trend now. A scumbag trend. And the phone microtransaction model is finding it way to consoles. Prepare to be robbed.
#1.19 (Edited 589d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
EliteGameKnight  +   589d ago
love how you got a well said for that :)

just when you think EA has gone as far as possible, they just come back and do this
ValKilmer  +   590d ago
If they're going to do this, they better give you the $5 off the full price of the game.
Beastforlifenoob  +   590d ago
full game doesn't suit standalone EA games, more like 60 dollar base+ 50 dollar premium as well as the slew of bugs (SURPRISE at least the bugs are free (-__-) that never seem to get fixed, bad customer service and horrible employee conditions/relations...
#2.1 (Edited 590d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
brish  +   590d ago
"at least the bugs are free"

I assume EA will soon try charging gamers for bugs. It is EA after all!
Bobby Kotex  +   590d ago
How about we control things with our wallets and not buy the stupid demos in the first place?
The_Infected  +   590d ago
They should pay us to demo their stupid games.
windblowsagain  +   590d ago
They must be charging for demo's because MS has allowed it and MS must be charging too much for allowing demo's on there.
Majin-vegeta  +   590d ago
Really you got a link?
Kran  +   590d ago
You know nothing, Wind Blow.
AcceptedWalnut  +   590d ago
I read that in the voice of Ygritte lol
die_fiend  +   590d ago
@ Acceptedwalnut
*Shakes head in astonishment*
Trekster_Gamer  +   590d ago
Windmills again.. you are a pathetic troll
Rimeskeem  +   590d ago

EA...... why you do this????
Mrveryodd  +   590d ago
I never paid for UFC demo .... And I wouldn't .
tigertron  +   590d ago
and I thought they couldn't go any lower.
ZoidsRaven  +   590d ago
When ever someone believes EA can't go any lower, EA makes it their personal mission to prove that they can.
aiBreeze  +   590d ago
But but but, they can't put a foot wrong, it's our problem because we can't accept the "direction" the industry is taking /s
sloth3395  +   590d ago
just checked and it says $4.99 for the demo
tehpees3  +   590d ago
I thought a demo was to try before you buy.
Rhythmattic  +   590d ago
Simply this ^^^^^
Lenns  +   590d ago
Apparently to EA, its buy before you buy again.
Rhythmattic  +   590d ago
If this is true..... It's a calling to arms...

Calling all casuals and dedicated Sony,XBox and Ninty fans.

Let's stamp out this behaviour....

F em.... Create a anti FB page, don't buy their products....I don't know, send EA an invoice for the time it took you to get in a MP game......

Point is , No one should take EA's side in what is stupidity .
#10.2.1 (Edited 590d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
LightDiego  +   590d ago
Seriously? That's low...
mydyingparadiselost  +   590d ago
Only on the XOne? That's odd. I want to see what happens with this tomorrow before I go making judgments.
MasterCornholio  +   590d ago
Probably just a glitch. I doubt that they will only apply this to just the Xbox One which is why I believe its a fluke.
IVIEDICATED   590d ago | Trolling | show
TheDrunkenJester  +   589d ago
Well Medicated... before Sony updated their online and made it somewhat better, xbl was the most secure service, with the best running online, that is updated regularly. So yes it is worth 5$ a month (if you pay full price). I believe it is still better than psn now, even though psn has come a long way and is now rivaling xbl.

A side note: don't buy xbl directly from your xbox, buy it online at amazon, you can find it really cheap.

But to each his own. I have never had a problem paying for xbl.

Edit: oh and I love your "ignorant" rant when you talk sh*t before you know all the facts... I bet you feel pretty stupid now that it was just an accident.
#12.1.2 (Edited 589d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
spicelicka  +   590d ago
If some a-holes actually pay for this I want their name and number so I can call then and give them a detailed explanation of how frickin stupid they are. Seriously don't ruin it for the rest of us by allowing EA to do this shit!
MuhammadJA  +   590d ago
Too late...
#13.1 (Edited 590d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Sarobi  +   590d ago
Oh dear god.. lol
nope111  +   590d ago
Could be a bug.
AnEwGuY  +   590d ago
Apparently EA is pissed that they didn't win 'Worst Company in America' honors this year. :o
Seafort  +   590d ago
They don't need to win it every year. EA have the lifetime achievement award for Worst Company in the World :)
nikrel  +   590d ago
Comment on the day sir, was awesome.
Meatyboy  +   590d ago
I live in UK and just checked, it's still free here. Unless it hasn't kicked in yet
wheeler01  +   590d ago
Fifa 14 demo is listed as £3.99 on mine .. only game that is. Gotta love EA!
HappyWithOneBubble  +   590d ago
I don't think this is a mistake. EA is probably testing how many people are dumb enough to buy it and I beat some idiots did. This is how over priced DLC got started.
BattleReach  +   590d ago
Doesn't surprise me.

And the winner of the Worst Company of 2014 is..
bigbearsack  +   590d ago
Just wow..
kantenkopf  +   590d ago
Hideo Kojima did it first.
Volkama  +   590d ago
Gran Turismo Prologue demands full recognition.
DVAcme  +   590d ago
I just crack into laughter every time EA does another scumbaggy attempt at easy money. They're so over-the-top cartoon villains now it's hilarious. They're so bad that ACTIVISION have been looking good lately in comparison.
drjonesjnr  +   590d ago
Typical Microsoft
marlinfan10  +   590d ago
Yeah when the rental prices came out on the ps4 all we heard was "sony doesnt set the prices its the devs!!!" Now this happens and you guys put the blame on MS lmao
Tedakin  +   590d ago
Hey EA... Right here, buddy.
matt139   590d ago | Bad language | show
BigBosss  +   590d ago
I wouldn't even buy your half broken games anyways so what makes you think I'd pay for demos
Artemidorus  +   590d ago
Go to hell EA.
asmith2306  +   590d ago
kingvendrick  +   590d ago
Only on xbox lol.
xX1NORM1Xx  +   590d ago
there are no reports that they are charging on ps4 so i imagine its an error but if not i swear there is someone undercover at EA that makes these retarded decisions seriously no one can be that stupid
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