Video: Why Superman will never have a good game

Outside Xbox explores the Man of Steel's most comically dreadful appearances.

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DEEBO1621d ago

give a real good developer the ip and some financial backing for it.

look how they handled spider-man,ironman,thor,transf ormers and this can keep going.movies gets the funds but games suffer from quick cash-in's

badz1491620d ago

Superman is a tricky character to put in a game on his own. he's just too powerful for his own good.

if you make him the way he is, then it won't really be a game. Just look at him in LEGO Batman 2 and LEGO Movie games, he pretty much can clear the game on his own if not for stupid restrictions put by the dev. he can break gold lego but not the silver ones, not even the glass lego and black lego too. I know why they did it, but it's stupid if you think about it!

but nerf him with things like health bar and stuff, it won't feel like him at all. plus he flies most of the time and making him walk or run makes it look dumber. he also can break anything and I don't think even Frostbite engine can handle destruction by Superman in a game.

I don't think any dev is able to make a good Superman game that feels like you're playing Superman but I would love to be proven wrong on this!

ironfist921620d ago

Maybe instead of putting Superman on Earth, you could put him on Apokalips or Warworld. That way he'd still be OP, but with enemies as strong as him.

randomass1711620d ago

You can make the training mission take place on Metropolis. :P

Porcelain_Chicken1620d ago

I disagree, Wolverine and Deadpool are immortal and they've both had pretty fun games (Well at least Wolverine has, debatable). All you need is a good developer to work it out, give it a few tweaks and VOILA!

Batman had a few crummy games before Rocksteady got their Midas-like hands on it and turned it into GOLD! They respected the Batman lore on every level. I'm sure they could figure it out! Hell $5 says they're already working on one.

SilentNegotiator1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

I'll say it a million times if I have to; Superman's strengths as a character are in his tough decisions and creative solutions to problems.

A big open world beat em up will never do Superman justice. He needs a game where you do more than just punch stuff. Maybe missions where he has to do things as Clark without being caught using his powers to keep people from getting killed (Say maybe he's stuck in a building by a villain - unable to slip out and change - with minions and civilians in every room...or something like that). It would take exactly the right developer to pull it off.

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ironfist921620d ago

Agree. Give the license to a competent developed THEN we'll get a good Superman Game.

BattleAxe1620d ago

Just give it to Rocksteady.

xX1NORM1Xx1620d ago

Rocksteady could make aqua man cool

ironfist921620d ago

Aquaman's already cool. Lol. But Rocksteady would make an epic Aquaman game.

gamerfan09091620d ago

There was a lot of terrible batman games too until Rocksteady too charge of the IP. If you give talented devs the chance and freedom with IP's then they can make good games. Talent in the game industry almost always equal a good product. If WB's wants a good superman game then get one of these top indy studios like drinkbox and developer digital to make one with a decent budget. Or better yet get Rocksteady to do it.

maniacmayhem1620d ago

It's not hard to make a Superman game. There are characters just as strong and as invulnerable as Superman and they work.

Superman has all the tools a dev needs for weapons, heat vision, freeze breath, super strength. They can use super sight as a right click that goes into first person and zooms the camera in. Super hearing can be represented as a mini map on the HUD. Super speed has been done before and flight has been done in many other games.

The trick is making Superman engaging and having enough to do in game. All it need is the right dev that loves Superman as much as his fans do.

ShowanW1620d ago

Making a Superman game can work. But being Clark has to feel just as important, to break up the pacing. There has to be moments where ur Clark (while retaining all Super abilities)

Game starts like this... Everything is blurry, u hear chaos, fear, panic, destruction...
You regain vision, and you are borderline on your deathbed because Doomsday is about to destroy you... Crazy part is, Doomsday isn't the final boss in the game, while you borderline about to die, Supes life flashes before his eyes in stages.

Flash back to a kid (learning your abilities), to Lex (yes Lex has to be a minor character in this type of game)... Lex is up to some hair brained scheme, (fiddling with altered dimensions or somethin and creating Metallo too)....somewhere in the pacing you are Clark and you team up with Lois to snoop in on Lex's tactics... Maybe stop a bank heist as Clark while thieves are stealing/robbing u use super speed to take the items back... You get a clue on Lex's tactics...looks like a job for Supes... When you stop Lex, something (or things) comes put of the dimensional portal (Zod and his crew).... Where in different parts of the game you have to face Zod and Fiora (and the Big guy), one on situations and getting jumped situations,,, defeat them, another break up in things where you are Clark and do some investigative work (even have Bruce Wayne make some kind of cameo)... Turns out Zod isn't the only one who came out the portal... And this is where we get to present moment and Doomsday is pummeling almost to death, you pull off defeating dooms, and then ur back to Clark for awhile... Then you throw in a final showdown with Dark Seid.... Where you fight him on Earth (to save earth)... And also on Apocolypse....

Throw in some good filler and you have a nice 25-30hr Superman game that can be really good...

dcj05241619d ago

That sounds legit.


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