14 Minutes of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 PS4 Gameplay Shown by Off Screen Video

If you're curios how Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 looks on PS4, YouTube user Felipe Mestre uploaded a 14 minute long video of the game showing off the game.

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imt5581628d ago

Looks pretty fluid to me.

Here what the guy from OPM saying about new PES 2015.

Mr_Danski1628d ago

Ive never been much of a PES fan, it has to be said. But this one looks a lot better to me than previous titles. I hope it does well.

cfc831628d ago

Appears to be much improved.

VoiceMale1628d ago

This looks fast paced ,fluid and fun.... waiting to hear and see more about this game ....

1nsomniac1628d ago

Looks really smooth & fluid. I don't see any lighting effects that the Fox engine has apparently brought in though, guessing it's not implemented yet although so far I'm really unimpressed with the Fox engine so I guess I'll wait & see if any advanced lighting is added at all for release or not.

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