It's time to give the Xbox One some love

Microsoft has received huge criticism since the announcement of the Xbox One. Nearly a year later they've shown that they can turn things around, and have done so by unbundling kinect and improving service offerings. In all honesty - it's a good time to look at buying one.

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HanCilliers1627d ago

I agree, Microsoft has improved on te Xbox One since its initial launch

BX811627d ago

Yep, a small contingency of online haters want to keep the hate wagon rolling but I think this holiday season the xb1 will be in great shape. You have so many games coming out but sunset overdrive and halo mc collection really stick out for me.

JohnJ1627d ago

Agreed. sales aren't everything, less people buy a Ferrari than a Ford but that doesn't mean ferrari's aren't great fun.
- xbox is being driven by the fans now as it should have been from the start!
1 billion into exclusives, all praise to sony for their success but xbox is going to be a great place to game over the coming years - and only get better!

LonDonE1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

your analogy doesn't work here since the Ferrari is the PS4 and is out selling the x1!
think about it if all those ford buyers could buy a Ferrari for the same price would they bother with the ford? HELL NO!!!
And since the PS4 is faster and more powerful i think you would agree that its the PS4 which is the Ferrari here! and rightly so its selling more!

If a ford was the same price as a Ferrari who would bother buying it? no one and so the x1 is not selling no where near as well as the PS4!
The X1 needs to be allot cheaper not the same price as the PS4! m$ need to keep kennect in the bundle and lower the price then PS4 since its the weaker console and since M$ has allot more money then Sony they need to just take the hit by losing money which will allow them to gain install base its simple as that!

Don't get it twisted i am not a typical N4G Sony fan boy hater, look at my avatar pic i own all the consoles and LOVE ALL 3 OF THEM!
Unlike allot of liars on here i took a pic of my set up to prove it and to give me some credibility! and to prove while i have preferences i am not biased!

HanCilliers1626d ago

I am also very keen for the Indies, Like Ori

Pogmathoin1626d ago

I repeat what BX81 said, a contingency of haters..... it still comes....

Darkstares1626d ago

This is very true, you have a contingency of haters that don't want anyone to forget the initial idea of the XB1. For some odd reason they refuse to move on from the subject since it's apparent no matter what MS does they will never support it.

At the end of the day it comes down to the product and what that product offers, nothing more. It's a $400-500 investment, that's it. So if it isn't worth it to them it isn't worth it. However they are adding monthly updates requested by fans, they have shown in the past E3 conferences they are serious about games and they still lead when it comes to online multiplayer and online features ans services.

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AngelicIceDiamond1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

I also agree.

I'd say now it deserves some positive recognition. The price is better, the service is better, MS E3's are better and they have the games.

As we speak the console doesn't deserve all the bashing.

HanCilliers1626d ago

Exactly. MS deserves recognition for listening to customers and implementing changes

ger23961626d ago

Everything you mentioned is subjective.

showtimefolks1627d ago

no doubt its an awesome console that i hope to pick up this fall or early next year. Right now both consoles pretty much offer the same games with few interesting exclusives

I don't know why one has to hate on xbox one or ps4 to make them self feel better about their current console. I mean both are awesome and both will be competing for our dollars

plut0nash1627d ago

I never understood the smack that people have been laying down on either. I have both 360 and Ps3, both have their own strengths.

HanCilliers1626d ago

IMHO pointless console wars are pointless

KnightRobby1627d ago

@JohnJ, unfortunately sales become important when you meet someone and they say they have a PS4 and you want to game with them. It especially becomes an issue with friends over seas, which is understandable since PS has been more friendly to users in other countries in many ways.

meatysausage1627d ago

I understand what your saying, but lets remember the PS4 has sold probably in between 8-9 million right now, Its still way too early for people to get swayed by the amount of friends who have a particular system.
Perhaps in the future if the PS4 or Xbox for that matter is leading by some 10-20 million, then that comes more and more relevant.


people are only going to be swayed by what Their Friends are buying and playing... not the rest of the 10 mil people.

it's not to early.. if you know most of your friends have or are getting a ps4. you will get one regardless.. same applies to the xb1.

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Moonman1627d ago

Dude in the picture needs

DeadRabbits1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Loving something that treats you like Sh?t is called an abusive relationship. Im very happy boning SONY! Im already in a threesome with the No 1 & Only True Next Gen console on the the market the mighty PS4 along with the MILFY PS3 and that sweet booty VITA!

plut0nash1627d ago

Goes both ways dude. XBO will be solid also. Best not to be racist ;)

AngelicIceDiamond1627d ago

"Im very happy boning SONY!"

You bone companies? Why do I get this impression of you.

HaveSumNuts1627d ago

Lol his PS4 has white stuff coming out of it just like the Xbone.

WeAreLegion1627d ago

She's doing better since we got the new counselor, but things just haven't been the same since she cheated. I'm not sure if I trust her yet.

jessupj1626d ago

It's very hard to regain that trust back after been cheated on so badly (DRM).

I personally want to get an xbone, but I'm still very cautious of MS implimenting their original console design. They've even said they're still committed to their original vision.

Then there's also this...

And that was all the while Phil the Messiah was head of development. So what guarantee do I have that exclusives won't dry up again in the last half of the generation and MS will once again go after that juicy casual pie?

That's not fanboyism, that's just observation.

WeAreLegion1626d ago

Exactly. That's all I wanted to convey. I would love to get an Xbox One, especially with how much I loved playing Sunset Overdrive at E3. However, I don't trust them.

matrixman921627d ago

im playing it right now and loving it