Rumor: PSN purchases to transfer to PlayStation Now

According to a new rumor, PlayStation Now might allow users to play their games purchased through PSN for no additional cost.

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Rearden1596d ago

With the high prices Sony charges for PS Now, this would be a big help.

DanielGearSolid1596d ago

This is great...

But those prices aren't final so lets not get our panties in a bunch

jwk941596d ago

Better to cause a commotion so Sony knows something's wrong.

Kingthrash3601596d ago

This ^^
Sony corrects things fast imo . I would be surprised if they didn't correct the pricing problem before it launches.

kingdom181596d ago

^^ Yes. They already adjusted the prices a little, they still aren't good, but they aren't as horrible as before.

Volkama1596d ago

This change probably indicates that Sony will introduce a "buy" option on the PS Now interface as well. The functionality is effectively there, so keeping the additional hoop of going to the separate store to sort ownership would be silly.

That buy option could have a pretty significant knock-on effect on the rental prices.

Mr Pumblechook1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Allowing PlayStation owners to play games they already own with PS Now makes perfect sense. Minor latency issues aside, it will allow PS4 owners to access their library of digital PS3 games.

RosweeSon1596d ago

Exactly nothing is final in a.... BETA!

Darkstares1596d ago

The quicker the word gets out on those prices the quicker they will react. As for transferring over, that's a good thing.

nunley331596d ago

I hope so, they're hearing this alot from customers on the ps now bets forums, i've posted this on there as well. As long as it comes soon or with an announced date i'm fine. They didn't want millions to hit the PS NOW servers at launch with older games they've bought previously at first, but it's the right thing to do.

madpuppy1596d ago


You are totally correct, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

If you say nothing Sony will think you are accepting of the pricing the way it is.

randomass1711596d ago

I too was saying how the prices were not final, but at the same time players giving their feedback is equally important as the prices are definitely pretty high as they are. Nonsense like calling it "the nail in the coffin for Sony" needs to stop.

The_Hero1596d ago

The open beta only starts at the end of this month.
It's not even out yet and it's still a beta.

Giul_Xainx1596d ago

PS Now is for people who are never home, who use tablets and laptops to game on the go. As well as peolle waiting to buy a ps3, psv, or ps4. I still think the prices are fair because the amount of time you spend on playing a game varies from title to title.

I don't want to see any call of duties or battlefields on this list. I'd much rather see titles like ratchet and clank or tomb raider on here.

But this new rumor would help out a lot. But it should only be the games you buy digitally and not physically. Why? It is too easy to borrow your friends game to sort of prove that you bought it, without actually buying it.

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showtimefolks1596d ago


if i remember correctly, Sony said they will listen closely to fan feedback and psn-now will be a fan driven service. so while we would like to provide feedback, let's not cause a commotion

people cried about not getting $10 back for TLOU because one sony customer service rep said she didn't know how to do it. So instead there were hate articles and sony's arrogance written for 24-28 hours

Yes we want our voices to be heard but we don't want to come across as some whiny gamers who will never be happy

Sheikh Yerbouti1596d ago

Sony understand that. They'll be scientific in how they'll pick and get the most reasonable price. Whether YOU like it is another story.

hkgamer1596d ago

it helps people who have already purchased the game.

otherwise wont make much difference. psn games are expensive. psnow is relatively cheap in comparison to psn and gamestop.

Joe9131596d ago

For those who think crying about pricing on n4g is going to do anything are living in a dream world if you have a problem then take it directly to Sony in the blog or on the site they have set up for beta testers like I did crying on n4g just make you look like a troll imo.

JMyers1596d ago

All prices are not final... And the prices are set by third party publishers for their games on PSNow

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jwk941596d ago

Can anyone with a PS3 PS Now verify this?

Rearden1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

I don't think the transfers will be part of the PS Now beta?

jwk941596d ago

You didn't read the story...

admiralvic1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

According to the poster it's currently in affect, so it is a part of the beta... if true anyway.

GribbleGrunger1596d ago

I've asked Bastion whether he's tried playing them but haven't received a reply yet.

lashes2ashes1596d ago

On the games that I own it has ps store icon and states it's purchased instead of saying available starting at what ever the rental fee is. When clicking on it it still ask how long of a rental period I want. So it looks like they are doing something with the games you already own and it's just not been implemented yet.

jwk941596d ago

Thanks! So you're not able to play them yet?

lashes2ashes1596d ago

The only thing that has changed is the wording when selecting the game. Clicking on it brings up the normal rental fee/rental period. But the fact that ps now knows what games I own means they are working on something.

hkgamer1596d ago

or it could mean that you own the title already, are you sure you still want to rent game? :P

well i doubt it but i guess that is a possibility.

ginsunuva1596d ago

It's still in ps4-only private beta.

DVS-Zev1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Had a feeling this would be the case.Glad i went all digital for the last few years

And my friend said i was dumb.

MrSwankSinatra1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Instead of owning the license to play the actual game, now you own the license to stream the game and it's all dependent on your internet connection as well. Sorry to say, but maybe you should have listened to your friend.

DVS-Zev1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Doesn't make sense.I already own the game regardless.A freebie to stream the game on tv, vita or otherwise. instantly. is just a bonus.Especially all those great PS3 games i bought will now be on my PS4

And my perfectly stable high speed internet that hasn't failed me 6 years?

I'm not seeing the downside to this my man!

KwietStorm1596d ago

Because the original game he bought will vanish into the Matrix once PlayStation Now is available, right? Yea, no.

SilentNegotiator1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

"Doesn't make sense.I already own the game regardless.A freebie to stream the game on tv, vita or otherwise. instantly. is just a bonus"

You're not a lawyer, are you? Buying a copy to a game doesn't mean that the third party developers gave Sony the rights to allow you to stream their game as well. It's going to be an expense to you or Sony and I doubt Sony will foot that bill.

DVS-Zev1596d ago


It's not "buying a copy of a game" It's getting access to games i already bought.It's done through PS now.Neither you or I know the details of how it works internally with Sony, so, let's not get snarky and enjoy the bonus access to games shall we?

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Volkama1596d ago

Half the internet said you were dumb. Now you can sit back and feel all smug. As the millions of people using Steam do every time they see people talk about how much they like discs.

DVS-Zev1596d ago

But i do see where people are coming from regarding the preferences for discs.Hell i used to be one.I had over 130 PS3 games sitting on my shelf at one point.

Never did me any good tho.I never trade or sell them.That's what most people seem to harp on.The fact that you can't sell a digital game, but, that's not really a problem for me.

It's nice to have a good looking shelf of games but it's also nice to have all my games ready at the click of a button.

hkgamer1596d ago


i am exactly like you. i somehow like the idea of having the disk boxes. i never sell them. which is why i liked xbone drm policies. i get to have a disk and install it so that i never need to touch or swap a disk. kind of like best of both worlds imo.

mydyingparadiselost1596d ago

I wouldn't be to happy yet, I'm pretty sure the availability will be locked down to whatever is available on the PSNow service. You may end up with only half of even a quarter of what you bought playable through the service.

Bowzabub1596d ago

This would be PSNow's saving grace if true.

Volkama1596d ago

Wouldn't say it will save the service. The vast vast majority of PS3 owners bought discs, and for the minority that can take advantage of this Sony wont make any money...

But then I also wouldn't say the service needs saving yet. It's early days and Sony have big plans beyond the PS4 service.

What this move will do is net some good will. It should also instill some confidence in people to use the digital ecosystem, as it is a very tidy bulletpoint advantage for buying digital instead of physical.

Bowzabub1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Yeah, but don't forget that PSNow is coming to everything with a processor in it eventually. They'll make some revenue to say the least. Sounds foolproof to me. Well said for "big plans".

hkgamer1596d ago

people use digital services and they pay a premium for it.

psn prices are bloody expensive and people still buy them. psnow prices are not too bad, people will use this service. looking at gamestop online prices. the games are not even cheap.

Beastforlifenoob1596d ago

Yeah, I would buy a bunch of PS3 games of the PS store and stream them to mah PS4 + my old titles.

WIN, WIN and yet again WIN!

RosweeSon1596d ago

Saving grave makes it sound like it's doomed, it's not even released yet and the only bad point I'm hearing is the pricing (all of which isn't final) considering this is still in a Beta phase and barely available anywhere other than the USA, I can't see how this needs a saving grace, to launch properly worldwide would be a start ;)