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The Best Games of 2014 (so far)

The Non-Fiction Gaming writers take some time to reflect on 2014. Is there a game missing from this list? Of course... What has been your best game this year (so far)? (Dark Souls 2, Destiny, Mario Kart 8, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Wii U, Wolfenstein: The New Order)

Geobros  +   25d ago
Without Shovel Knight the list looks poor.
NFGaming  +   25d ago
I had not heard of this until now. Colour me interested in anything that uses a Pogo-stick type of jumping.
Moonman  +   25d ago
Mario Kart 8 is awesome. And I think an underrated feature is the two player online mode. Split screen locally yet racing online worldwide is humbly very awesome and fun.
Ravenheartzero  +   25d ago
Dark souls 2 for me
No_Limit  +   25d ago
Mario Kart 8 is #1
Titanfall is #2
Wolfenstein #3
Chard  +   25d ago
I love Mario Kart 8, but what in gods name did they do to the battle mode?! It used to be my favourite feature, but without arenas, it's a mess :(
mcstorm  +   25d ago
Really they have taken out areas? Ive not played battle mode yet but might not now you have said this. 😨
durassell1  +   25d ago
For me it is Infamous Second Son , Titanfall, Wolfenstein , GTA V (not online)

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