Kingdom Hearts III Co-Director Teases What's To Come

Game Informer interviews Kingsom Hearts III co-director Tai Yasue

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MegaRay1571d ago

Nice interview!
BTW someone should ask him about why they didnt release the HD remixes in PSN? all they have to do is renew Utada's contract, not such a big thing considering the amount of sales they'll get IMO

MEsoJD1571d ago

I believe I read that Disney doesn't allow digital versions of their games.

bouzebbal1571d ago

teasing? seriously?
this game will not come before 2016 (and i'm being optimistic).
people gave up faith in squareenix a while ago, just the heat of the article proves that.

StrykerDragoon1570d ago

I don't think that's true seeing that Duck tales and Mickey Mouse games are digital

trenso11570d ago

@stryker Idk what is exactly but they havent allowed Birth by Sleep on the PSN either and im not sure if Dream Drop Distance is available as a download too.

colonel1791571d ago

Funny how they call him co-director. He is doing the entire game, Nomura is busy with FF XV, so most of the game will be his. I am very excited for the game though, I can't wait to play and finish the saga.

mt1571d ago

of course we are still in the teasing phase till the end of this generation I would say.
I so want to play this game btw.

LightDiego1570d ago

Can't wait for it, but first i need to play KH2.

elninels1570d ago

Whoa dude, you haven't played kh2?! Do you have a ps2? May I mail you my copy?!?!