Top Weirdest Video Games Ever Developed

PS Gang compiles the top weirdest video games ever developed. Seriously, these video games actually exist and some have a pretty big following.

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Evil-Gouki1621d ago

Katamari is epic, worth it for the soundtracks alone. Project Rub was another strange title, I still think "A Boy and his Blob" wins for strangest title.

Venox20081620d ago

All good games you have mentioned there :)

My weird good games list:

Killer is dead
Killer 7
Shadows of the damned
Warioware games
Katamari games
There was one wiiware game..some kind of guy running and you had to press only A button to play..amazing game I just cant remember the name.. some kind of japanese title from Konami.. something similar like Kotoro tamaki.. (wrong title..) but game is highly recommended

Bit.trip games (amazing games as well)

Mutant-Spud1621d ago

I really wanted to like Catherine, the story segments were great but the actual game was so frustrating and so difficult I gave up after about three levels.

DualWielding1621d ago

you can always be cheap and spam the undo button, that's what I did to get through

SolidGear31621d ago

Catherine was very easy if you actually used Very Easy mode, and this is coming from someone who rage quit the first God of War and couldn't get past the introduction to Demon's Souls.

InTheZoneAC1621d ago

Catherine was a free game on the ps+ uk store, refused to download it.

I don't know of many other weird games but this definitely was one of them...

mydyingparadiselost1621d ago

You missed out, Catherine is amazing.

Th3o1621d ago

I wouldn't say amazing but it's definitely a game to play through.

The game's gameplay would be great if controls weren't so tedious and sometimes frustrating.

SolidGear31621d ago

Definitely missed out. Totally worth the $60 I spent to preorder and get day one. In fact, the very day it was announced for a U.S. release I went out and paid in full :3

InTheZoneAC1620d ago

no thanks, looked on youtube just to see what the game was about and it is definitely something I didn't miss out on...

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